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Sport has always played an important role in my life: I was a part of South African triathlon team in my youth; afterwards I concentrated on cycling professionally. I am also very passionate about snowboarding.

I have a passion for food and that is one of the reasons I pursued a career in cooking which lead me to become a Head Chef for one of the best restaurant companies in the UK. As a result I ended up living an extremely unhealthy life of working 70-hour weeks, not eating properly and not having time to look after myself. I became so over-stressed that I realised that it was time for me to stop and make a decision that turned my whole life around.

Becoming Personal Trainer was not an easy choice but it was an obvious one: I have a vast knowledge of food and nutrition, sport and fitness. I know even more about consequences of a busy and stressful life. And so I studied, I exercised and I became a happier version of myself.

I feel that I can relate to most people and that is why I am making it my goal to help you to combat stress and find a balance through sport by achieving your fitness goals and supporting and motivating you every step of the way.


  • Level 3 Personal trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness instructor 
  • Level 3 Food Management and Health and Safety
  • Professional Web Development Diploma


  • Postnatal
  • Plus 40
  • Nutritional advise
  • Weight loss/ management
  • Strength training
  • Weight training


Reviews left before star rating

"I had my first child 4 years ago, and with the baby came extra 4kg. I have been cycling and exercising trying to lose them but my pre-baby weight has never returned. After second child and additional 5kg I was despaired. 

With Lyall’s help I managed to lose 8 of those kilograms in 4 months. Not only he carefully started my training, testing my abilities as my post c-section scar was still healing. He gradually increased the intensity of my workouts, encouraging and motivating me.

Lyall’s work did not stop there. He also helped me to adjust my diet through nutritional advice. Without him I would still be snacking on cookies and mourn the body I would never have again.

Now I have one kilogram to lose to achieve my goal. I am very proud of myself and the way I currently look.

I am eternally grateful to Lyall – without his firm support and training I would not be able to wear that pretty cocktail dress for a New Year’s Party that I bought 5 years ago."

Kristina (35)

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