Fabio Gomez, Senior Personal Trainer

Fabio Gomez, Senior Personal Trainer

Chelsea Sports Centre
Kensington & Chelsea


If you train with me, you will discover every part of your body, modeling it to its best.
I coordinate an elite group of highly professional and inspiring personal trainers. Throughout my career I helped more than 2000 people to achieve their potential in fitness and get a healthier life. 
During my training sessions, you need to be alert, to focus and prepared to play. Working with your body to its maximum will result in a better shape, a focused mind, better posture and sleep… and overall, a better lifestyle.

  • Personal Training (CEEF)
  • European Centre of Physical Education, Spain)
  • Personal Training (Argentinean Olympic Committee, Buenos Aires)
  • Member of the National Register of Personal Trainers UK (NRPT)
  • Swiss Ball Training (Paul Chek)
  • Scientific Core Training
  • posture (Paul Chek)
  • Boxing
  • Manager Director, Integrated Training Ltd
  • Own body management and functional training

Trained celebrities such as:

  • Sam Tylor-Wood (photo-artist)
  • Jay Chaplin (modern art dealer)
  • Christine Langan (BAFTA winner)
  • Gioa Maurici (musician, composer and Cannes winner for best song)
  • Trains business and sportspeople.

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