Francis Ifiti
Francis Ifiti
Chelsea Sports Centre
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From a young age I’ve always loved health and fitness. My love for health and fitness has always increased my life balance & focus…..
I am an Amateur boxer, body weight conditioning specialist and weight loss Guru.

5+ years of competing in boxing has allowed me to develop many skills including agility, coordination, physical and mental endurance and strength. These skills have given me a great deal of confidence which help me in many different aspects of my life. I want to in part/share that same confidence into clients as I start them of on their fitness journey.
Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
Circuit Training
Body Conditioning
Weight Loss
Circuit Training
Weight Training
Outdoor Workouts
HIIT Training
Nutrition Basics
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As a dedicated gym user for the last two years, I have had a lot of personal fitness trainers. Some were helpful, while some were inexperienced. But nobody has been honest, firm, motivational, and inspiring the way that Francis is. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Francis became my trainer 6 months ago when I was training to improve my functional fitness following a back surgery and training for a Spartan event. He listened to my goals, completed a workout with me to understand my ability and attended our next session prepared with a personal and specific target orientated programme.

What I appreciated most, though, was that he explained the physiological, health, and psychological reasons behind the changes. I was able to learn the ways in which I was maximising my health, style of training and nutrition. I appreciated the thorough knowledge and attention that went into explaining it to me.

Francis is also tough and exacting without being demanding. He set a rigid schedule and helped me meet it through dedicated sessions that helped me stay consistent, which is ultimately the key to success in this field.
Josh Fortnum

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