Andy Horrocks

Andy Horrocks

Fulwood Leisure Centre


I was one of those kids who always loved running around playing any sports and usually getting into some sort of mischief.  This carried on through to high school where I played any sport available and where my interest in fitness was piqued.  I liked the idea that sport and exercise could have a positive effect on everyday life, which lead me to studying sport and exercise science at college and beginning my career in the fitness industry.  After college I took a year out to gain work experience before going on to university.

During my studies at St Martin’s College, I kept up with my passion for sport and fitness, playing for university teams in basketball and football and researching different ways of developing fitness.  This allowed me to develop programmes specific to my needs and I could find different ways to get the best from myself.

After university I continued with my journey in the fitness industry and gained my personal training qualifications.  Since this, I have worked for 7 years as a personal trainer, developing a broad-ranged experience with an array of different clients.  This experience has taught me that no matter what your situation, keep things simple as you can.  With fewer variables to account for, we can focus on what we need to do to achieve our agreed goals and set you on the journey you want to take.

  • BA(Hons) Sports Coaching and Performance
  • Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • The Training Room: Personal Training Academy certificates; Gym Based Boxing, Sports Nutrition, Indoor Cycling, Circuit Training.
  • Metafit Instructor Qualification
  • Focus Training Pure Lifting Workshop Certificate

​Currently training for Level 3 GP Referral qualification

  • Weight Loss & Fat Burning
  • Muscle Building and Hypertrophy
  • Toning and Physique Development
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Nutrition Advice

"My experience of having personal training with Andy has been phenomenal.  He’s a very enthusiastic instructor who cares for my physical and emotional wellbeing, offering a very informative session every time.  Together we have used a very wide range of equipment and Andy always gives me new exercises I can use on my own upstairs in the gym, I feel its great value for money as the session carry's on all week.

Andy's knowledge is never ending he is extremely well educated in the field he works in, and the way he explains how muscles work etc. is really easy to understand so a great teacher in my opinion.

I have been with Andy for nearly 2 years and found the sessions have improved all areas of my body and the nutritional  advice has been very rewarding, in summary a hard taskmaster yet an empathic one, who is only pushing clients to their full ability not in a bullish manner." Paul Woodward

"Andy is an extremely patient PT but for me his outstanding quality is his adaptability. I recently suffered an injury and Andy has changed our routine to reflect my more limited abilities.  Despite this, he has shown me how to still get a good aerobic workout whilst showing me how to train correctly, so as not to damage or progress my injury any further."  Kathy Weigh

"I started with Andy as my personal trainer at the same time as I started the gym. I wanted to remain motivated to keep going. While I worked on the cardio equipment, Andy focussed on the weight training. When in a session, he works on different areas and constantly moves position to ensure I am doing the exercises correctly and always give positive feedback. Three months in and he had me running on the treadmill and six months in I did my first 5K run - something that I never expected to do. He has also overseen my gym programme to ensure I vary what I do between cardio and weights so I work the whole body. He will advise on diet and my eating habits and monitor any injuries I might have so I avoid aggravating them. He works me hard, but we always have a laugh and he is always positive and encouraging that I can do it. And he's usually right!"  Karen Pearson

"I had some PT sessions with Andy Horrocks at Fulwood Leisure Centre.  I had some goals I wanted to achieve and I knew what type of sessions I wanted. Before the 1st session, Andy discussed my goals and what type of activities I would like to do within the sessions.  He took on my thoughts and wishes enthusiastically and professionally and planned sessions for me that were both challenging yet manageable and fun.   Throughout the sessions he was extremely encouraging and motivational, which helped me immensely.  Andy’s approach is very welcoming and friendly, when speaking to him both at the start of the session and throughout, his knowledge of how the body works and what I needed to do within the sessions to get the best out of the myself was great."  Martin Earley

“I had never used a personal trainer before I signed up to do some sessions with Andy, although I have been a reasonably regular gym attender for nearly 15 years. The difference after the first 6 weeks was amazing. Family and friends commented that I had lost weight (I hadn’t, but had lost inches round my middle) and looked so well.  My posture improved and I felt fitter than I had for ages.

I can’t say it has always been easy as he works me pretty hard; but always checks I’m OK and constantly encourages and gets me to work at my peak.  He’s clearly very knowledgeable and I’ve learned so much about why we are doing the programmes he sets and what impact the different routines will have. Every week we do something different and that makes it interesting and fun. It still hurts after my sessions, but I keep coming back for more so it’s obviously working for me!”  Robin Newton-Syms

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