Andy Cummings

Andy Cummings

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre


I am a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer working out of Swiss Cottage GLL Centre in North West London. I also operate around the areas of Notting Hill, Hyde Park and Kensington offering at home and outdoor training sessions.
Having grown up overweight and with a really poor grasp of what was good/bad to eat I understand the difference it can make to someone to take control of their diet and training. So my original motivation for becoming a PT was to help people to take control of their diet and training, get healthy and stay healthy.

My aim is to inspire and motivate every person I come into contact with in the gym environment both mentally and physically in order to equip them with the confidence and knowledge they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. I firmly believe that progressing towards or maintaining fitness and physique goals is essential for a person’s self-confidence and overall physical and mental well-being and can be a huge influencing factor on success and happiness in other areas of life. I recognise the need for a safe and well-tailored training programme relative to a person’s current lifestyle and level of physical fitness.

My approach to training combines aspects of traditional strength based training, core strength and stability work as well as cutting edge bodyweight and multi-joint movement based training which can be used to improve posture, range of motion, muscle mobility and stability.


Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management
Body Type Nutrition Certified Coach
Institute for the Psychology of Eating Certified Coach
Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer Qualification
Post Injury Rehab
I am qualified to work with NHS referrals with past or present illness or injury
Nutrition for Exercise
Padwork for PT’s
Outdoor Fitness
Suspension Fitness
I am fully insured to work inside and outside of the gym and am a full member of the National Register of Exercise Professionals
Most of my qualifications were gained at the prestigious YMCA Fit London on Tottenham Court Road


Increasing Strength and Mobility in Elderly clients
Fat Loss in Obese Clients
Injury Rehabilitation
GP Referral for clients with past or existing medical issues
Short Term body compositional improvements for upcoming weddings, holidays etc


Phil Tulip
27 years old, Financier
'I loved the session today in a totally sadistic way. Definitely felt the post workout buzz despite being absolutely knackered! I'll leave this short as I need to get to sleep now for in prep for the 6am session, see you tomorrow morning!' Quote from Phil (email 9/4/13) 

'Cheers for this, it really hit home...I certainly feel that I have turned a corner with every week that I am eating well and training hard...This is also having a positive effect on other areas of my life that were previously getting me down, I now feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to!' Quote from Phil (email 3/5/13 in)

Holly Bainbridge
27 years old, PA
Holly's results:

Day 1:       28.6% body fat, 66kg
Day 30:     24.3% body fat, 62kg

'I can't thank you enough. Two months ago I honestly thought I would never get into that dress! I'd been a size 12 for years and thought that's what I would always be! Is there somewhere I can write a review for you? When anyone asks how I lost the weight I will certainly pass on your contact details. I really appreciate all of the time you have put in to help me with this. It has changed my whole way of thinking about food and as soon as the wedding is over I am back on it in time for the summer hols :-)!'   Quote from Holly (email 6/4/13) 

"Andy's knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to his clients makes training with him a life enhancing experience. He is a true motivator and simply the best personal trainer I have encountered. The result, with a realistic and original nutritional programme has allowed me to lose 9kgs so far! I can recommend Andy unreservedly to anyone with a serious intention of improvement."
Alun Phillips


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