Aline Palloure

Aline Palloure

Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club
Greater Manchester


I’m an ex-swimmer from France and currently compete in endurance triathlons.  For the last six years I’ve worked in Australia as a personal trainer, swimming and tri coach, working with a variety of clients of all ages and abilities wanting to improve their posture, mobility, strength and fitness level to elite basketball players, racing car drivers and junior snowboard champions.

Many of my clients have busy lives and often sedentary jobs which impact negatively on our health, wellbeing and posture.  My goal is to help you move and feel better, using resistance-based training and conditioning to improve your strength, performance and body composition.

If you train with me you can expect to train hard, train smart with a tailored training plan to suit your individual needs. In return I will encourage you on your journey, give you ongoing support and monitor your progress to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Personal Sport Achievements:

  • Junior competitive swimmer, France
  • 5 x Ironman Finisher, multiple Half Ironman Finisher
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championship Las Vegas 2012
  • Winner Ironman Cairns (Australia) 2014 - 45-49 Age Group
  • Ironman World Championship Hawaii 2014
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • Swimming Australia Swimming Coach
  • Triathlon Australia Triathlon Coach
  • Masters of Commerce and Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
  • Sport specific strength and conditioning 
  • Postural Correction and Mobility improvement
  • Prevention and management of persistent pain caused by injury, overuse or dysfunction. 
  • Body composition changes 
  • High Intensity Interval Training – (HIIT)
  • Strength for endurance athletes
  • Running and triathlon periodised programs 

“Aline is an absolute legend! I began training with her back in 2012 in preparation for my 2013 wedding. I also had a goal of improving my agility, strength, and endurance for basketball. Within the first 4 weeks of working with Aline, I noticed a drastic improvement in my abilities on the court. Aline was a great coach - she was supportive and knew when and how to push me to do better and get stronger. Bottom line, if I hadn't moved overseas - I'd still be working with her exclusively! I highly recommend Aline for any fitness needs you may have - her passion and dedication to a healthy lifestyle will absolutely inspire you to reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward. I can honestly say that, because of her influence on my life, I have managed to maintain a healthy weight and healthy eating habits since we last worked together, which has been 4 years ago now. Thank you so much, Aline!"  Kiera Outlaw, Senior Business Research Analyst at IBISWorld

"My frequent travelling, sleeping on planes, had taken its toll on my left shoulder. Aline helped me build up the strength to both recover, and to now be without problems. And she can sometimes be tough, so get prepared for that!"  Hakan Eriksson, Group CTO, Telstra

"Aline trained me for around 18 months and I can strongly recommend her. Over that time we met at 5.30am three times a week, and she devised varied, interesting and tailored programs for me, resulting in a significant and sustained improvement in my strength, flexibility and attitude towards training and exercise. All this, while always having a smile on her face (despite the time of day), and leading through example with her own athletic achievements."  Paul Slade, Medical Director, Gilead Sciences Australia/New Zealand

“I first met Aline when I did a 6 week beginner's Triathlon course. Aline was encouraging, professional and most importantly great fun to train with! Aline's positive approach to triathlon made me fall in love with the sport and from there I asked her to be my full time coach. She wrote my personalised programs and supported me to race my first sprint, Olympic distance and eventually my first half ironman distance. I finished my half ironman with times above and beyond anything I expected! Aline got me to the finish line in great shape. Working with Aline one-on-one was such a fantastic experience. She understood that while I loved triathlon I also had to fit in working full time and a social life around my training and wrote my programs accordingly. I was very sad when Aline left Australia to move to the UK! I can highly recommend Aline as a coach to anyone looking for some structure, support and encouragement to reach their goals.”  Georgia Prince, Campaign Manager




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