Transforming our client’s PT offer in just six months

Our client, a large gym operator, had changed its PT model numerous times over the years, from internal to external models, all with limited success.  But in just six months from teaming up with YOUR Personal Training in Autumn 2021, our client experienced these impressive results:

  • 180% increase in uptake of PT by members
  • 225% increase in number of PTs across 14 clubs
  • 2,000+ additional PT consultations taken place
  • 8,000+ additional member interactions taken place
  • 23,000+ paid PT sessions in just six months - 123% increase 
  • 40% of internal part time PTs became full time in less than six months, earning up to 10 times their previous income through our supportive partnership, giving them the freedom to make it a full time career.

As with so many operators, our client faced challenges with its own PT offer, which meant it was inevitably unsuccessful and unprofitable.  The issues included unqualified PT’s with no formal training or future CDP in place. It suffered with a lack of consistency across its clubs about how PT’s were managed and what services they provided. This inconsistency was heightened through a lack of systems to manage complaint handling and to oversee penetration rates, as well as the non-payment of rentals.  Across its clubs it had a low retention of PT’s and difficulty attracting quality experienced team players. Overall the PT offer for its customers was lacklustre and downbeat.

As with all our clients, YOUR Personal Training turned the operator’s PT offer around using a structured, proven strategy, which means our PTs boast the best length of stay in the business - up to five times longer than the average PT. 

We support operators and PTs by:

  • Attracting and retaining only the best Personal Trainers
  • Assigning a personal business mentor to every PT 
  • Investing in PTs’ development 
  • Actively promoting PTs in club
  • Creating a culture that focusses on building rapport and relationships, not sales
  • Providing career development opportunities 

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