Anna Stasiuk

Anna Stasiuk

Eltham Leisure Centre


My name is Anna and I am qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor based in SE London. Perviously, I worked as a professional dance instructor for 7 years, teaching various forms of dancing to a diverse group of men & women. Currently, I am training primarily women between the ages of 20 to 50 who have an ambition to set training goals and reach them. I believe that mind and body are one. If you maintain a healthy body, your mind will follow. To help my clients accomplish this I will: map out their objectives and fully assess their present condition, turn their objectives into timely goals that they will feel comfortable reaching, coach every step of the way, from training programme to nutrition plan and ensure they hit those milestones and exceed them. Of course, all of this needs to be fun and energising. Laughing is contagious and this is exactly what my clients get from training sessions with me.

  • Diploma Personal Trainer lvl 3 & Fitness instructor lvl2
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education & sports 
  • Body Transformation
  • Toning
  • Fat Loss
  • Circuit Training
  • HIIT Training
  • Kettleballs

"I've been fighting against gym excercises for a long time, chose running and swimming but weight lifting was equal with fake and a little bit too packed silhouette. Basicly, I was thinking about this as something saved only for men. Anna took an easy action towards changing my mind, starting with very detailed interview about my training preferences, my personal goals and what was the biggest value for me- took a closer look at my nutrition. We began to familiarise myself with training focused on particular body parts. Thanks to that, I became more aware of my body which helped me to control and decide on beneficial excercises with effect and joy. After 8 weeks of regular excercises, I found myself enjoying it so much, that running became a second choice. Plus, my diet which Anna has a consistent interest in and helps to improve. Thanks to this combination of complex cooperation my body became slender, agile and there is no longer room in my fridge for dispensable calories. Big thanks to Anna for great understanding and commitment, breaking the gym spell and improving my nutrition habits"   Dorota 30 

"I started training with Anna 8 weeks post giving birth. I wanted to get back into shape and most of all feel better. We've agreed on my smart objectives and did the assessment including a posture review, which was my favourite part. It revealed which groups of muscles we should focus on in order to improve my posture. It's been 4 months since I've been training with Jay Fit. My body is in a better shape than before pregnancy. Each training session makes me feel happy and satisfied. I also feel more self-aware and positive about my body. Anna pushes my limits further and keeps me motivated to work harder. Thank you for helping me feel better."  Agata 31

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