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I'm Dorina and come from Romania. I grew up playing sports specialising in Athletics. I was specialised in high jump and long jump participating in multiple competitions from junior to senior.

I am passionate about my work and a firm believer in the power of health and fitness to change people's lives for the better.

Whether you want to lose weight, build endurance, tone your muscles or increase your flexibility, I will design a bespoke programme tailor-made to meet your needs and keep you motivated with varied and challenging workouts that will test you to your limits. 


  • Level 3 Diploma Personal Trainer 


  • Functional Training
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Core
  • Circuit Training
  • HIIT



Malvina Maxinese
I am very happy with Dorina's training plan! I almost achieved my goal to have a fit body and that's thanks to her! She is very friendly and supportive, professional trainer! I highly recommend her as a personal trainer! Thank you so much for all your support Dorina
When I first started I was so nervous and just wanted to gain weight the right way but didn’t have a clue what I was doing until I started training with Dorina, her knowledge was excellent and her application to apply that knowledge and integrate it into my program and the training sessions was amazing. I went from someone who was intimidated by the gym to now loving lifting weight, exercising and always looking forward to going to the gym. Dorina is always full of encouragement and amazing diverse workouts. I now know what it is like to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s so refreshing and energising in everyday life too and I love it. Would highly recommend.
I started training with Dorina last year just before Christmas in a short space of times, I achieved some really great results in terms of weight loss and building muscle. I would do 1 PT session a week and she give me a program to follow for the rest of the week. Her approach is straight to the point and she has given me some great nutrition tips & tricks which have had a massive impact on accelerating my results. I highly recommend Dorina to help reach your goals.
When I first started training with Dorina I hadn't a clue how to exercise properly. But with her help I quickly improved week by week. I looked forward to my classes with her because she has the ability to make exercising fun. I would highly recommend Dorina to anyone looking for a highly qualified personal trainer. She gave me the confidence I needed to join a gym and she showed me that a healthy lifestyle can be interesting and fun.
Dorina is a great personal trainer with a good sense of humour which makes my training sessions full of positive attitude and motivation to work even harder. She’s been my trainer for the last 6 months and Is been helping me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend her! If u are looking for someone motivated and who loves her job I wouldn’t hesitate to choose her and so you can achieve your goals !
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"My PT Dorina is a very hard working person. She has very useful knowledge about training and diet. Dorina's extremely professional and provides unwavering support. She'll push you to your maximum ability whilst making fun! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dorina!"  Raminta R


"Dorina has been the perfect support I needed in helping me achieving my health and fitness goals. A busy lifestyle of working full time and studying at the same time provided many excuses to not put health and fitness high on my priority list. It is easy to put the needs of the children, my work, studies and friends before myself. Finally I have a holistic approach to nutrition and exercise and can fit healthy eating and exercise into my busy lifestyle. Dorina has provided excellent support, education and encouragement. The flexible training hours and location were perfect for my needs. Finally I feel like I have got all the elements correct, they work and I am super happy with my new level of fitness."  Andreea B 

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