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Who Do You Want to Help? 
I help people who have literally got to that place in their lives with their health, “where the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change”
What Do You Love to Do? 
I am gifted at getting people of any age, male or female into whatever physical shape or condition they desire.
I literally live to help people change their health and fitness for life, and in the process change their lives forever. I know it is my calling.
Mind & Body Transformations / Body 4 Life for men and woman of all ages.
What Makes You Unique? 
I am living proof of what can be achieved by following my own advice for 32.5 years now. I eat, sleep, and breathe the lifestyle, and I am my own walking advert for what I sell to the world. I will tell the hard truths when it comes to getting your desired lean and mean physique, no FAD nothing will come from me period! I have a proven track record that speaks for itself, and yes, I know there are many fitness coaches that have more official education in this industry then I do, and definitely know way more than me, but I will always just keep doing me, helping people achieve the seemingly impossible with regards to their health & fitness goals.
What is a metaphor that will snap everything into place for someone to understand what you do?
“Changing Bodies Changing Live’s”


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • IIFT - International Institute for Sports Science and Fitness Training


  • Holistic Approach to Body & Health 4 Life
  • Body Toning 
  • Bikini body 
  • Men’s health look 
  • Lean muscle gains for the skinny guy’s (I relate)
  • Pre & post pregnancy training 
  • Sports specific conditioning 
  • Fitness competitors pre-contest preparation.
  • Anti-Ageing specifically targeting 35+ 


Reviews left before star rating

"I met Lawrence Van Wyk nearly two years ago – I took one look at him and could see this guy had the goods. He represented what I wanted to achieve with my body so I approached him and asked him to assist me reach my goals. The duration of my training experience with Lawrence was just shy of two years and in the life long journey of bodybuilding is relatively short – a drop in the ocean. I however underwent such a dramatic transformation in this short space of time that many of my friends and associates didn’t recognize me. It wasn’t just the aesthetic changes that I noticed; I began to feel healthier, had more energy than I knew what to do with, and got stronger.

I will never forget what Lawrence said to me on day 1: “It’s going to hurt, you are going to suffer, it’s going to take courage but it will be worth it in the end”, so I swallowed those words put my head down and did exactly what I was told. I can honestly tell you that this man knows how to build a body – he is an artist; a master sculptor and he works with the most difficult canvas of all – the human body. But if you follow his way you are guaranteed of results. Results in the form of a healthier, fitter, more attractive stronger body. In the two years I puked countless times, rolled around on the gym floor, burst blood vessels in my eyes, saw stars and sweated blood but the pain was so worth it. His words rang true and my body began to transform. Over this period my weight increased from 75kgs to over 100kgs, my body fat dropped from 16% all the way down to 5%. I competed in my first IFBB bodybuilding competition and placed 3rd. Lawrence was with me every step of the way, he trained me, managed my diet, motivated me and most of all made me believe in myself – that I could do it, that I could get massive legs and that anything was possible. I have carried these lessons into every facet of my life and have undergone such awesome growth both physically and mentally.

The gym and training became my sanctuary the weights my therapy. Through the expert guidance of Lawrence, I found my happy place – bodybuilding. The word thank-you grossly understates the immense value of this experience. I have nothing but huge respect and endless gratitude to Lawrence for what he has done for me and how he has transformed me. You cannot even attach a value to it because some things cannot be bought and a great physique is one of those things. Lawrence has become a very close and dear friend of mine. When he said to me that I have earned his respect – it meant the world to me because it was coming from a person who has received countless bodybuilding accolades and has over 25 years’ experience in this wonderful sport. He is a true ambassador to the world of health and fitness."  Wayne Groenewald


"During my time training with Lawrence I found him to be an incredibly passionate and driven person. His strength as a powerful motivator is greatly enhanced by his remarkable knowledge of the human body and various training routines. His attitude was always amazing, regardless of what time of day we were training together and there is a real sense of joy and love for what he is doing.

Lawrence would be a brilliant attribute to any organization. I have no doubt that any one who works with Lawrence will see results. He is not interested in short cuts and made me believe that every piece of hard work I was putting in, was getting me closer to where I needed to be. Having worked with a variety of trainers/physiotherapists/doctors and coaches throughout South Africa, Lawrence is a clear stand out and I look forward to training again with him in the near future."  Kevin Johnstone


"After I joined the gym in Midstream Estates Centurion I wanted to achieve a goal of getting healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner so that I could not only enjoy my scuba diving hobby a lot more, but also be strong enough to help my wife put on her scuba diving kit which I was not able to do due to my 5 surgeries in my shoulders over the years due to rugby injuries. I felt lost in the gym with no clear idea of where to start and what to do to achieve my desired goal. I then decided to acquire the services of a personal fitness trainer to get me to my goal. I watched the trainers in the gym and eventually chose Lawrence. I loved the way he was always so in the moment with his clients, constantly motivating them, and never taking his attention off them throughout their workout. I then contacted Lawrence and we met face to face to discuss my goals. I told him that I had 5 operations in my shoulders and lived in constant pain and could barely lift a 1kg object above my head. I told him I had been to see a Bioethicist to try rehab my shoulders but they failed to help me, and asked him whether he could help me? He responded to my question without a moment of hesitation *Yes I will definitely be able to help you* I then started my journey with Lawrence and within 6 weeks of being with him, my pain in my shoulders subsided and I could almost sleep without pain medication and at the end of our journey was about 90% pain free. He enabled me to go from barely performing DB Shoulder Front Raises with a 1kg DB to eventually being able to perform Shoulder Front Raises with 22kg. He was always so encouraging throughout our journey, constantly getting me to go beyond my limiting beliefs, until eventually I achieved my desired goal. He is a true example of living his profession with so much passion, going over and above to ensure I achieved my desired goal, and that also meant many times answering my calls immediately to give me the sound advice I needed when I was out and about, and I had not carried my healthy meals with me, and was now unsure what I should eat for my next meal that LawPT would approve of:)"  Anton van Tonder


"Hi Drill Sergeant
I can’t buy you expensive gifts or show my gratitude in lavish ways, but please know that every word in this letter comes from the bottom of my heart. There are a zillion things I need to thank you for, but there is only so much paper in the world, so here are a few important ones:
Thank you for all your motivational quotes while I trained – it irritated the crap out of me, but many times when I wanted to give up, that was the voice in my head urging me to carry on.
Thank you for every sms of encouragement you’ve sent – that was very likely the Holy Spirit using your fingers.
Thank you for sticking by me through all my mood swings and hang-ups – I know that many times you probably felt like attacking me with a dumbbell…
Thank you for believing in me, even when I did not have faith in myself.
Thank you for being the best example ever of how to live a healthy life style. Now I can understand and appreciate the effort and sacrifice it takes.
Thank you for being the tool that God used to help me take back control of my temple.

I pray that the Heavenly Father will keep His hand on you and fill you with His wisdom, so you will have the privilege to fulfill your destiny.
May He guide your dreams and ambitions, and bless you with success and abundance.
May He protect your heart and keep it humble, so you will always be filled with the joy of appreciation, even with the small things in life.
May He grant you plenty people who sincerely love and cherish you, and may He always protect you and everyone dear to you, so you will have loved ones to share God’s blessings with. Thank you again"  Riëtte Pretorius


"When I started with Lawrence, I was a very average bikini competitor. I had however always dreamed of putting on lean muscle and entering a more competitive division.
I had my doubts because in order to do so it takes a lot of work, time and dedication and not all female competitors can achieve this goal.
Right off the bat, Lawrence made it clear that any goal is achievable! He wouldn’t take any form of a “no “or “can’t” approach to our training program. His approach was professional but caring at the same time.
It took three months, and within those three months my body and mind set completely changed. I never ‘not’ looked forward to training with him, even when my body felt exhausted and shattered from training.
Lawrence had an amazing ability to motivate me, this motivation stems from pure passion for his craft and years of competitive experience.
To this day I am still a fitness competitor and can still here Lawrence’s words of encouragement and self-belief.
As I am a certified personal trainer myself, I have learnt to apply Lawrence’s training methods and principals on my own clients.
And, with great success! A winning approach! From a winning personal trainer. Many thanks Lawrence"  Mia Raad (Certified Personal Fitness Coach)


"I’ve always been relatively active and tried losing weight many times before, with no avail, but then I was referred to Lawrence and started training with him April 2017. After being plump all my life, with a non-existing hourglass waistline and thinking that I could never look any different, I lost 6% bodyfat in my first 6 weeks training with Lawrence. I was completely awestruck, and this was only the start... I lost over 15kg in the year and a half I trained with him, despite the muscle I gained, and I achieved what I never thought would be possible with my 1.57m short body – an hourglass shape and a weight of 57kg (the least I weighed since early high school).

December 2017 was the best I have ever looked in my life, and I had an hourglass waist for the first time ever! I was extremely happy about my weight and felt and looked great! My changing body didn’t go unnoticed – complements were streaming in from friends and family, making jokes about me disappearing, but it was indeed just the fat I’ve always carried around on my body that disappeared.

Apart from learning so much about proper nutrition and good eating habits, I was pushed past my comfort zone boundaries – training got an entirely new meaning for me. Lawrence is indeed a master of his craft and I will continue applying his teachings for as long as I want to stay fit and healthy – which is always!"  Ivy Lempke



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