Anastasia Cristian
Anastasia Cristian
Mile End Park Leisure Centre and Stadium
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Anastasia is a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Pure Lifestyle specialist since 2017.

Keeping fit is the first rule of living well, but each of us has different needs. Fitness is not only looking good but has an enormous impact on our mental health. Practising a regular healthy activity can enormously help us improve our quality of healthy lifestyle.

Anastasia is also the founder of VDV Fitness which stand for "Vital Daily Vitamin is Fitness”

VDV Fitness is being established because there is a big desire to help people change their lives significantly, positively, and sustainably. As it has been proved after long study in every behaviour change in every person, young/adult - male/female while helping them with their fitness health goal or lifestyle goal

I know how difficult it can be to stick to a new fitness lifestyle routine – but more importantly, put yourself first. With each challenge faced (work, travel, children, injury, lack of motivation, etc.)

A highly qualified and skilled Personal Trainer & Mentor Lifestyle is here to help you.

If you think you are too old or unfit to get started, think again.
Fitness instructor level 2
Personal Trainer level 3
Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring Level 3
Pure lifestyle
Loss weight
Tone up
Fitness for Menopause Matters
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Let me tell you a secret: highly valuable!

I was attending physiotherapy for my back. I was in pain for a few years, and even after attending regular physiotherapy for a year, the pain was still there. I’m 56!

I wanted to start exercising, but I was concerned about my back, so I thought it would be wise to ask for help from a professional.
So, guess what?! I met Anastasia, who was very friendly and professional, deeply listening to me about my injuries. Then, she just asked: what is wrong with your back? How long did you do physio for? Did you have a scan?

Straightforward and precise questions, showing concern for my problem before anything else.

Not only that, *she’s a precious hidden creature to be found* - she did understand the problem with my back Very quickly. Very knowledgeable of the body and nervous system!
After 3 months of regular exercise with Anastasia, I stopped having the pain in my back (I’m crying writing this down); after years of pain, - I thought I was cursed to stay with the pain forever, given even the physiotherapist didn’t help after a year.

Every day, I’m sending my blessings to Anastasia. I can’t be enough thankful to her! She changed my life and brought deep happiness into my everyday life!
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I’ve been training with Anastasia for nearly two months now. I am 66 years old and had been inactive for quite a while so I developed a tummy bigger than I wanted and also felt lacking of energy. Anastasia gave me different workouts to help me. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed but being careful not to let me overdo it. She also managed my food which has helped me a lot to achieve my goals.

I would recommend Anastasia to anyone with any level of fitness or age.
Maria Woodhams

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