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Losing weight, getting fit and achieving your goals doesn’t mean spending endless hours on a treadmill.

I have been a PT since September 2017 and specialise in coaching my clients on how to maximise their training sessions and complementing them with a well-balanced diet to get the best results.

I have inspired people to reach goals they never thought possible and allowed my clients to connect with each other forming friendships along the way.

I know exactly how it feels to be intimidated or scared of exercise and trust me the journey is never smooth but I understand all of the hurdles along the way and together we can overcome them. I am 100% dedicated to you and your goals and I live and breathe fitness and training.

I am now also a PT Cluster Manager where I help recruit and onboard new Personal Trainers along the M4 corridor. I get to use my wealth of knowledge to help other PT's create successful businesses helping 100's of clients along the way.
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Nutrition
TRX Instructor
Spin Instructor
ICG Coach by Colour Instructor
Kettlebells Instructor
Kinesiology Taping (K – Taping)
Weight Loss
General Fitness
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I have trained with Fran over the course of 6 years! I only have great things to say about Fran. I joined her sessions to help with muscle gain as I have low-tone muscle and curve of the spine. Fran has changed my life in many ways; my quality of life and also my mental health and confidence! Before Fran, I had zero fitness and even struggled to walk around a shopping centre without needing to sit down as I was so tired. Now I can walk Pen Y Fan happily!! I love my sessions with Fran, we do a mix of abs, arms legs and a little cardio! Fran plans my sessions to suit me and what she knows I can do and enjoy! I always look forward to my sessions with Fran, she is the most lovely person you could ask for as a PT, so understanding and encouraging at all times! You never feel like your in a PT session because its just full of laughs! I can talk to Fran about anything and I just know she is always there for me even outside of our sessions. I class Fran as a great friend to me now and I could never thank her enough for what she has done for me over the years ❤️
Jess Tonner
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I can’t recommend Fran enough! Such a lovely PT, really understanding and pushes you to strive for your goals. I feel really listened too and motivated whenever I am training with Fran. Super supportive and such a friendly face in the gym :)
Emelye Kate
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Fran’s sessions are fun and varied, she listens and supports you and has personally given me the confidence to try different sections and machines in the gym alone. She is always there in and out of sessions for help and advice or just to say ‘hi’. I’ve just made the daunting return to the gym after having a baby and Fran was one of the first people I saw and instantly put me at ease. Every gym should have a Fran ♥️
Pam Clement
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Joined Fran’s INTENSE10 group just shy of a year and not regretted a single workout. I had completely lost my love of training but am back to loving it all over again. Fran makes the classes fun but strives to get the best out of you, knowing when to push you just that little bit extra. Have used personal trainers previously and Fran is one who actually listens to what you say, definitely up there with the best of them 👌
Mel Williams
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As someone who had never stepped foot in a gym before I really enjoyed my PT sessions with Fran!
She gave me the confidence to start going to the gym by myself and attending some classes!
Every session would be a great laugh… plus lots of sweating!
Definitely would recommend Fran, looking forward to starting the intense 10 classes 😄
Sara Williams
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Before training with Fran I hadn’t exercised in years and had lost all confidence. Fran has helped me to feel so comfortable and so much better about myself. I really look forward to my sessions with Fran, she is amazing and so approachable. Fran helps me to push myself I am proud of how far I have come and it’s all down to Fran.
Kirsty Cunniffe
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I have had the pleasure of working with Fran as my personal trainer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Fran has been an amazing support system throughout my fitness journey and has always been flexible and understanding of my needs.
From the very first session, Fran has been incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and motivating. She takes the time to understand your goals, fitness level, and limitations to create a bespoke plan that’s personal to you.
What sets Fran apart is her unwavering commitment to her clients. She is always there to provide guidance, encouragement, and support, whether it's through a challenging workout or a quick check-in message. Her positive attitude and infectious energy make every session with her an absolute joy.
Thanks to Fran, I was able to complete a Race For Life in memory of my mam last year and she made going to the gym actually enjoyable. I cannot thank her enough for her dedication, patience, and expertise.
Kelly F
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I absolutely loved the 10 weeks worth of training with Fran! Sessions were varied and the training plan was tailored to individual needs. Fran has given me a lot of extra confidence in the gym and has given me a love for exercise!
Star Star Star Star Star
Initially started a spin class with Fran and following on from that i’ve been a returning client for group ‘intense’ sessions. Fran’s approach is spot on & she knows how to get the best out of you… then push you that little further. Due to ongoing back problems Fran will offer alternative exercises to suit. I can honestly say, no 2 workouts have been the same. it’s great to have someone who’s passionate about what they do as that transfers to the client and she makes the class, dare I say it ‘enjoyable’. Would highly recommend Fran as a PT (Also has the patience of a Saint!)
Sarah R
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I was a bit nervous of having personal sessions but Fran has completely put me at ease with her fab personality. The sessions were fun & came away feeling like I’d done a workout without really noticing!!! Would highly recommend to anyone that’s new or experienced with gym workouts as each session was something completely different!!! She was on hand if I had any queries & encouraging throughout!!
Hayley Thomas
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I started my sessions with Fran in order to loose weight for my upcoming wedding. Not only did I loose the weight I also gained my confidence in and out of the gym back and learnt how to use weights correctly.
Frans sessions were fun but hard work at the same time. I found myself looking forward to them each week and left laughing from each one. She managers to get the best out of you. Asking Fran to be my PT was one of the best decisions I made and not only did I loose the weight I want I left making a new friend.
Star Star Star Star Star
A super supportive trainer, couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for building up my confidence!
Star Star Star Star Star
Can’t recommend Fran enough! Just finished a 10 week PT that was personally tailored to achieve specific areas which I wanted to work on. I now feel so much stronger and feel confident in achieving the next level on my fitness journey! Fran has motivated me throughout and I’ve always enjoyed working out, with her by side with her endless encouragement!! Thank you Fran!
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Where do I start. I’ve been training with Fran for nearly a year. I’d had aLOT of time away from fitness so I needed someone patient and someone who would give me a push on those bad days. Fran has been so supportive and always pushes me to the max and she does it with humour which is a massive bonus. You will never regret training with Fran she is simply the best ❤️
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The best thing I did 3 years ago was ask Francesca Ray to be my personal trainer. She has taken me to a level of fitness which I thought was unachievable. She is supportive and patient during our session's and always there for guidance and advice. She has encouraged me to run the swansea bay 10k and take part as a member of her team in a 10k invncbl assault course. I look forward to many more training sessions with the amazing francesca Ray PT.
Angela Diment
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Fran is a trainer that has quickly become a friend! As someone who was terrified of going to the gym, I’m more shocked than anyone that I now look forward to my PT sessions with Fran and come out beaming (albeit covered in sweat!) Fran is so motivating and really has given me a new found love for exercising and taking care of my body! Her training plan suits me and my ability level and she quickly adapted a food plan for me as I don’t eat meat or dairy! In my first 5 weeks with Fran I lost 7 inches all over as well as 11lbs in weight, but more importantly gained confidence, self-esteem and self worth! I’m so happy with what I see in the mirror and can’t wait to see what results the next 5 weeks will bring me. Thank you for everything Fran, you’re truly a superstar :)
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Cannot recommend fran enough. Have been training with her for over 2 years now and she has helped me fall in love with exercise! Not only have I lost weight during that time but also have become so much more confident going to the gym. She is so knowledgable in fitness and health and always gives great tips. She has encouraged me to keep motivation during my fitness journey. She is very approachable and friendly and always have a laugh during sessions. 10/10 recommend!
Alecia Hatherly
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When I first reached out to Fran, I had never set foot in a gym and was feeling completely out of my depth in terms of losing weight.

After the first appointment, I felt far more confident leaving the gym with a structured weight loss plan and a little over a year later, I have lost 4 stone and feeling far healthier and more confident in myself.

Fran works tirelessly to support me as and when I need it and is always on hand to answer any questions that I have.

During appointments, she is very motivating and will push me to my limits so that i achieve the results that I aim for. She challenges me to push past the limits and reviews my plans and goals on a regular basis.

As well as the gym, with her support, I have progressed from no running experience, to 5k and 10k runs multiple times a week, and more recently achieving my first half marathon.

Without her support I would be nowhere near where I am at the moment in my development and with her help I will undoubtedly smash my goals and targets for this year! Couldn't have asked for a better Personal Trainer to help me in my weight loss journey! It's clear to see her enthusiasm and passion in Personal Training and this is clearly conveyed in our sessions. Highly recommended!
Connor Preddy
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Fran is absolutely amazing at what she does. There aren't enough words. She's helped me overcome a lot of my self doubt and helped me massively with my self confidence. We have so much fun too which makes training such an enjoyable experience. Can't recommend her enough!
Lisa Jarrett
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I have been with Fran now for over 2 years and it was the best thing I ever done but I was so nervous to join the gym and start training has I had no idea what to do but she really makes it so fun and make you feel at ease , not only is she a excellent PT but a good friend , can’t recommend her enough to anyone!!
Adie Gaston
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I began training with Fran just over a year ago, I started training with the intention of just loosing weight. Very quickly Fran started making a huge impact on my life, through my Pt sessions, training plan and diet guidance, and I started seeing weight loss results but not just that my fitness level increased and Fran’s relentless belief in me was infectious and I began believing in my self and my confidence to achieve my goal soared. Within a couple of weeks Fran asked me to set a goal for the year which was to run a 5k race, 6 weeks later Fran had me running not 5k but 10k and in the last year with Frans amazing training and guidance I completed two 5ks, a 10k and two half marathons! And actually loved every single minute of it!
During the year I lost an additional 5 stone and achieve my weight loss goal of a total 7 stone.
Frans sessions are hard yes but totally worth it without them I would never have stuck to training and going to the gym. She is friendly and has a manner that puts you instantly at ease but also perfectly balances that with you wanting to not disappoint her or yourself and she motivates you in ways that you never even realise what you are achieving until you do!
I can not recommend Francesca Ray highly enough and can guarantee once you start training with Fran you will never look back and regret your decision.
Fran is inspirational, highly motivational and genuinely a good hearted and amazing personal trainer. One of a kind!
Can’t wait to conquer this years goals with her support and encouragement!
Lucy Driscoll
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Fran is not your typical stereotypical 'PT'. This helps tremendously because instantly you are not intimated by her. Gyms are intimating enough right?
Fran has a no nonsense approach... You breeze through set 1 she will add those weights, you struggle through set 2 yet she knows you can do more and will push you through set 3. All the while encouraging and guiding you through every rep.
Fran knows her stuff!!! And you you will not find a more down to earth, real, inspiring PT than Fran.
Great thing is is that challenge her to do the same circuit she will do it! Everything she teaches you she can do and will do with you.
She is inspiring and not to mention a good laugh! I enjoyed every single training session with Fran, even when I was cursing her under my breath!
I've learnt so much from Fran and I look forward to working with her again in the future
Star Star Star Star Star
Fran popped up in my facebook newsfeed one day, i had a little look and moved on. For a long time i knew i needed to change my fitness levels. Over 24 years before i'd met Fran i'd dieted i'd felt like my weight and the number on the scale defined me and as a result how i felt about myself. After a day pushing an elderly relative in a defective wheel chair around swansea i hunted out Frans facebook page and took the plunge and messaged her. I was certain the gym wasn't for me but committed with myself to try a 10 weeks and commit fully and see how i went. Day one i knew i'd met the right person for me. Her compassion, understanding and ability to show me what i was capable of in just one hour was amazing. 23 weeks on, I'm a new woman. I'm no longer defined by the numbers on the scale. At this moment in time i've not weighed in 7 weeks and its the best i've felt ever. I don't rely on anyone to tell me what i should eat with Frans guidance and what i really already knew i've got to the point where i'm not starving and then bingeing.

Frans style of training varies dependant on a persons needs and i love how she knows when to nudge me in the right direction. I never in a million years thought i'd be doing sit ups and planks and wanting to go to the gym 5 times a week. Mondays are my favourite day now, i train with Fran early morning then head back for classes in the evening. The self confidence i've got and the ability to stand up for myself and actually say No to people is something i never thought i'd get. My dress size is shrinking and for the first time in years if someone asks how heavy i am i reply i don't know, don't really care, but i'm fitter than i've been in 20 plus years. Try one session and i'm sure you'll be hooked like i was
Lisa Brown
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Having not really been into any kind of fitness programme previously, and always struggled with fluctuating weight and fad diets, I started at the gym and didnt really know what I was doing. A friend talked me into a consultation with a PT and after getting over the initial notion that it was a pretentious concept or that it was for those that were already fit and I’d feel humilliated I booked a session with Fran and quickly realised how wrong I have been!!
Fran is one of the friendliest, most approachable and reassuring people you could wish to meet. She instantly puts you at ease in surroundings which for me were still so unfamiliar. Fran takes the time to get to know your capabilities, at the same time as reassuring any anxieties you may have that these are inadequate. Fran structures my sessions around what I am comfortable with while still challenging me to push further. 4 months in and despite life balances not always affording the luxury of as much training time as I would like, Fran has empowered and enabled me to achieve things I did not think were possible.
So glad I made that initial decision to book with Fran and have thoroughly enjoyed.
Claire Davies
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Really inspirational personal trainer who sets stretching goals and helps you achieve them. Francesca also has a great sense of humour that ensures you enjoy every session. I recommend her to anyone you wants to improve their fitness and health.
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I've been training with Fran for just over a year. I don't have the conventional goals that most women have. Yes I'd like to lose some weight but I'm not that fussed. What I love about her is how she makes me feel. I can have the worst day and within 5 minutes it's all gone. I'm very stressy and often bad tempered but she takes it all away. She's smiley and encouraging but you won't get an easy ride, ever. I'm very glad to have her in my life, she's amazing! It's not all about weight loss, it's about pushing yourself and feeling proud.
Lisa Brennan
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Francesca is an inspiration. Not only has she turned her own excercise regime around but mine also. I am fitter and healthier now than ever. I continue to achieve and set new goals with her help and encouragement.
Thank you.
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I absolutely love training with Fran. I was so nervous to join the gym and start training again but she really makes it so fun, it feels like your training with a friend. Every session I have done has been achievable yet so rewarding. I look forward to training with her every Friday and would recommend to anyone :)
Jodie Aucamp
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Love sessions with Fran she always pushes you to achieve what I wouldn’t if I was training alone. The sessions are always different and Fran will work on areas of concern. I go with a friend and we have fun while working out. Everything is done in a professional way.
Stacey Ray
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I can't recommend Fran enough. She's always motivated me to put 100% effort into my sessions and I'm amazed how much I've achieved with her training me. She's non judgemental and approachable and is dedicated to helping you reach goals whatever they may be
Star Star Star Star Star
Fran trains me and a friend together. To say she is patient is an understatement. Fran identifies our strengths and weakness and works on both with lots of encouragement along the way. Fran is so friendly and approachable and doesn’t judge us, even if she should on times as we test her .
Fran continues to support and praise us and is always on hand via the phone if we need extra support on hard days.
Fran also gives us training exercises to do on the days we are not training with her which is a massive help.
We have seen physical results as we have lost weight and gained muscle.
Cannot recommend her enough.
Thank you fran x
Lisa jenkins

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