Iona Layland

Copper Box Arena


Innovative and successful PT (level 3 Dip in Personal Training) Iona will develop a fitness and wellness program drawing from her broad background in weight training, yoga, fight training, running, athletics, gymnastics, calisthenics and dance which means clients have the opportunity to cross train through various disciplines and find the workout that works for them! She is a self-trained urban athlete and freestyle dancer 9 years in practice and currently active on the battle scene.

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Training can combine a multitude of activities to build varied and interesting programs including Olympic Village Better Gyms: Copperbox, East Village or Aquatics Centre as well as outdoor workouts in the surrounding parks and marshes.  From hardcore beastings to stretch and meditation, the level of intensity required is up to the individual.

Iona also has a level 4 diploma in Funtional Rehab and Exercise Training After Stroke and is qualified to train and develop rehabilitation exercise programes for stroke survivors. She is also experienced in working with clients with Parkinsons and Downs Syndrome. 

Qualified in nutrition for exercise Iona offers food diary analysis to ensure diets fuel training sensibly as well as aid fat loss. 

Her PT style is unique: you will be pushed beyond boundaries you ever thought possible whilst being supported and encouraged rather than beaten down. Clients leave sessions energised and confident with a fresh perspective on exercise and a new understanding that there is a workout for everyone, including YOU! 

As Aristotle said 'quality is not an act it's a habit' and exercise is not a one off experience with a PT but a new life long habit that's forming. After training with Iona you will have developed an exercise regime that will continue into the future well beyond the PT sessions. She will help you incorporate fitness YOUR way, into YOUR timetable. 

She also offers expertise in overall well-being. Often overlooked as insignificant in quick fat loss programs, as any professional athlete will know, psychology is critical to success. With Iona you will transform physically and mentally!  


  • CYQ Level 3 Advanced Diploma Personal Training (QCF) including
  • Nutrition for Exercise
  • Outdoor Fitness 
  • Sports Conditioning 
  • Padwork for PTs
  • Suspension Fitness – TRX
  • Bsc (hons) UCL, Philosophy & History!


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Cardio fitness
  • Outdoor & Gym based 
  • Calisthenics
  • Dance
  • Inversions


Reviews left before star rating

"I feel amazing after working out with Iona. I've achieved body goals I didn't think possible before meeting her. It's been 18 months now and I'm fitter and stronger than I've ever been." Sophie Metyard 36, Office Manager, The City

"I lost two dress sizes in two months. I feel so good after training outside and getting fresh air after a day at work." Marie 37, Msc student, Hackney.

"I lost 4 inches around my waistline in 6 weeks. Iona gave me great nutrition advice to fuel the training sessions and I'm exited about my new bikini body this summer!" Kelly 28, Artistic Director fashion.

"I have just finished 20 sessions with Iona and wanted to express how much of a fantastic decision this has been for me. Iona has delivered not only an excellent course in fitness but has also applied a holistic approach to all aspects in my life contributing to my health, wellbeing and happiness. The time we have had has re-connected me to a healthy and grounded way of living. I have enjoyed the different varieties of exercise that Iona has to offer and her balanced view towards health and fitness. And Iona was always in contact to guide me through difficult periods, for example when my diet has been veering off course, Iona would always be there to guide me back. Overall I would recommend Iona every time and thank her for such a positive experience. And personally I have benefitted by getting my health and fitness back and have thoroughly enjoying the process in doing so." Chris 36, Financial Consultant, Canary Wharf

"Just had my last session in a series of 10 yesterday, and my arms are still so sore!! Love the feeling of being pushed without being shouted at, and the feeling of empowerment I've been given from training with Iona. I'm feeling better equipped for the ups and downs of life, more knowledgeable about how to be good to myself, and most of all I'm feeling inspired." Emilie 29, creative consultant. 

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