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Health and fitness has been my passion and something I have been greatly involved in since I was very young, to which I then progressed by studying sport science at university. My love for training surrounds the idea of being able to create and sculpt an image of yourself that reflects you as a person. Your progress and results show your discipline, determination and respect for yourself in a way that nothing else can. My philosophy around personal training is simple, the programs, the training and the nutrition must be personal and individual to every client. There is no ‘one size fits all’ program.
I have tried and tested endless training strategies and diets to understand what is necessary for you to reach your goals. I have used this experience taking the aspects in which work from each to get you results fast that last. 
I don’t offer any fad diets or short term fixes, but instead smart lifestyle choices, science based nutritional strategies and tailored training plans designed to be maintainable long term. My focus is to help anyone regardless of age, gender or ability to achieve their goals.
Maybe you want to lose weight, pack on muscle and get in shape for a holiday or for you women, tone up using weights without ‘looking bulky’. I offer 1-on-1 training; you can even bring a friend for support or even to compete with, maybe you’re just looking for nutritional advice and guidance, whichever is for you, I can help.  Contact me for a free consultation with no obligations on how I can help you achieve YOUR goals. 


  • 1st Class BSc (Hons) Sports Science for Performance Coaching
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Gym Based boxing
  • First Aid


  • Female Fat Loss 
  • Muscle Building (Hypertrophy)
  • Science Based Nutritional Programmes


Reviews left before star rating

“My 1-2-1 sessions with Josh have been invaluable – I feel amazing” – Oliver James – 14.05.2017 
Josh took the time to gain an understanding of exactly what it was I was looking to achieve and tailored my plan for this purpose. I wanted to build muscle and confidence within myself; we had 12 weeks and damn he delivered. 

Start weight: 11 stone 1 lbs                Post 12 week weight: 12 stone 3 lbs
Starting body fat: 28%                        Post 12 week body fat: 22%


“I’ve lost 18lbs in my first month with Josh & were just getting started” – Laura Baker – 20.05.17
I came to Josh after feeling rubbish for years about the way I looked. I was very nervous as id never worked with a personal trainer before and didn’t know what to expect. From the first minute, I felt comfortable and I spent most of the session laughing. I love training now, he pushes me, but It’s worth it. 


“Josh’s focused approach delivered me the results I so badly wanted” Mark Johnson 14.06.17
I've been going to one gym or another for over 10 years but never saw the weight loss or muscle gains I was looking for. With my wedding on the horizon I knew it was time to get some professional help so I plucked up the courage and called Josh's PT services. 
...And I've never looked back! Training with Josh by my side is a fitness revelation!!
My time in the gym finally yields results - I'm feeling motivated, lifting heavier and losing weight - all at the same time!!! I never thought it was possible, but with Josh's expertise, coaching and his nonstop enthusiasm, every single training session pushes me heavier and harder than I ever thought I could go. I know I'm going to look great in that wedding suit!! Whatever results you're looking to achieve I'd definitely recommended you PT with Josh. If he can do it for me he can do it for you. Just give him a call!


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