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Brandon has always been active in taking part in sports such as athletics, rugby, cricket, football, and boxing since a young age but none stuck going into adulthood.

When he went to University he chose a path that would help others to change for the better, so without knowing what exact avenue he chose to pursue his personal interest in health on a science based ‘Fitness and Personal Training’ course with the aim of finding exactly that. 

Through university he was introduced to weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting which due to his competitive nature he sparked a long term connection with. 

Within university he extensively studied Anatomy and kinesiology, client testing and training, exercise and behavioural psychology, nutrition, physiology, advanced training principles, exercise referral and clinical exercise testing, health fitness and programme design, advanced sports massage, corrective exercise and functional movement, professional practice in personal training and sports conditioning. 

Brandon has worked with athletes, office workers, those with medical conditions and many other people, and couldn’t be happier that he has found a career where his abilities are valuable and allows him to assist others in their fitness goals every day.

By working alongside Brandon you’ll gain more than just guidance. You’ll gain the knowledge to get the best out of your training, the confidence and mentality to go after what you deserve, the ability to pursue fitness goals and the continuation of support whether or not you’re still a client.


  • BSc Degree in Fitness and Personal Training
  • Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer/Level 2 Gym Instructor award
  • Older Adult award
  • Referred Patient/Client award
  • Emergency First Aid


  • Strength training/ Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding 
  • Clinical GP referral (individuals with a condition)
  • Older adults training/group exercise
  • Cancer Rehabilitation (working on)
  • Weight Management 
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Corrective exercise/mobility
  • Postural correction  
  • Circuit training


Reviews left before star rating

“I had 10 personal training sessions with Brandon Jones in the academic year of 2018/19. When I initially met with Brandon I was low in confidence, overweight and suffered from a huge drop in fitness level. Throughout the 10 weeks Brandon helped me to achieve a significant increase in fitness level and in confidence. Within the 10 weeks Brandon had helped me to double my one rep max weight lifting for squats, bench press, military press and dead lift. His attention to detail and encouragement were paramount to achieving this. As a personal trainer even at this early stage in his career he has made a huge difference to my health and confidence which in turn has made huge positive impact for me and my family”  Tom

“Brandon coached me through an 8 week programme of training aimed to help me maintain and hopefully to improve my 5km running times. He professionally assessed my health status initially with the use of a PAR-Q and then set about the design, planning and implementation of a varied programme of weekly, hour long training sessions to support my goals. Brandon worked around any changes to my working week skilfully to ensure I was always able to attend a training session with him.  I particularly enjoyed the HIIT sessions, imaginatively designed and delivered and he was adaptive to my needs, particularly if turned up feeling sore from a weekend event or long cycle ride! Ultimately Brandon helped me clock my fasted 5km time in a number of years; a sub 29 min time which I was delighted with. Thank you!”  Anya

"I thought Brandon and ***** were very professional from the start of the course. They were very careful to take note about all my health issues. I was beginning to lose confidence about going out as my balance was not good, and I had experienced a few falls. Brandon and ***** allowed me to work at my own pace but gradually encouraged me to do more. What I valued most was that they were very supportive and increased my confidence. I certainly improved my balance and walking. I even lost weight. They were both very kind and helpful. I have been to exercise classes since but none have progressed me more than this course."  Robert


“I had 15 one to one PT sessions with Brandon. I had become unfit since having my 2 year old son and the aim of these sessions for me was to improve my cardiovascular fitness, build strength and decrease body fat percentage. Brandon put me through my paces and really encouraged me to push myself.  Each week he would change the exercise routine so I didn’t get bored. One of my favourite sessions was boxing with pads.  Training with Brandon really helped me to get back into shape and start enjoying exercise again. I thoroughly enjoyed the PT sessions and highly recommend Brandon to anyone who wants to improve their fitness"  Wendy


"Brandon is an amazing personal trainer. He worked with me at the farmhouse pub, I wanted to lose a stone for a friend’s wedding and I had 6 weeks to get there. With an amazing food plan that he tailored to my needs and a high-intensity training routine each week, I managed to lose that weight. He made me feel a million dollars and I felt like a new person. He was always checking I was giving my 100% and watching what I ate. I can’t wait till he is back from uni so I can get some more PT sessions in. A good friend and a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to everyone"  Denise

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