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The world of fitness can be confusing; with so many approaches it can be difficult to know which direction to take. The one thing they all have in common is that none of them know you.

That’s why I work closely with all my clients to understand their challenges, goals and aspirations. Having experienced it myself, I understand the challenges of balancing a successful career, family commitments and investing in staying healthy.

I'm a certified NASM Optimum Performance Personal Trainer, which uses a scientifically base model and adopts an integrated approach. I'm also a former competitive bodybuilder, who has held titles and competed at national level and have four decades of experience and knowledge of resistance training which enables me to design enjoyable, varied, effective and increasingly challenging routines to support my clients in achieving their goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you're beginning, or well on your way with your fitness journey, your progress has slowed or you are looking for a new approach, contact me to book your free consultation to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
NASM Optimum Performance Training Model Certified Personal Trainer
NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist
NASM Optimum Performance Training Model
Muscular Endurance
Maximal Strength
Exercise Technique
Programme Design
MMA Conditioning
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Stop right here!!
Your search for a personal trainer is over.

I have been working with Dave for the best part of a year & he is incredible.

I have never been more focused & willing to make changes. I am mentally & physically stronger, giving me such body confidence.

Dave is 100% dedicated to getting you to your goals, even if you don't always want to. On the days you don't feel like training he's got you & you always leave the sessions feeling like you have achieved something.

Dave has the perfect balance of getting you to work hard, while keeping the sessions fun, making you feel safe & confident enough to push through any mental & physical barriors, always checking in with you to make sure you are doing okay.

Have one session with him & you won't need any convincing to carry on with more sessions.

Congratulations, your fitness journey starts now 🦋
Friday Parker
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Really great guy. He’s super knowledgable and professional, and great at making me feel comfortable. I can see and feel the difference in my body and I really look forward to our sessions
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Gaining confidence in the gym has been invaluable and that’s all thanks to Dave.
Improving both my mental and physical fitness whilst having a great time in the process.
Made to feel comfortable and supported throughout my fitness journey so far and I can’t wait to see even further results.
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I think about my health and fitness journey in 2 parts BD (before Dave) and AD. (After Dave)
AD is a whole different level, my nutrition is 100% better and my overall fitness is the best it’s ever been which is saying something as I’m 45.
I started out as a client of Dave’s a couple of years ago as my knees were very weak and really holding me back and my main aim was to strengthen them and feel confident in hiking and so on, fast forward and we have surpassed that and actually can’t remember that person.
I enjoy all my sessions with Dave, we always have a laugh and he gets me working harder than anyone. He is emotionally intelligent and understands what each individual needs to get past their hurdles, I leave every session feeling physically stronger and emotionally lighter from all the lols.
Can not recommend him enough.
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3 months in with Dave and I had lost 10kg (and counting)! How amazing was that.

Had a scare with a recent blood test and was determined to come out of the pre diabetic category. I was previously only attending the classes but had no idea how to go about maintaining a calorie deficit, working on body composition and how to build a toned body according to my BMI.

Dave always created amazing sessions and I always left feeling like I had worked hard on all my body. No session was anything less than hard work and always new elements added in. Dave focused on getting to know my difficulties and developed sessions based on my individual need.

Dave is genuine and full of life. We had many laughs which really made the workouts that much more fun. My physical health and mental health is at the best it’s ever been in a very long time.

He has helped me beyond words, would have never come this far without him.
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I first started training with Dave 5 months ago and i am extremelly glad i did.
I have never had a gym experience and was terrified of the gym and my confidence was very low.
Dave was very kind and understanding and put me at ease immediately. He gets the balance right between building your confidence and pushing for results. Within a few weeks I was feeling the difference in my mindset and my body.
Dave is so easy to get along with, patient,friendly and approachable which is exactly what I was looking for. Dave gave me the confidence and the peace of mind that i needed as he encurages me and supports me throughout this fitness journey.
Dave focuses on getting to know you personally and develops a plan that will suit to each of his clients individual needs.
What I like about Dave is that he knows how to motivate me, he makes each of my training sessions enjoyable and challenging but rewarding.
Dave inspires you to feel great about exercising and push yourself. He not only focuses on helping you get fit but also helps you understand how important other factors like good sleep and nutrition are in your fitness journey.
Every session with Dave is filled with laugh and positive attitude which empower you to work out even harder.
I am really looking forward to my weekly session with Dave as he makes working out fun.
Thank you Dave for helping me become confident and for falling in love with exercise.My fitness level is probably the best it has ever been and it’s all thanks to Dave.
I highly recommend Dave!!!
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I started with dave in Jan 2022, I told him that I want to bulk up and gain weight by September for my daughters wedding because I want to look good walking her down the aisle,, I had never done any serious weight training as I've always been slim & 10st 10lb for the last 30yrs, I am an ex martial arts teacher (7rs) of ninjitsu so I've had a good core..
Anyway daves style and regime of training had surpassed my expectations, I have already hit 12st 3lb and this is all down to dates full explanation of what I do not just in the gym but outside as well,, so my diet has done a 180 turn, no alcohol no fatty food no bad takeaways, just a really good diet and consistency ( which for me has been hard, 50yrs of bad diet ),
So I've listened to daves advice in the gym and train 3-4 times a week and now have never felt better, I now have biceps/triceps delts lats chest and leg muscles that I never had before.
I cannot commend dave enough for what he has done for me both physically & mentally, I will feel so proud walking my daughter down the aisle now,,
The only problem I have now is that I have the gym bug now and I'm going to set a new target to hit 13st which I'm sure I will hit as dave has set me on a great path..
He is the most professional person when it comes to helping his clients as he takes his clients personnel situation into account..
Ashley marke
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I had very little experience in training, so when I first started going to the gym I found the experience quite intimidating, however Dave patiently helped me get to grips with the correct exercises for me.
I suffer from chronic pain in my joints, so Dave tailored the structure of my workouts to my individual needs, and taught me exercises that built up strength in key areas to improve my mobility in day to day life.
Dave has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which has helped me to make healthy decisions inside the gym and out. Since training with him, I have learned to better manage my diet, portion control and rest.
The improvements I've made to my fitness and mobility have changed my health for the better both physically and mentally.
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When i first met Dave and had my free PT session i have to say by the end of the very kind nearly two hour session i had tears in my eyes from how much Dave helped me to believe in myself. It didn't take much for me to want to sign up to the 10 sessions with Dave. One thing i really admire about Dave is how he knows just exactly how much to push me to my limits without me having an injury he has the nack of really encouraging me to better myself and achieving the best i can get for my self. I've met lots of other PTs and fittness instructor's but none compare to the sheer determination Dave has to genuinely want to help me to improve myself he has also helped my mental health with our chats and quidance throughout. I value him to rhe max and would not hesitate in booking another 10 sessions.
Saira Barnes
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I reached out to Dave about 3 months ago after seeing the amazing results my husband had with him as a personal trainer. At the time of writing this review I feel very lucky for having done so and deeply grateful for Dave’s commitment to improving his clients’ health and fitness.
Dave has vast knowledge and experience and the ability to pass this knowledge one step at a time with lots of patience and positivity.
His coaching is both professional and personal. My level of activity and diet together with my day-to-day work-rest balance is always taken into consideration. I’m never pushed too hard yet taking it easy isn’t an option. During a session I have 100% of my PT’s attention. Incorrect moves never slip away unnoticed and there are plenty of tips provided for faster and better results.
This approach has generated an injury-free uninterrupted progress and today after 2 sessions per week for 3 months I feel stronger, flexible, healthier, lighter and with energy levels shooting through the roof. One look in the mirror and I feel motivated to show up, do more and do better.
Thank you Dave.

Nikki Berry
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I have been training for years and was always a 'class' person - I would have never contemplated personal training again as I didn't enjoy it previously. During the first lockdown, I purchased a professional spin bike to keep my fitness up, but after a few months really noticed that any strength training I tried to do had really diminished. I joined Simply Gym as soon as the first lockdown eased and met Dave. My goal at that time was to get my strength back up to where it was but I wasn't interested in static weights - I wanted to move, push, pull and do anything that involved me not standing still. I also have horrendous knees where I cannot train without knee supports so always avoided squats, lunges or impact work. Dave has been amazing - he listened to how I wanted to train and more importantly, has really put some good stuff in our routine where my knees actually feel stronger - and with this has come less knee pain. For the first time in years, I am now actually squatting. He's brilliant to work with - always pushing me - and is so innovative with our workouts. If the piece of equipment or space isn't there, he just works around it. Just great fun to be around. He's attentive, very strict on form and constantly watching how my knees move to avoid any injury. My thinking has totally shifted from never wanting PT again to actually looking forward to our training sessions. Thanks Dave, you are an absolute legend.
Jeanette Davies
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An absolute legend!
I’ve been training with Dave for about six months, yet I feel like I’ve been training with him for years. Hes become a mentor in my fitness journey and had a huge positive impact on not only my fitness but also my mentality in life. He has ingrained his famous quote into my head which I try to live by every day – “do the things you don’t want to do today, so you can do the things others can’t tomorrow”.
At the start of my journey, I met with Dave for a PT consultation. My ultimate goal is to get strong. When I expressed this to Dave, he couldn’t wait to get started in helping me on my journey. From the outset, it was evident how committed he was in helping me achieve my goals.
I started the sessions with previous injuries and my strength and fitness levels weren’t where I wanted them to be. I didn’t have a great understanding of meal planning in relation to strength building nor much belief in my own ability or resilience.
The first few months training with Dave, I was learning everything from warming up, key exercises for strength training, creating a training programme, meal planning, foam rolling (which is now an everyday for me!) and stretches. He also helped me realise the importance of working on my previous injuries. My confidence was boosted to the point where I told him I wanted to do a powerlifting competition.
Six months on and slowly coming out of a lockdown, my strength, fitness, ability and resilience are at an all-time high thanks to Dave. We’ve been doing weekly conditioning and Tabata sessions outside in the unpredictable English weather, I’ve been working out at home and taking care of my meal planning.

Dave has supported me physically and mentally in my journey so far and has also given amazing support throughout lockdown. He has pushed me to a level I never thought I could achieve in my strength, fitness and resilience. I’m always learning from him and bombarding him with questions, he always welcomes and answers these with his own experiences and advice which has been hugely appreciated and inspiring. He always reminds me there is no failure, only opportunity.

I can’t thank Dave enough and I very much hope I’ll be training with him for years to come!
Tori Fenton
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Nigel Berry.
I've been working with Dave for over Two months now, the results I'm seeing in myself are really pleasing. In fact I realise that without the professionalism and vast knowledge Dave brings to each and every session I wouldn't be this far along.
Dave makes you train hard, pushes you to give it your all and makes you feel as though you are actually cared about not only as a client but on a much more personal level. I have never once felt as though its just a job for Dave, he brings something special to your routine which is an eagerness and a desire for you to succeed. He motivates you in different ways, connects with you in every aspect of life and shares tips and tricks to get you into the right mindset to reach your goals both mentally and physically.
Daves knowledge of anatomy and techniques are outstanding, simply put ,the man knows what he's doing and talking about. I highly recommend Dave as a Personal Trainer. If you want to succeed on the journey to be a better you then Dave is who will get you there.
Nigel Berry
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I was introduced to Dave and he did an assessment of what I required to get the correct exercises. I have been training with Dave for about 2 months now, and in this short period of time, Dave has really been patient and a true professional in what he does as a personal trainer. He ensures that you do the exercises correctly and that the technique is also correct. Besides ensuring that you are doing everything correctly he also explains why you are doing the exercise and what the exercise is doing for you. He is excellent in working around an injury or problem that you have in doing an alternative exercise and or creating another type of exercise to solve your problem. I was a long distance swimmer and due to incorrect swim technique over the years, I have caused injuries. Dave with his in-depth knowledge has assisted me to start to correct these injuries with specific exercises and start to strengthen my core and other important muscles to get the injured muscles back to health and working correctly. I would highly recommend Dave in being your personal trainer knowing that he cares for his clients and goes the extra mile to help you get your training correct and done in a positive way.

Peter van der Heever
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I’m not a complete novice in fitness, but I had a long break in training and was planning on getting just a few sessions with a Personal Trainer to get back on track and continue on my own afterwards. However, when I started training with Dave, I quickly understood what a massive difference training with an expert does! I decided to make our sessions ongoing and regular. I have been training with Dave for a while now and I could not recommend him enough. From the very first session it is clear that Dave has years of experience and in-depth knowledge about training techniques, muscle building, nutrition and general health and fitness. He approaches each client individually, listens and understands what you are trying to achieve and tailors the sessions to your individual goals. Dave is focused, honest in his feedback and truly committed to helping you get where you want to be in terms of your fitness plan. He is dedicated, focused, flexible and extremely reliable.The sessions are varied, exciting and challenging, therefore effective. Dave will recognise your strengths and weaknesses and work with accordingly. Following his advice and expertise, I have increased my overall strength and improved my exercises technique. I look forward to and I truly enjoy every session.
If you are serious about your training, do not delay contacting Dave!
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Dave blends an old school spit and sawdust approach to strength and conditioning with an understanding of your own personal needs.

Unlike a lot of personal trainers Dave builds a personal relationship with his clients, he understands and stresses that it’s not just what you do inside of the gym that matters but what you do outside is just as important, I.e. sleep, nutrition and reducing stress.

Dave has helped me with my strength and conditioning astronomically, not only has my core, mobility and overall strength increased over the past few months but I recently hit two personal records in one week and I am consistently putting on good, solid weight.

Every client is different however for me a “back to basics” approach is what made all the difference, Dave keeps things simple and doesn’t overcomplicate them.
You will often realise that the exercises and movements which look and sound the easiest, can be the hardest!

This is because nailing the basics such as compound lifts and the form/ technique involved are one thing, but understanding how “exercise A” makes you better at “exercise B” is a concept Dave will introduce to your training.

If you are interested in strength and conditioning, or any area of training, Dave is your man.
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I have been training with Dave Willis for just under two months and during this short period of time I can genuinely say that my expectations have been surpassed.
When I first embarked on this journey I hadn't realised what I could be capable of let alone how quickly I could improve, develop and gain strength, but with Dave's continued support
encouragement and expertise not only have I hit my initial goals but I am continuing to aim even higher!!

During this time I have committed to two PT sessions a week as well as two sessions (individually) each PT session is varied, focused and driven. Dave continually works me hard and
gets results out of me that I didn't know were possible. This combines many disciplines whether its circuit training, improving core strength, resistance training and cardio.
Each and every session there is a continual improvement in my abilities and development.

These sessions have not only helped me in terms of weight loss 10 Pound in under 2 months but have also assisted in
Increase in overall well being.
Healthy appearance and outlook
Increase in confidence
Increase in Drive and determination " A Can Do Attitude"
This has also provided me with added and new focus and success within my work environment and personal life in general
Broader understanding of nutrition the impact, actions and recovery of my body.

Dave's unique approach to his clients I believe is what sets him apart from the rest - in my view he is unique for the following reasons :-
He listens to his clients, their wants and needs and develops a plan with them he absolutely understands People and their make up and
recognises that not one size fits all.
Dave is very personable, friendly, encourages and provides the added support you need.
He is also a lot of fun to work with, and I would highly recommend him
Suzanne Martinez

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