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My goal and mission is to help people feel better and look better with their bodies through training and education. You will have clarity on fitness and nutrition and I'll show you the right way to eat, exercise and live your life around exercise and building the body you want.

I look at all my clients as individuals and all plans around exercise and nutrition will be tailor made to you and your lifestyle. To be flexible with you and show you that you can build the body you want around your busy life.

Do you want to build muscle on your upper body or build on your lower body?

Do you want to build strength and tone up?

I have a passion for helping people build muscle, increase strength and lose fat. Training with me you will learn how to do this as I pass all my knowledge down to all my clients, you will feel the difference, see the difference and enjoy the journey.


  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Coach
  • BTEC National In Sport 


  • Strength Training
  • Hypertrophy Training
  • Fat Loss/Toning
  • Pain reduction
  • Mobility 


Reviews left before star rating

Pedro Monnerat reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
Luke has been a great personal trainer, we discuss my objectives every 3 months and make any adjustment - if I or Luke felt it was necessary based on my routine and healthy needs. He's approach is very profissional, informational and patient - always checking that I'm comfortable with the workout. The results started to show in the first month and increased since them, always in line with what I want.

I would definitely recommend Luke as a Personal Trainer, all my training sessions were well planned and he gave me lots of helpful tips and nutritional advices.

Thank you is more than I can say, Luke!

Nicole Linning reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
Luke has been a brilliant personal trainer and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him in the last few months. Before we began the sessions, we discussed my targets and areas that I would like to improve and I feel he really took the time to listen in order to plan the best workouts that were suitable for me. Luke introduced me to the workouts gradually and effectively, always being clear on instruction and taking the time to show me each exercise when necessary.

Luke is extremely patient and has the balance of pushing you in your workout, but at the same time making sure you are comfortable with the pace at all times.I started seeing results almost immediately, and in the course of 3 months he helped by discussing nutrition as well as exercise tips, which in result allowed me to lose the weight that I wanted as well as changing to a much healthier lifestyle.

Overall, Luke is great to work with and is a very down to earth and approachable person. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Renato Caravieri Rolim reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
I haven been working out with Luke for 10 months now and couldn't be happier about the results! He is super easy going and will help you with nutrition stuff as well. I managed to lose a stone while building a lot of muscle, so now I am very close to having the body I wanted. Dedication is really the key and Luke is very good on making sure you stay focused on your objectives while having a good time! The sessions are always very good, he is very attentive and pays a lot of attention to help you develop your technique. I have a desk work and going to the gym was never my thing, but working out with him is really motivating! I can't recommend him enough!

Emily O'Hagan reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
I have recently just done a few months of training with Luke and couldn’t recommend him enough. Before doing this I never been to the gym and no clue what I was doing, I wanted to learn what I needed to tone snd create muscle. He was patient while I learnt everything and put me at ease. I actually enjoyed going to the gym and now feel confident to be able to go and do these things by myself. He was very knowledgeable from telling me about the gym to what I should be eating etc. I’m ready to try the gym out on my own feeling confident I know what I’m doing to get where I want to be. I could see the difference in just a few months with Luke so it was a great starting place for me. Would reccomend him as a trainer to anyone.

Rana ID reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
Luke is a really great personal trainer. He is professional, very skilled and knowledgeable, and passionate about fitness, nutrition and health. Luke is organized, a good listener, workouts are well planned, but he is flexible and adapts workouts last minute if a need arises.
Luke initially asked what I wanted to achieve from the sessions, any problem areas or injuries. Very quickly after starting the training I felt better physically and mentally, I certainly feel stronger now doing my daily activities, and my constant companion, my lower back pain has decreased. Result!
Workouts are enjoyable and interesting, I am learning continually from Luke about exercise and health. He continuously motivates pushes and encourages me to do more and make progress. Luke is friendly, easy to get on with, very patient, will explain and demonstrate an exercise and the correct technique as many times as needed, and all the time making sure that the exercises are done properly.
I am certainly benefitting from my training with Luke and being motivated by his commitment to fitness and good nutrition, getting the habit of befriending my body, not mistreating it or somehow feeling separate from it. Even beyond middle age it is not too late to become a fitter version of oneself! All I can say is a sincere huge thank you.

Latoya reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
Luke is an excellent Personal Trainer & a gem to fitness in Manchester! Before Luke became my PT, I had never had a PT before & felt very intimidated by the gym. I went up by 2 dress sizes & was very cynical about getting a PT but decided to try everything to get fit again.
Luke has been extremely professional & gave me priceless information to help me make better choices with the food I eat. He helped me gain confidence in using all of the equipment at the gym. He was really flexible too even though I often had to change my session times due to my work schedule.

The training & hard work, all with help from Luke got me to my ideal weight and feeling great. I have had a truly first class training experience & am fitting into my clothes again!

Thanks again Luke! I hope to train with you again when my work schedule calms down.

Dee Sholaa reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
Luke has been an amazing Personal Trainer. I’ve had him for about 2 months and I can already see some changes. He’s taught me soo much And gives good advises to help you achieve your goals outside of gym too. He’s very friendly and very professional and I would highly recommend.

Hamza Imran reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
Been with Luke for about a year now, and when I say I've seen changes its crazy- from 160kg to 109kg at the moment the support and knowledge he gives you is sublime and truly unparalleled- worth giving him a shot 100%.

Apr 4 Sara Adl
I thoroughly enjoyed having sessions with Luke as I learnt a lot of different work outs for different parts of the body. Luke was encouraging and motivating me all the way through by pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and helped made identify my full strength and potential . Doing press ups was one of the things I always wanted to do and after having sessions and building up for it gradually, I can say that I can easily do them the proper way. I also lost body fat compared to when I started and toned up more as friends and family can tell. I definitely recommend Luke to anyone who is willing to achieve the body they want, its not just about look, but being healthy and feeling good both mentally and physically.

Rauf Drrah reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
6 April at 20:58 ·
Been training a month with you know and definitely seen the results and benefits!
Great planning and motivation; as well as expertise. Looking forward to month 2.

Jeff Morgan reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
6 April at 17:46 ·
I would definitely recommend Luke as a Personal Trainer, all my training sessions were well planned and he gave me lots of helpful tips and advice.
I feel much more confident about going to the gym and using the equipment now.

Elke Mac reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
6 April at 10:40 ·
I highly recommend Luke as a personal trainer. From the beginning, he listened and tailored a programme , that I really enjoyed, to my needs. Luke is encouraging and really helped my motivation. Most importantly, the results were pleasing. Overall, Luke is a genuine nice guy who really knows his stuff and leads by example.

Cal Landles reviewed PTLukeMurphy – 5 star
9 February ·
Over the last 18 months I lost over 7st in weight but then I seemed to hit a wall and starting seeing my results dry up.
But then I started working out with Luke and in the space of only 4 sessions, I'm starting to see results again, visual changes with my body, my strength levels increasing and for the first time in a while, I'm able to set new targets again.
It's all very well going to the gym and going through the motions, but when you get to the stage that you need to make smart choices with your training, approach and nutrition to make the all important difference, it's important you have someone in your corner that knows what they're talking about.
Luke is extremely patient, clear in his instruction and encouraging all at the same time but will also push you if he feels you are taking your foot off the gas during your session so that you get the full benefit from your time with him. There hasn't been a session yet where I've not come away feeling not only pumped from the workout, But I've also come away having usually learned something new, whether it be a new workout routine, a better way of doing something or a target to aim for.
Could not recommend Luke highly enough.

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