Jack Ramwell

Westhoughton Community Leisure Centre
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With fitness being my passion I will take pride in helping people like yourself achieve your goals and helping to educate you along your fitness journey. I am a results driven trainer specialising in body and fitness transformations. I will maximise your potential and results through dedication and hard work.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer


  • Weight Lifting
  • Fat Burning
  • Hypertrophy



Very impressed with the sessions so far, looking forward to more to come aswell as seeing more results
Jack is a great PT and really knows his stuff. He will push you that bit further than you could go on your own, even if you have knowledge of training. Great support and will always keep you on track with your goals, couldn't recommend booking in enough
Kate Clementson
Jack has been nothing but supportive along my programme. He has pushed me to limits I didn’t realise I had which has gained my strength & confidence. Excited to see further results as the programme continues!
Jack is an excellent PT, he has been nothing but supportive and puts a lot of time and effort into sorting our sessions! He sorted us a meal plan and tailored it to the foods we like - his sessions are very tough but he pushes me to my limits which I need! Very supportive PT!
Mel Hamer
Jack has been brilliant from the day I signed up. First PT session today. Very sore but loved it! Can’t wait for the next 8 weeks of training!
Safya Raja
I’ve only had a few sessions with Jack and I’ve already noticed such a change. He’s extremely professional and motivated to help make the difference you want to see. I would definitely recommend.
Mel Hamer
Currently on week 4 of my plan with jack. I currently have 2 pts a week with him. He pushes me more and more everytime I see him. I’m that impressed with my results so far I am continuing my pts after my plan. Can’t wait for the future xx
Aaron Cooper
Jack is the best at what he does, he has tailored my diet and workout routine perfectly for me. 2 weeks in and I’m already seeing results.
Highly recommended Jack as a PT always there to give you support and encouragement. Two weeks in he pushes you to your limit to achieve your goals already seen results. With his support my confidence is slowly getting there.Look forward to more sessions
I had my first PT session with Jack yesterday and I had forgotten the achy but satisfying feeling after a good session! Even though it was my first, he still pushed me and showed me how to get the best results from techniques which was where my confidence lacked. Looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with him and seeing the results!
I signed up with Jack because I do not have the confidence to go to the gym on my own. Not being a member of a gym, Jack assigned me a home work out to help with my programme. Jack is very friendly and talks through everything in detail, ensures I am comfortable and happy with what I am doing and pushes me to do my best. He is always available to answer and questions I have and is always happy and helpful. Would definitely recommend.
Janet & Andrew
Unbelievable body change in just 6 weeks by following Jacks training package & dietary advice. This is achievable if you just adhere to his programme & ongoing expert support. We have been trying to loose weight for months - going to the gym on a regular basis & working hard but never seeing a difference but after speaking to Jack & signing up there was a noticeable change within the first 2 weeks. Best thing we ever did signing up for his expert advice.
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“Being overweight was something that I always contended with. I came to Jack Ramwell, as I believed that I needed the extra push in order for me to change my body and reach the physique I desired. If you also feel like you need to make a change, look no further.”  Dan Nelson


“From the very start Jack Ramwell showed belief in me and in just a short space of time gave me the push I needed to get back into training, After only a short space of time training under their guidance, my body has started to alter and strength return, great plans and advice worth taking!”  Conor Grant


“I came to Jack Ramwell for change, which is exactly what I got! I have become more knowledgable in every aspect of health and fitness! Great support and went the extra mile to help! Highly recommend.”  Jade Boothroyd

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