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Olivier Baillet
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For over 25 years, I have been a world-class long distance multi-sport endurance athlete, racing -among other things- at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship four times (2001, 2002, 2011, 2017) and more recently at the Swimrun World Championship (a total of over 60k of running and almost 10k of swimming across 23 islands in Sweden), racing -and beating- athletes half my age. I believe that strength and conditioning is what differentiates me from most endurance athletes, and that both gym and endurance works are necessary for performance, health and longevity.
My best sports achievements were made while I was a time-crunched international banker and father of two young kids: I know how to maximise the return on time invested, meaning that every workout has a purpose and brings you closer to your goal.
On top of being a Personal Trainer, I have been a triathlon coach for 10 years, as well as a sports nutritionist and a health and life coach. As a result, I know how to tap into different resources to help you reach your goals, from losing a few pounds, to becoming stronger, to preparing for a marathon (and beyond).
To arrange a free, no-obligation taster session and to find out how I can help you achieve your goals, please contact me.
Level 3 Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Sports Nutritionist (Precision Nutrition)
Health and Life Coach (Health Coach Institute)
Swimming Coach Level 1 (Swim England)
Triathlon Coach Level 1 (Triathlon Australia) and Level 2 (British Triathlon, in process)
Strength and Conditioning
Cardiovascular fitness
Race preparation
Fat loss and weight management
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Olivier has been my triathlon coach for over 4 years. With his vast knowledge, experience and passion for endurance sports, he has helped me to achieve great results, including an Ironman 70.3 podium and qualification slots for both 70.3 and full Ironman world championships.
Olivier’s dedicated coaching adapted to my busy work schedule has endeavored to reach my best sport performances.
I highly recommend Olivier as your personal coach to succeed in your next sport venture.
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I am very happy to recommend Olivier and give him a five star rating. I think the best thing I’ve found about being coached by Olivier is the resourcefulness and adaptability he is able to bring to the table. This makes him very different from other trainers and PTs that I’ve known. He listens to my issues (sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ and I don’t do all the sessions I should) and he’s able to adapt the training to my needs - in a totally non-judgmental way. Additionally, within a wide-ranging skill set, he is willing and able to advise on things like nutrition and mental preparedness. I find communication with Olivier to be top notch.
Phil Smyth
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The last two years with Olivier has been an amazing journey of learning and discovery! Although Olivier defines his program as an online training, he is fully invested in coaching and giving one on one tips for improvement, be it on zoom calls, WhatsApp or just a phone call. Olivier is always encouraging, cautious when needed and sometimes guarded to ensure you don’t land up into any injury. He can do all this because of the vast experience, immense volume of training he has done, imparted to others and most importantly his passion to train his athletes injury free. Olivier helped me unleash something which was inside me that I didn’t know was possible! While training for Ironman 70.3, Olivier found a way to help me break 90mins on half marathon. I have pursued this target many times in last few years and always landed with injuries. Olivier designed the program in such a way that I continued my IM training and along with it made 1h28m in an official HM race. Thank you 🙏 this was the real deal!
Olivier you made a big difference in how I see myself. You have a special way to unlock the potential in athletes which they can’t see. You gave me confidence to do longer and longer races by giving the right tools and advise on nutrition which is invaluable. You supported the crazy hill races I wanted to do and helped me achieve goals which I never thought are possible!
Thankyou for everything including helping me choose my bikes, gear, nutrition and always giving the right and measured advise.
Above all, thankyou for sharing positive energy each time we interacted.
Atul Dutt
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I worked with Olivier in a preparation for my first (and only to this day) 70.3 Ironman.
The customized training plan was spot on, the regular follow ups motivationals.
It is hard to overstate how much difference a properly planned traing program can bring to ones fitness level. There is no way I would have made it through without it!
Jean-Philippe Gal
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Olivier is very knowledgeable and passionate about the training.
I have been working with Olivier as a coach to reach my fitness goals since May 2023.

My confidence in my training ability and fitness have grown strongly since started to work with him as a coach and his programs keep me challenging my body while still being free of injuries (this is a major difference from when I managed the training myself for many years and often got various injuries).

I have a work/life schedule as an entrepreneur involving regular work travels and family, Olivier is very good at adapting my training and the workouts around my life schedules which is very important for me.

His programs have been very good for my development, both for my fitness and general understanding of how my body responds to training, I strongly recommend him.

/Stefan Holmqvist
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Olivier has been coaching me for almost 10 years. He has helped me achieve all my objectives despite how difficult they seemed to be when we set them. He has always pushed me to become a better athlete through challenging trainings that have evolved as I grew into the sport and a very holistic approach covering all different areas of the sport, nutrition and mental training. Olivier understands that managing work, training and family might be hard sometimes and has always adjusted my training schedule so I can balance all important things in life. I’m very grateful I met Olivier who has been key in my evolution as an athlete as well as enjoying training.
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I am just completing my first 12 sessions with Olivier. He is the best trainer I have engaged with. His knowledge of the human body is extensive and as such he has made the sessions both challenging but able to complete. I have seen and experienced real progress towards my goals with Olivier and will definitely be booking another 12 sessions. I would recommend Olivier to anyone hoping to increase their strength, stability & endurance as well as reaching general fitmess goals.
David Cunningham
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Five stars ! Without hesitation. Olivier has undeniable experience, is incredibly devoted and truly dedicated to helping you reach your goals ! He pushes when you need it, listens and explains -because we aren’t all pros!- and always has a solution to help overcome shortcomings and pains. My first marathon in NY was thanks to his expertise.
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Olivier is a very knowledgeable coach with an holistic approach who helped me to achieve my goals. I highly recommend him.
Fernanda Alonso
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Highly recommend Olivier.

His holistic, non-judemental approach is really wonderful. He has a lot of knowledge, which he uses to create a program that meets you at whatever level you are at. There are no cookie cutter programs here. As a working mum with a toddler I appreciate how purposeful, effective and time efficient his programs are. Olivier has helped me with both weight-loss and training postpartum and I feel and look so much better thanks to his help.

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