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Caz Fosker
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I haven't always been into fitness, as a kid I was as active as most kids, I used to ride my bike to and from school everyday, but I wasn’t ever that sporty.

Fast forward a few years (several years in fact), I decided one morning that having had 3 children, that I wanted to get my body back, my husband suggested joining a gym...the very idea of setting foot in a gym made my blood run cold, turned out that my figure wasn’t the only thing i’d lost, every ounce of self-esteem I had was also gone.

Eventually I bit the bullet and signed up at the gym, and now, all these years later I have to say it’s one of the best decisions i’ve ever made, any anxieties i’d had were gone in the first couple of weeks and it wasn't long before I started to enjoy it, I quickly went from doing what I was told, to learning why and how I was doing the exercises, and the more I learned the more I wanted to try new techniques.

Since having my last child, I’ve found it hard to lose weight, and when I say hard, I mean HARD! I was tracking everything I ate, I was cutting my calories, training everyday of the week but when i’d step on the scales if I was lucky i’d have stayed the same, or if the stars were aligned i’d lose an ounce! It felt like I was getting short changed!

It was then I found out I have polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, common side effects of PCOS are weight gain and difficulty losing weight. It was around this time, I realised I really wanted to help people with their journeys. I know the struggles of trying to lose weight, I know how hard it is to train around a full time job and kids, I know the stress PCOS can cause and I know the hardest step is the first one.

I take pride in always trying to better myself by learning new methods, and achieving new qualifications to help assist you in reaching your goals.

So now you know a little about my journey to where I am now, why not get in touch and start your journey, or even to kick yours up a gear!
Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer & Life Coach
Level 4 Certificate in Obesity & Diabetes
Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients
Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
Level 3 Award in Sports Conditioning
Les Mills Grit Instructor
Award in Circuits
Award in Group Indoor Cycling
Award in Suspension Training
Award in Bodyweight Training
Award in Tri-Planar Kettlebells
Senior Activity and Health Practitioner
Weight Loss
Strength and Conditioning
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I started with Caz primarily to fix my ankle to get back to distance running after prolonged injury and give me confidence to use the free weights and to know what I was doing in there.
Both of these goals have been met but I continue to have sessions as it’s great fun, she works me harder than I ever would on my own and listens to what I need/what to do, even if it’s through layers of sweat.
I highly recommend her, we have a laugh together and I’m fitter and stronger than I would be on my own.
Luke MacKenzie Hill
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Signed up initially as I was very nervous about going to a gym on my own so needed a bit of confidence. Also wanted a bit of a kick start and tips etc
Caz has been so helpful and friendly as well as obviously being really knowledgeable . I moan constantly and she still doesn’t mind!
It’s a laugh, and dare I say it- I almost look forward to our sessions.
I would definitely recommend
Jo may
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One of the best things I did in 2021 was definitely sending Caz a message to see if she could help me, and she has done just that! Caz is extremely friendly and really listens to your concerns and goals, making you feel like your goals are also hers. I would highly recommend Caz to anyone, who like me, might feel they are too nervous or too much of a novice to set foot in a gym.
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Just about to finish my 10 sessions with Caz.
Lucky we were both flexible with the sessions as I was unable to keep a few booked days and was able to reschedule without loosing any money - thanks for that
I don't think I would have kept it up had I not booked days to attend, it is sometimes so easy to not bother.
Glad I did, I am now stronger than I have ever been. My belt now 3 holes tighter, even though that was not my prime concern.
I'm now reaching my 70th birthday and did not want to be too weak in my later years not to be able to get up off the floor should I fall down.
I can now easily get in and out of the bath.
I've achieved far more than I had hoped for, now will continue at home - now I know what I'm doing.
My husband is so impressed he will be booking up next.
Thanks Caz - Happy Birthday
anne wayte
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I’ve always disliked the gym but since having PT sessions with Caz, she has motivated me to keep going to achieve my goals. My workouts are varied so no chance of getting bored. Caz always gives me alternative exercises to do, just in case a piece of equipment is not available when I’m at the gym. She doesn’t want me to slack or miss out on doing an exercise! Feeling motivated and losing inches, thank you so much Caz for all your support.
Andree Beko
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Caz is everything you want in a PT. Friendly, informative and has a great sense of humour. Great workouts, teaching techniques and when you hit the "I can't do it" phase she's there keeping you going.
Highly recommended
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Always enjoy my sessions with Caz. I have seen a massive improvement in my strength and she has given me the confidence to use the entire gym even when she’s not with me.
Gemma Speers
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Absolutely love having Caz as my personal trainer! Every session is always varied and i always leave feeling like i’ve had a good workout. Caz is super patient, very informative and always a great laugh!
Ellie Clark
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Brilliant trainer! Caz got me more motivated than anyone else to return to fitness, really helpful but pushes just enough to get the gentle glow going! Sympathetic to conditions/ ability levels and supportive to your goals. Thanks Caz.
Susan Andrews
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Caz has been my PT for over a year. She works hard to understand my particular needs and makes sure each session is different, targeted and personalised for me.
She will research health issues and come up with the right solution with knowledge and insight. An all round excellent PT!
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What can I say that others haven't? She is just BRILLIANT! Always laughing and joking and just generally makes working out fun, even when you feel you are going to expire she somehow manages to motivate you to do that extra couple of reps. Really can't rate her highly enough and SOOOO glad I found her.
Anna Kayser
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Meeting Caz was a breath of fresh air. She’s very competent and professional and she makes sure you get a full workout. She taylors your workout to your needs and boy does she push you. After my workouts I feel great and would definitely recommend her!
Deb Clark
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Can started as my wife's PT but my wife got me to start gym work after a break of 20 plus years the improvement has been excellent what was a 60 year old pot belly is now turning flatter and muscle strength is improved remarkably will definitely keep going
Terry kayser
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Great workouts made by caz for you and your personal journey in fitness and what goals you want to achieve. Highly qualified and I really recommend.
Misty Green

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