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I'm Matt, a Future fit, Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer. I encourage high performance and motivate to enable people to excel under pressure. I have a relaxed approach, yet a robust and dynamic style of teaching, I always look to develop my clients and ensure that they strive to meet their goals.

I always look to develop my own skill set, by learning from those around me. I am continuing my professional development, with the school of Personal Training and Nutrition. I am looking to become a Level 4 PT, in 2019.

I am from a Military background. I've spent 10 years in the Armed forces. I have had many challenges in my career and overcame them. I have made the career move into the fitness industry, because I want to help you overcome your barriers and achieve your goals and aspirations.

If you want to maximise your potential and hit those long awaited goals, then you've come to the right place!


  • Level 3 PT
  • Nutrition and Weight Management 
  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise
  • Pre and Post Natal Nutrition
  • Exercise for Fat loss
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Training
  • Advanced Resistance Training Techniques
  • Functional Equipment Training
  • Kettlebell Trainer
  • Suspension Trainer (TRX)


  • Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Behavior Change and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Performance and Functional Movement
  • Endurance Training
  • Functional Training
  • Event and Competition Preparation 
  • Advance Weight Training Techniques
  • Online Programming and Coaching



Jake Ripley
Matt is an exceptional PT. He literally gives you all the advice to make you understand how to best achieve your own goal. If you are still struggling with anything, he will physically show and demonstrate anything, whether it be through exercises or your nutrition goals. He has it all covered so you can really focus on your own positive lifestyle changes and workouts. There is no question too stupid to ask, Matt will take all the time he can to ensure that everything you're doing is understood. You will learn masses from this man, mental and physically. I would highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer to anyone who wanted help in changing their own outlook to a more postive and healthier one.
Daisiemae Becque
I have only had a few sessions so far with Matt but already I have learned so much about training, nutrition and how to live a healthier lifestyle altogether. Fitness was never something I took upon myself to do but I am so glad I’ve decided to go with Matt as already he has helped me start getting to where I need and want to be. He is extremely understanding and makes you feel comfortable with whatever is it you may be doing and with him you will achieve your goals. Matt puts a lot of his time and effort into helping me achieve my weekly targets and is always there if I need any questions answered. He has given me a different but better outlook on my life and for that I highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer.
Shannon Keeler
One of the best things I have ever done so far has got to be starting training with Matt! Looking back to when I started training to now; My life, fitness levels and eating habits are completely different! Matt has changed my mindsets towards the gym and my confidence has grown! I no longer find myself shying away from the weights area, which I always found daunting and didnt have the knowledge or confidence to go near. He has never let me give in whenever I am struggling in training! He will honestly help you break any boundries or barriers you may have and make sure you are doing everything to the best of your ability and beyond whether it is training in the gym to nutrition! He offers a vast amount of support and guidance whilst training with him! You will honestly thrive! 110% recommend Matt as personal trainer!
Matt's levels of enthusiasm and passion for making a positive change in people's lives is un-riveled. My sessions with Matt have been motivating , educational and enjoyable. He has completely transformed my way of thinking not only with my training but my nutrition and lifestyle choices. If you are ready to make positive change in your life , if that be weight loss , getting fitt or gainging muscle whatever it is Matt's the man with a plan. Matt has made a plan for me called "Shredding for your Wedding" and he has given me the Tools, knowledge, motivation and most of all confidence to achieve my goals! Thank for everything Matt.
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"I highly recommend Valhalla functional fitness. Matt takes the time and effort to make a well prepared planned routine, which includes an everyday guidance of a healthy balanced diet. Functional fitness with loads of different workouts and helps you with the targets you want to achieve by keeping track of your results all the time and go into detail with everything you do. I chose to use Matt with all this for a marathon I ran and it made me achieve it by all the build up training and healthy balanced diet plan he took his time to do for me. I felt a difference each time I was training and it made me achieve my targets each week and the marathon. Highly recommend if your looking at doing big events which involves fitness and a healthy diet or if you just want to make a change in person and need some support from Matt."  Liam Donnelly - Liam Ran the Brighton marathon in early 2018. He started his fitness journey with me 3.5 months before the event. He lost 32lbs in training, Kicked his smoking and drinking habits. He completed the race and achieved his goals. Liam still trains with me, he is currently preparing to start competing in Spartan Race UK, early 2019.

"Very effective training. Really know you have been worked hard but it’s all worth it. Thank you for pushing us to be better - Dereham RFC."  Andrew Mash 

"Outstanding motivator highly experienced has improved the fitness of Dereham Rugby team we all look forward to our testing but fun sessions"  ​Les Moon

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