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Kayvon Reza
Kayvon Reza
Hough End Leisure Centre
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- ⁠Time-efficient full-body workouts.

- ⁠ ⁠Flow focussed programs delivering numerous benefits, including improved mobility, coordination, and overall movement efficiency.

- ⁠Build functional strength and increase body awareness, leading to better athletic performance and overall health.

- ⁠Gradually build up strength, endurance, and agility while minimising the risk of injury.

- Learn how to injury-proof your training through mobility warm-ups, and through compensatory cool-downs designed to offload the tension you have in your life, job and exercise.

- Get guidance on how to accelerate recovery from one session to the next so you optimize your fitness and avoid under-restoration.

- Support both within and out of the gym environment with Stress Management, Strain Prevention and Nutritional Guidance.
- Level 3 Personal Trainer
- Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu
- Yoga Teacher
- Pain Reduction
- ⁠Joint Strengthening and Recovering Lost Range of Movement
- ⁠Hand, Arm, Shoulder Health
- ⁠Empowerment, Warrior Fitness
- 40-60 year olds Functional Fitness
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