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Originally, I am from a small town by the coast called Aberystwyth. Growing up I was always active whether it was rugby, football or boxing, I was always up to something. Around the age of 15 I started going to the gym with my mates, like a lot of people starting out I had no idea what I was doing at all!

As the months went on, I researched and understood the right way to train and also how important other factors were such as food, sleep and water. Once I gained this knowledge, I managed to start building muscle, and from someone who was always a skinny child, it helped me to feel a lot better about myself and my confidence grew. This is when I realised, I wanted to help other people with their health and fitness goals and worked part time in a retail role to pay for my study.

At the age of 18, I started shadowing in the local gym, which then resulted in me being employed as a trainee coach. Throughout the 2 years I worked at this gym I worked my way up to being a full-time coach, working alongside Wales's fittest man! This taught me a lot about the different ways to train, which included more than the usual bodybuilding style I had been used to. I learnt more about the functional style of training as this was the main focus of the gym classes/group personal training sessions. This led me to start CrossFit, a sport in which you are tested through the 10 components of fitness (cardio endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy). In which now I compete and love it!

I enjoy working with people of all abilities, ages or different types of goals. I can also speak Welsh fluently if that’s your preferred language! I will be there to give help you reach your goals no matter how big or small, as well as help you with nutritional advice on things like counting calories and macros.

So, get in touch to get your journey started today!!
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Muscle gain
Fat loss
Functional training
Strength and conditioning
Sports Performance
Olympic weightlifting
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My experience with Ieuan has so far been extremely helpful!

He understood my goals and my limited knowledge and worked with my strengths.
Each session is carefully tailored to work with what was learned the previous weeks and addressed any weaknesses.
If you're ever feeling less than 100% he will make sure the workout reflects that so you're still pushing yourself without struggling.
Each week adds something new or different than previous to keep things fresh and on your toes so you're never expecting the exact same workout.

I can highly recommend him to newbies or people who are making their journey back to the gym and I look forward to all my upcomming hours as well!
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Ieuan has been extremely reliable and great with training me, watching out for my needs whenever and where ever, he's very good at catering the plan to injuries, expertise seems to be in a wide range.
I started the training programme with Ieuan looking like a twig, he's helped make improvements to building muscle and I have seen rapid results, whereas before I was struggling to put any weight/muscle on.

Explanation and demonstration is always on point and thorough, he has a friendly approach, motivates and works you hard, very accessible. A Great laugh to be around, gives a memorable experience everytime. He's An Awesome Personal Trainer.
Sean Wladacz
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Great experience being trained virtually by Ieuan really informative feedback on how to improve form etc by sending instructional videos from himself on how to execute properly. Very motivating and friendly and got myself ready to compete in my first CrossFit competition a few weeks ago something I’d never done before.
Gwyn Davies
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Can’t recommend Ieuan enough. Completely transformed my attitude to the gym, can honestly say his style of coaching is perfect. Loves to have a good laugh and keep it upbeat too 👍
Penri Hughes
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Ieuan is one of the most inspirational coaches I know! He is always there when you need an extra push! He helps reach your goals and ensures you don’t fail at any point! The knowledge that he knows is so valuable as I’m a beginner he has showed me so much and explained numerous times what is what. I honestly can’t rate him enough! Cheers Ieuab
Jade M
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Having Ieuan as a trainer has been transformational! I used to go to the gym without much of a plan; I wasn't really enjoying it and wasn't seeing much improvement. Then, I bit the bullet and signed up for PT sessions with Ieuan. He instructs me on movements and gives excellent feedback on how to improve- better technique on the rower to burn more calories in less time, for example, and how to use my body's momentum to do a pull-up! He has the right balance between knowing when to push me and knowing my limits. He's engaging and motivational. Ieuan"s sessions have improved my physical health and my mental resilience no end. He's skilled in creating bespoke training programmes to help me reach my goals- and the goals keep changing as I'm ticking them off the list! A terrific personal trainer indeed! A ma'r boi yn siarad Cymraeg- perffaith!! :)
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Great coach, always explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions i had. Helped me to achieve my goals in an encouraging and supportive manner
Mark Gelly Jones
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Highly reccomend Ieuan, understood my goals, got me in shape and was a very fun experience. Hes very friendly and a great motivator. Made me feel comfterble in the gym and his wealth of knowledge,i knew i was in safe hands with him.
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Highly recommend! He understood my goal and got me fit, as a new gymbee i was very nervouse to go to the gym and having Ieuan as a PT was a great experience, his wealth of knowledge and understanding was professional. He made me feel comfterble at the gym and i achieved my goals thanks to his help!
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Had a great experience with Ieuan, very understanding and motivates me in the right way without shouting and being aggressive. Made me feel like it mattered to him what my goals were which made all the difference

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