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Karl Bailey
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As a sport enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by physical development. Having been in the fitness Industry for over 8+ years I have worked with all ages and levels of ability from a placement working with professional athletes, to working with those that have never stepped in the gym, before. I have a (BSc) degree in Sport Science and Coaching; I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer Level 4 Strength & Conditioning coach, Exercise Therapy specialist and Movement and performance specialist. It is important to me that everyone should be able to achieve their desired goal while also improving their physical performance in everyday life. This in other words, looking and feeling great while staying pain free!

In my coaching I use exercise therapy and strength & conditioning to achieve the desired goals in a fun and efficient manor. Function rules all, so I put everyone through specific assessments to ensure the body is running smoothly and making interventions to correct anything if needed. This then informs all training programmes moving forward so you get stronger, fitter and leaner than ever before while also moving better, injury and pain free!

I offer one-to-one and small group personal training with the occasional class, exercise advice clinic, transformation package, or gym challenge available during certain periods.

Whether you are looking achieve a performance or aesthetic goal, correct posture and pain or simply to learn how to improve your training practice, please contact me via phone or email, I'd love to help :)
(BSc) Sports Science and Coaching
Exercise Therapy Specialist
Movement & Performance Optimisation Specialist
Rehab Coach
Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training
Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
Circuit training Instructor
Gym Based Boxing Instructor
Spinning Instructor
Pain management and Exercise based Rehab
Posture correction and function optimisation
Strength & Conditioning
Sport performance
Olympic Weightlifting
Functional Training
Muscle building (Physique)
Fat loss/ Weight loss (Physique)
Gym based combat fitness
Programme Design
Mental Toughness & Stress Management
Nutritional Guidance
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I have been working with Karl for just over a month. Right at the beginning I was expecting a sweat session, but instead we spent some time assessing my posture and conditioning. I did not appreciate the importance of this until the latter sessions because now Karl is tailoring everything I do to make sure that the exercises I do improve my core strength and are customised to my bodies capabilities and needs. He has worked up to a pace and intensity that is now making me sweat plenty and deliver results. I would recommend Karl to anyone wanting to get fit, smartly.
Reg Chopra
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I started personal training with Karl a few months ago and I'm so pleased that I did. I've not had a personal trainer before, I'm not a 'gym' person and usually feel intimidated by the thought of lifting weights but I've been keen to build up my core strength and generally get more active. Karl has been brilliant at motivating me each session to keep pushing myself whilst at the same time ensuring that the workouts are paced to my ability and the goals that i want to achieve. Karl is really knowledgeable and makes sure that I'm doing each exercise correctly and safely. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
Clea Griffin
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I have been working with Karl for the past four months, and I am extremely happy with the results. He has been incredibly professional and attentive to my needs from the beginning. He designs personalized workouts for me based on my fitness level and goals, and he always makes sure to explain the proper form and technique for each exercise. Karl is also very patient and encouraging, which has been really helpful for me as I work towards my goals.

Since working with Karl, I have seen significant improvements in my strength and endurance. I have also lost weight and inches around my waist, which has been a MAJOR accomplishment for me. In addition to the great (fun!) workouts, Karl also provides nutritional guidance and is always available to answer any questions or provide support outside of our scheduled sessions.

I highly recommend Karl to anyone looking for a personal trainer. He is knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely dedicated to helping his clients succeed. I am looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future!
Emi Gandhi
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Can’t recommend Karl enough! When starting my fitness journey I had many questions and felt hesitant at the gym to try certain machines and exercises. I booked several sessions with Karl and he helped me greatly with form and developed a tailored workout plan which I still use months later. The results I’ve achieved have been amazing and I only wish I booked a session earlier!
Alex Macleod
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I am now on my third month of training with Karl. Each session is tailored to your personal needs and requirements. Karl really plans each session in advance and makes the training interesting. His knowledge and technique helps you to achieve your personal goals and I can definately feel the improvement in my overall strength and fitness. Lastly and just as importantly, he makes each session fun. I would thoroughly recommend Karl to anyone who is thinking of engaging a PT.
Alan Reid
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Having just embarked on my 2nd month block of training with Karl, I cannot recommend him highly enough!!!!
After outlining what I wanted to achieve, he quickly set out a thorough plan of action, giving me confidence with this being my 1st PT experience.
Having been training for some time, I felt I was not maximising my time and effort and needed to change things up.
He has simply revolutionised my training with his knowledge and understanding of how to get there being clear with the range of exercises, structure and routine.
Every session there is something new, challenging and specifically targeted to pushing me forward.
The further we go, the more I see and feel the benefits, and potentially that I can overachieve on my goals.
Whatever your fitness level and goals, I have every confidence in Karl helping you achieve them in a way which is fresh, exciting and challenging!!!
James Farnell
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Karl is a great PT who makes sure each session is interesting. He makes time to know your goal and then works with you to set out a great and doable plan.
I definitely recommend Karl
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We’ve been training in a joint session with Karl twice per week for a month so far, and can’t recommend him highly enough. Despite us having completely different previous training experience, we both have a fantastic workout each time and lost a good bit of weight after only 6 sessions (including after a holiday). For anyone used to lifting weights in a gym, rest assured Karl will produce seemingly innocent looking equipment you’ve never seen before that works muscles you didn’t know you had. Karl also focusses heavily on proper technique, and always gets us stretching before and after each session which, given my own limited flexibility, is a great help with general mobility and avoiding injury.
Andrew and Jen
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Karl is the 3rd personal trainer I’ve worked with and by far the best - he understands your needs and works hard to help you achieve your goals. Very relatable and friendly with a clear method regarding workout plans and makes exercising fun! Great guy to work with :)
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Karl is a fantastic PT, he's incredibly personable and has created a very indepth workout plan to help me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend him!
Harry Highfield

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