Jordon Groves

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As a Mind and Performance Specialist it's my job to help you discover the answers to your biggest frustrations;

  • Why can't I lose weight and keep it off?

  • Why can't I build muscle?

  • Can I still achieve a great physique at my age?

I'll help you achieve the results you have always wanted with your health. The quality of questions we ask ourselves ultimately determines why we have our specific goals and what they mean to us. Knowing your WHY is the first step, which I help you discover through a range of fun and thought provoking questions.

During my 8 years as a trainer and coach, I've tried and tested a range of different training styles. This has given me valuable experience and helped me come to the conclusion that training the body, without training the mind only gives you short term results.

This is why I help all of my clients create what I call mental and emotional stamina. Physical stamina is great, but if we can't handle the daily stress that is constantly thrown at us, we may end up mentally and physically fatigued. I'm sure we can all relate to this.

But perhaps the most important is our self image. Who we believe we are. This is why we see so many people yo yo dieting and never able to maintain results. It all comes down to who we believe we are and what we're capable of. This is where I feel I shine as your trainer and coach. Helping you change your self image will dramatically change the results you're currently getting. What could you achieve if you truly believed, not just on the surface, but on a deep level that you're capable of whatever you put your mind to.

Some of my clients include professional athletes like MMA fighters and others include award winning entrepreneurs. I focus on helping people over 35 achieve the mind and body they have always wanted. 

Whatever your background, I'm here to help you achieve results. Improved physical, mental and emotional results to help you perform at your very best.

If you Choose me to help guide and support you on this journey, together we will make continuous progress and help you take full advantage of your potential. Which is... Limitless. 


  • Appeared on BBC1 Out of their league- I was invited to help star striker Gareth Seddon of Gary Nevilles' Salford Football Club regain his form after injury. After our mind coaching session he was able to not only find his form, but score the game winning volley in a pivotal game to secure promotion to the next division.
  • International Trainer - On separate occasions was flown to Miami and New York to train a VIP client.
  • Helped thousands achieve life changing results physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Former semi professional basketball player. Played in Boston USA.
  • Division Most Valuable Player award winner
  • 5k run winner (which included Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell).
  • 10k run winner. 2013
  • Uwbc White collar boxing winner 2016
  • Pure Elite physique men's winner 2017
  • Wrote an Ebook on High Performance called The Muscle That Matters.
  • Motivational Speaker (Future Sales Company)

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  • Neurolinguistic programming practitioner (NLP)
  • Trained by Tony Robbins
  • Level 3 personal training
  • Extreme kettle bells
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Boxing qualified
  • Raja Yoga Meditation Qualified
  • Dynamax ball advanced
  • Functional Training Qualified (Ushomi)
  • Basketball Coach level 1


  • Rapid fat loss
  • Body confidence
  • Building muscle
  • Mindfulness
  • Weightlifting
  • Goal setting
  • Results Coaching
  • Strategy sessions
  • Purpose and fulfillment


Reviews left before star rating

"I've lost 2 and a half stone working with Jordon and his mind coaching has completely changed me as a person. I now have a different outlook on life and haven't been this size since my 20s. I love myself and love what I see in the mirror."  Amanda H. 51 - HR Manager

"I had a shock when I realised I was 40% body fat. Luckily I've now got that down to 28% with the help and guidance of Jordon. My confidence has improved and I highly recommend him as a coach and trainer."  Katie C . 29 - Doctor 

"I feel better than I have ever felt. I lost 3 stone training with Jordon. He has opened my mind to things I never thought I would do like meditation which has helped me feel and act more positively."  Kevin H. 49 - Manager 

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