Chelsea Ims

Haverhill Leisure Centre


My name is Chelsea and I seek a challenge to help you succeed in your health and fitness goals working together to create a better, stronger you! 

A little about myself; I have always been active, playing lots of sports especially throughout school, however it came to a point in which my knees began playing up and was told by the doctor that they will gradually get worse and prevent me from performing physical activity.

Of course anyone would be devastated, but with strong will and self-motivation I proved the doctors wrong. 

This is where I found my love in weight lifting. There are so many benefits from weight training including; increased muscle tone, increased strength to tackle day-to-day tasks with ease, increased mobility and most importantly confidence in my body image!

When I was just 17 years old I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in the Bikini Category and loved it! I aim to try and compete as much as I can!


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Ante and Post Natal Instructor


  • Weight loss
  • Sculpt and Tone
  • Ante / Post Natal
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Nutrition Advice


Reviews left before star rating

“I started using Chelsea after returning to the gym following a long absence due to injury.  She has tailored my sessions to fit my needs superbly.  Every week I am challenged further than I ever would do myself, she constantly pushes me to the point that I have had serious jelly legs on leaving the gym. It’s a feeling I have grown to love and understand that my body has been pushed hard.

Chelsea plans my routines to improve my strength and tone my body, She also advises me on correct stretching techniques ensuring that I include these in my sessions to prevent future injuries. Alongside this she works on my mental frame of mind, as she knows that whilst I put 100% into our sessions, let’s say my eating habits aren’t always on plan. To help me with this she provides me with diet tips and advice, regular texts messages (daily when needed), contacts me to confirm my appointments and is very flexible.

I look forward to my weekly training with Chelsea and learning new techniques, I have since incorporated these into my own training. I have complete confidence in Chelsea and her advice and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer”.  Tina Sapsed. Essex. 

“Chelsea has been amazing. She changes what we do each session and makes it harder as we go along, also watching closely at my technique to ensure I do everything in the correct way. She pushes me further when I am ready to give up continuously watching my body language and ability rather than what I say. I look forward to our sessions each week and can really see I am making progress in many ways. She has helped me with my core strength once my surgery, to close the gap between my abs, had healed. Chelsea makes exercise exciting and fun and I am always wondering what next she will come up with!”  Adriana Mawdsley. Essex. 


“I started personal training with Chelsea two months ago. From the word go she has been inspirational and motivational. Each of her sessions have been challenging but varied, always testing me and making me achieve what I thought was impossible. I hated the gym and was always wary of the free and fixed weights, but thanks to Chelsea I have started doing more weight training with the confidence of knowing what I am doing. I love the fact she is always smiling and so easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you so much Chelsea.”  Srushti Shah. Essex. 


“Chelsea researched and formulated the perfect training plan for me in preparation for my forthcoming trekathlon. Using the knowledge she gets from her courses and gathering research from trusted sources she makes the sessions varied abd enjoyable and always knows how to squeeze that last drop of effort out of you. Her professionalism and enthusiasm make me feel that my choice of PT was the right one.”  Matt Jennings. Essex. 

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