Laura Peacock

Sowerby Bridge Pool and Fitness Centre


As an ex-office worker, I know how difficult it is to stay active and healthy while battling a hectic lifestyle. I specialise in weight management, as I find there is no better feeling than seeing people overjoyed and brimming with confidence at their successful transformations!

It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you go. My first barbell was a mop with wine bottles attached! I bring my enthusiasm and passion to guide you from strength to strength, achieving your goals and beyond.

You’ll spend 23 of 24 hours away from me, so I make sure you’re always well equipped to be pursuing your goals. You’ll have personalised workout plans to use on the days we don’t meet. Fad-free nutrition coaching will keep you on track. My advice is only a text message away at any time!

I’m a firm believer in training for fun, not just results! Together we’ll develop your life-long passion for fitness, and the benefits it brings to health and quality of life.

Let’s chat today about your goals. For a free consultation with no obligation, please get in touch.

‘You dream. You plan. You reach. With hard work, with belief, with confidence, there are no limits.’

Michael Phelps, 23-time Olympic gold medallist


  • Nutrition for Weight Management
  • Exercise for Fat Loss
  • Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
  • Core Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Advanced Resistance Training
  • Level 3 in Personal Training


  • Effective & Sustainable Fat Loss Programmes
  • Toning & Body Sculpting
  • Nutritional Coaching for Sustainable Change (no fad diets here!)


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