Denise Jane
Denise Jane
Brechin Community Campus
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I like to think of myself as a woman who is not quite at mid age, yet I may be closer to that age than my 20s. A few years ago I was very unwell. Over the last few years I had to concentrated on becoming more aware of what my body and sole requires to feel healthier and to have positive focus on a day to day basis. I believe with my knowledge gained from my personal experience and knowledge over my lifetime of working in the health industry, that I can help enhance and give greater quality to your life. As I have become a better person internally and externally, I know I can help you.

I can offer you the best version of your self when you join me in any of the Angus Campuses. I can assure you that I will help surpass your abilities by at least one percent after every session. In your personal journey I am going to be there for you to encourage the best of you for you.
I am passionate about Pilates, strengthening and conditioning. I am fortunate to have worked with many individuals over the years that have benefited from my knowledge which encourages wellness and health by doing activities / exercise. I focus on the holistic approach. I get enjoyment from working with people that have limitations in cognition and functional skills, helping them to get to their full potential during the course of rehabilitation. It is so rewarding.

Over the last 20 years, whilst working in the health, social care and fitness industry I have gained knowledge and certifications in many areas.

Maintaining a level of fitness will always help your cognitive function and over all wellness. That is what I can offer you. I always promote head to toe fitness and wellness. My clients always gain a level of confidence when they take part in my sessions. My ‘input has been invaluable’ in aiding recovery. This client was dealing with grief and loss of function and ability in her right arm and leg. The “support given to promote exercise regimes” has helped “motivating” and with ‘gentle encouragement’ during inspiring discussions, over months of input. The ongoing “compassion” and understanding in her abilities and limitations have paid off. Now this client is “confident” in her abilities to becoming more independent in her workouts and going to more classes to help aid her overall wellbeing.
Gym Instructor Level 2
Personal Trainer Level 3 Diploma
Later life training for Postural Stability
Later life training Otago - Strength and balance
Currently studying Pilates, which I am passionate about, as with woman health
Postural Stability
Strength and balance
studying Pilates
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