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Training is my passion and has been my main focus in life since I was 13 years old. 

I went from retail management to pursuing my dream job as a personal trainer and qualified 5 years ago. Recently I was promoted into a Regional Personal Training Manager position within the London area. I am thoroughly enjoying the role as it allows me to offer advice and support to keen candidates and share the knowledge I have gained with my years of experience. Personal training isn’t just about gym workouts and telling you what not to eat. I love guiding people in the right direction with innovative sessions and nutritional advice... it is in my opinion a life coaching experience. First and foremost I have to understand your overall goals, for which I will then tailor sessions to your individual needs. I like to take the time to get to know my clients on a more personal level, making it simpler to gauge the most effective approach to achieving those great results we are all chasing. I will be sure to make your transformation fun yet focused, lots of laughs along the way to finding the stronger, fitter you!

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NCFE Level 2 Fitness Instructing, NCFE Level 3 Personal Training


Clinical weight loss, hypertrophy and boxing.



Triona Mayhew
I have been training with Paul for 3 years and I take my training seriously as does he. He has a wealth of experience which enables him to tailor both my 1-1 sessions and my weekly weight training circuit which I then follow on my own, with Paul mixing it up every 3-4 weeks to ensure the body is constantly challenged and strengthened. My 1-1 sessions concentrate on HIIT and boxing as they best match my requirements but having a trainer like Paul means you can agree together how best to tailor your sessions to what you want for you goals. Paul’s motto is “Keep It Simple” and that is so true when it comes to training, consistent effort yields results but you need the knowledge on how to do that and that is where Paul come in. If you want someone who willl ensure you get the best results with the time you have through tailored, balanced and challenging sessions then Paul is your man.
Amber Rundle
I've been training with Paul since the start of this year to get into shape for my wedding. Paul is a great trainer who pushes me to my limits whilst also making training fun and enjoyable. He comes up with new routines and ideas when we're training 1-1 and also in group HIIT classes - this ensures I never get bored and that my body is always challenged. I've seen great results in only 5 months!! If you're looking for someone to train you hard, help you reach your goals whilst also making training fun then Paul would be great for you.
Louise Hewitt
I have been training with Paul for the best part of two years. He has transformed my life in terms of my attitude to exercise and my health. He is one of the most passionate and committed personal trainers you will come across. He is impressive in terms of his forward planning for each session and not only does he focus on me as an individual but he is fostering a friendly community amongst the people he trains. You will not find anyone else with this much commitment to his job. Thank you Paul.
Holly Poulter
I have been training with Paul for the last 6 months, after having two kids and zero training in the past. Paul has been an absolute God-send. He’s made training and general exercise actually enjoyable for someone who has avoided it most of her life. And I look forward to going to our PT sessions and the group HIIT he runs twice a week. He pushes me to do more and be better and I feel 100% more confident in myself and my ability because of his training, not to mention looking better and feeling better. You won’t regret training with Paul!
I have now been training with Paul for just over 3 years now. When I started using the gym I stuck to attending group classes as I felt more in my comfort zone surrounded by others of mixed ability. However, I soon decided I would like some direction and motivation so I turned to Paul and have never looked back! Paul makes training fun. He is really good at explaining why we are using certain movements and what we are striving to achieve. My attitude towards the gym and making time to workout has completely changed and I can honestly say I enjoy training. I am fitter, leaner and stronger than I was and although let’s be honest, we are never happy, Paul has been the main reason for the changes that I have made! He makes Personal Training personal, it is clear he has a genuine interest in his clients and their general well-being, goals and preferences (both in the gym and out). The HIIT groups are a great way to let your hair down and have a good laugh while being pushed to your limits when you are willing to put the effort in and try hard enough!! Paul’s knowledge, banter and commitment to gaining results have kept me coming back week after week, even when I am feeling super lazy! If you are looking for the full package in a personal trainer then Paul is your man!
Paul has been training me for more than 18 months now. His enthusiasm and skill has ensured that I have easily spent my longest ever continuous spell at a gym in training. I now feel so much fitter, have more energy and also feel more confident. I have lost over 10kg and many of my friends are now jealous of my physique!! Thanks Paul.
Frankie Lord
I introduced myself to Paul just before my 60th Birthday, not sure if It would be realistic to set myself some new fitness goals at such an age & expect a Personal trainer to help me achieve them. Fortunately, with Paul’s wealth of experience, professional advice, encouragement and constant entertaining banter I have already achieved far more than I had expected & we are still setting new challenges & goals. I train at least twice a week with Paul & get to HIIT class when I can. Paul’s advice on Nutrition & general well being along with our strength & fitness regime have proved incredibly beneficial to the point where friends & family are noticing the difference in my general appearance, posture & strength. “ you’re looking well” is good to hear.

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