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Chalfont Leisure Centre
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I love fitness, but it wasn’t always the case.  I was never sporty at school and in fact I hated sport.  During my teens and early twenties, I started to struggle with both my weight and anxiety, and then I discovered exercise and that’s really where my journey began. 

After I had my children getting back to fitness proved challenging, mentally and physically! Working full time, with kids meant I had to rethink my outlook and I got into HIIT & body weight training.  I discovered some of the best results I’d ever had, and I felt like me again only better!

Then I decided to give up my full-time marketing career to focus on a profession where I could make a real difference to other peoples’ lives. Sharing the knowledge, passion and enthusiasm I have for health and fitness with clients to help them on their journey, whatever their goal has been incredibly rewarding.  I love what I do and am continually researching and broadening my knowledge so that I can look at different ways to help my clients on their journey to optimising their health and wellbeing.

My philosophy is about making fitness, health and wellbeing accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are new to exercise, returning to exercise or just want to get in better shape, I would be delighted to help. Working closely with you I can develop a flexible plan that is tailored to you.

Why not book a free consultation to see how I can help you take your next step on the journey to becoming a fitter, healthier, happier you...


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Suspension Fitness


  • Postural Alignment
  • Weight / Resistance Training
  • Fat Loss / Toning
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Functional Fitness
  • Bodyweight Training 
  • Nutrition Advice



I met Laura at my gym induction 2 months ago, having had 2 years away from the gym and suffered an acute on chronic knee injury. I have experience of personal trainers and I was impressed with Laura's attention to detail so decided to book a course of 10 sessions with the particular aim of getting ski fit ... not an easy task for a middle aged, not so fit mother of 4 with very dodgy knees! Laura set about a progressive programme, varying sessions and keeping a very strict eye on the form of each exercise...Laura explained why we were doing each stage and monitored my knees continually. I was extremely impressed with the preparation Laura put into each session with print outs and stretching regime provided for between sessions. My physiotherapist was monitoring my knees throughout the month and was also impressed with Laura's approach and results. The skiing was a success and I found I had really enjoyed the process with Laura, despite not being a big exercise fan! I now plan to continue seeing Laura as I feel I can trust her to stay focussed on my individual needs going forward to a fitter me. I would thoroughly recommend Laura... expect to be corrected at every stage of every exercise... Laura will be watching You!
Laura’s knowledge is extremely extensive. This is reflected in our PT sessions which are varied, challenging and most of all rewarding! Her encouragement, enthusiasm and attention is second to none. I am impressed by the way she has put together a personalised program for each of our PT sessions, taking into account my specific fitness goals. I have been working out with Laura for nearly 2 months now and in that time my strength, core fitness and confidence in my ability to weight train have all increased. Everyone should have a Laura to workout with!
Taz Khaira
Laura is absolutely amazing & fun to work with! I had been out of training for a couple of years therefore the motivation was zero! I had a wedding in San Francisco and my goal was to get fit & look great! Given that I only had a short space of time to achieve this goal, there was no time to waste. Laura’s plan of action & attention to detail really gave me the motivation to do the personal training sessions with her but also attend the gym regularly. Would highly recommend Laura to anyone!

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