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Jenessa Phillips
Jenessa Phillips
ERL Haltemprice
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I am a mum of 2 with a passion for living, living as long and healthy as possible and I love that I get to share this passion by coaching others to discover what they really want out of their life.

I offer the UK’s first coaching programme to offer Transformational breathwork, I do this because I believe if you exercise the mind, then exercising the body becomes easy.

My uniqueness lies in my approach. I don’t just provide a service; I provide a vision and I aim to stretch that vision. I aim to help each client become obsessed with the person they want to be, focusing on how they want to feel and not just how they want to look. I aim for clients to break free from societal pressure and awaken to what they truly want to achieve.

Every client is unique, and each approach will be tailored, but I do believe everyone’s goal is the same. To achieve a longer and happier life.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Prevention
Level 3 GP Referral
IBCC - Body Confidence Coach
FNMS – Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Specialist
PN Nutrition Coach and PN2 Master Health Coach
Breath Masters Certified Breath Coach.
Functional nutrition and metabolism
Hormonal balance.
Body transformation.
Diabetes and obesity prevention.
Body confidence
Breathwork coach and 9D Breathwork facilitator
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