Joey Jex

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
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With 10 years of training experience and 5 years as a Personal Trainer specialising in Body Composition, Muscular Hypertrophy, Strength & Conditioning, Weight/Fat Loss & Posture Correction. I not only give you my best to ensure you achieve your goals but also in a way that's not only fun but also maintainable with your lifestyle. I take great pride in my commitment to each individual client as I love seeing their confidence grow and accomplish their goals!

Greatest Achievements:

I trained a client with high blood pressure (hypertension) who was unable to barely do 15 seconds on a treadmill but with a well rounded programme and nutrition plan, he not only managed to improve his CV health but was able to run a half marathon 6 months later!

I helped a client drop from a size 14 to size 10 in 8 weeks as she had asked, with a nutrition plan that was maintainable with her life and programme she could use in her busy job even if she couldn’t make the gym. It makes me even more proud because she had tried other PT’s with far more experience at the time who were unable to achieve the same results.

Additional Support:

I offer constant support to all clients, contact daily and I live a 15min walk away from the CPSC, so if you are in urgent need of a training session or help, I am not far away.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Nutrition
  • Level 2 Kettlebell Instructing



  • Muscle building/toning
  • Weight/Fat loss
  • Body Composition
  • Posture Correction
  • Boxing pad work
  • Strength & Conditioning




Dean Amburn
I was getting minimal results from my regular gym routine when I first consulted Joey. He designed a custom program for me that focused on HIIT and strength building exercises. In each session, he pushed me to work harder, modified the routines to keep it interesting, and found the exercises that worked best for me. Joey helped me improve my overall fitness and cardiovascular health. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a caring, professional personal trainer.
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Joey is a true fitness expert. He is professional, dedicated to results and fun to work with. He makes you work towards your personal goal, takes the time to understand your strengths and where to focus on by developing your own personal fitness program. This framework allows you to see progress and keeps you motivated. He also offers valuable nutritional advice. To top this off, Joey is very personable and a genuinely nice chap. I would recommend him to anyone.

Nicolas - Strategic Sales & Partnerships Executive

I have been training under Joey's tutelage for the past 4 months. I have found his approach to be very hospitable, he designs and customises his training regimen based on your individual needs and pushes you to get the results you want without being overbearing. He also supports this training regimen out of your sessions by providing guidance in terms of a training plan, nutrition and checks to see how you are doing post workouts. Great personality, very friendly, supportive and incredibly responsible and diligent in his commitment to your improvement. A real credit to his profession. The results I have experienced are far above my personal expectations, when I started this journey. I have actually come to start enjoying working out and look forward to my sessions.

Amit - General Manager at The Trafalgar Hotel

Keen to get into shape and improve my fitness ahead of my cousin's wedding last year, I worked with Joey as my personal trainer. Motivating, encouraging, supportive and flexible are all words I'd use to describe him. I made excellent progress during our sessions and would not hesitate to recommend Joey to anyone who is thinking of working with a PT.

Louisa - Founder & Director of Halo PR

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