James Yeung
James Yeung
Kentish Town Sports Centre
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'Easy Choices, Hard Life, Hard Choices, Easy Life'

My mission is to coach you in terms of building your strength and losing fat. We will work together to reach your fitness goals and get you the body you want! My approach is to train and equip you with the fundamentals so that you’re confident and driven to push yourself every time you’re in the gym!

As your PT, I will be your main support when it comes to instilling the daily habits you will need to transform your physique. My main focus areas will be building muscle and strength, habit coaching and nutritional guidance. Whether it’s 1-to-1 sessions or in small groups, a bespoke plan will be made for you to fit your lifestyle. Together, we can bring about real change in your fitness journey!

Feel free to book a free taster session or come say hi to me on the gym floor!
Level 2: Fitness Instructor
Level 3: Qualified Personal Trainer
Strength Training
Nutritional Advice
Habit Coaching
Mental Health
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James is a wonderful PT. So friendly, professional, really puts you at ease the moment you meet him. James is great at keeping in touch between sessions and always answers messages and offers helpful tips. James is patient and very thorough in his work and I couldn’t be more thankful for his dedication in our sessions. Highly recommend!
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I couldn’t have felt more at ease with James as a my trainer! He makes you feel really comfortable and doesn’t judge your ability. He pushes you but in a way that is personal to you, it doesn’t feel like ‘one size fits all’ that some PT’s approach can be. I would really recommend James to anyone who is looking for a fun and understanding trainer! He has a great knowledge and helps you to understand more about your body and food too which helped my consistency outside of the gym. 10/10 thankyou James 👌🏻✨
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Amazing PT, very friendly and customer focus. I wanted to learn how to get around the gym. He taught me how to train by myself and encouraged me to push through my limits. I will definitely book a few sessions with James soon.
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James is a great PT, I really loved working with him! This was my first time working with a PT and James definitely made it a great experience. He was great at teaching me how to best perform the exercises, use the machines, but also how to be more conscious (without being restrictive) about food. I feel (and look) stronger and I now have the confidence to use the dreaded weight area full of "gym bros". James pushes you to be your best, while always being friendly and approachable. I would definitely reccomen James!
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Thoroughly enjoyed working with James!
This was my first time with a PT and James was great in showing me how to best approach the gym. From showing me how to perfom exercises with weights and machines, to how to be more conscious (without being restrictive) about food.
James is super friendly, approachable, and he encourages and pushes you to be your best "gym-self".
I feel (and look) stronger, and I am 100% more confident in going to the gym now.
100% would reccomend James!
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James is an outstanding personal trainer who has made a significant impact on my fitness journey. His knowledge of exercise and nutrition is impressive, and he always tailors workouts to my specific needs and goals. What sets James apart is his friendly and approachable demeanor. He creates a comfortable and motivating atmosphere, making each session enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend James to anyone looking for a personal trainer who delivers results with a smile.
David L
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James is the best trainer. His personable approach makes His technique stand out from the rest.
He makes you feel at ease and gives you the confidence one needs in some of these macho driven gyms.
I have some health stuff going on that impacts the strength I have these days. He has been with me all the way with this and kept a constant check on my situation.

Lovely , friendly guy all round. He knows his stuff too.

Drew Hay
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My workout trainings with James has been unforgettable. James makes sure that every seconds are being used up productively, the knowledge I have attained by training with James is not something I can ever forget. James you have been very encouraging and i loved the fact that you hold wealth of knowledge on what you teach. James will always push you past your comfort zone and I loved that about him. I would never hesitate to hire you again James.
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James is an excellent PT, he teach me a lot of stuff in the gym. I didn’t have a clue about it before. Also, he told about food.

Overall, James is a friendly person. He follow up with you even you don’t have lessons with you, I recommend it to anyone need good PT.
Said Saleh
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James is an inspiring trainer. Always focussed on my progress, and with the aim to get me going to the gym without him soon. Time at each session flies by - and thats a first, I used to clockwatch through any and every exercise session & hated gyms. He follows up after each session with a WhatsApp summary of what I did, and pushes me very supportively to do more every time. I love that he's so punctual too and never chats during an exercise but only during resting times. He's become a real gym buddy.
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James is just amazing! James gave me confidence in the gym giving me the tools and skills to really achieve my goals. James is such a friendly and chatty person and training with him really enabled me to relax and get over my fear of the gym.
I now can go to the gym with no worries and the results are showing.
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James is an excellent PT that uses a variety of skills to create a detailed and individual plan, highly recommended!
Ola Vilnes
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Highly recommend James as a friendly, attentive, and supportive PT! I trained with him for nine months -in that time he equipped me with the right tools, plan, and motivation to train consistently, try my best, and feel my best!!

(We have a 3X a week workout split that led to my resting heart rate to decrease, VO2 MAX to increase, and losing ~10% of my body weight with little to no dieting )
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James is an excellent PT with a large variety of skills and will tailor an individual plan for you that yields results very quickly. Highly recommended
Ola Vilnes
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I trained with James at Fitness First until it closed.
I was anxious about returning to training following an illness but I needn’t have worried as James was so skilful in matching my current fitness level with where I wanted to be.
He has given me a whole new regime to follow including boxing, yoga and Tai Chi.
I shall miss his professional and kind / considerate way and have no hesitation in recommending him as a trainer ,coach and friend.
Mary Wilson
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I have been working with James for a few months now training for a marathon and to add some variety and new ideas to my gym time and general fitness. It’s been 100% a great experience, my running performance has improved measurably as has strength and balance. I also lost weight. James is knowledgeable, super easy to get along with and it’s always fun and leaves me looking forward to our next session. Would sincerely recommend.
Dom Harlow
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I’ve been working with James as a trainer for several months to train for a marathon and to add some new skills and variety to my gym time. My career has been in professional/elite sport and so I think it’s likely I’m quite a tricky client.

It’s been a great experience though, my running is better, balance and strength are also improved. James is a great guy, excellent coach super easy to get along with and very knowledgeable.

The sessions are fun and I always look forward to the next one. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a first class PT.
Dom Harlow
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James is one of my favorite trainers I’ve ever had! He’s so kind, understanding, motivating, supportive, and encouraging. I felt so safe to be myself with him and really felt that he met me where I was at with my fitness and challenged me to push myself. We had great communication of scheduling every week and recapping all of the exercises we did each session. 10/10 would recommend 🌟

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