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Paula Davis
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A little about myself, I'm a 51 Yr old mother of 2 gorgeous sons and grandmother to my 2yr old beautiful granddaughter. Fitness has always been a major part of my life.

A qualified hairstylist since 1986 but was asked to compete in 2014. I've always had shy issues with my body so this was a huge life-changing challenge for me. It gave me a love for weight training and cardio, I found a new love for fitness whilst still hairdressing. I went to college to complete my level 2 gym Instructor and bagged myself a job at a ladies-only gym 🏋️‍♂️

I then continued to do my level 3 PT in anatomy and physiology in fitness and nutrition which was a challenge academically for me but I did it and have been running classes and managing a gym helping ladies through menopause-mental well-being and nutrition.

In 2017(whilst still hairdressing) I challenged myself to another competition- 9 weeks before just for the training and placed 2nd in the masters' category. All self-trained, nutrition and training.

My philosophy- You have to walk the walk to talk the talk

At 51 my goal in fitness and nutrition is to help others achieve what they never thought they could. If I can ..anyone can.

Please get in touch if you feel you need support, help and guidance or if your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle of health/well-being and nutrition.

I know how daunting it can feel, I've been there. So if you feel you need help..get in touch with me and start a new journey of a healthier fitter life that's long-term and sustainable.

Do it for you..Do it because you deserve it !! Xx
Level 3 PT & Nutrition
Level 2 Kettlebells
Qualified Boxercise Instructor
Qualified Metabolic Effect Instructor
Qualified Kettlebells Instructor
Competed in Nabba 2014
Competed in SNFM 2017 and placed 2nd in the masters
Strength and Conditioning
Qualified Boxercise Instructor
Bodycomp Experience
Weight Loss
Emotional Eating Experienced
Nutrition Advice
Train Around Injuries
Menopausal Experience, Help & Guidance
Experience with Mental Illness
Specialised Training with Females
Life's experience helps me help others
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Paula stood out for me the minute I first met her in a class. She was bubbly, kind and friendly and cared about the people she was teaching the lessons to, helping us do the moves correctly. I felt comfortable around her.

I took the leap and got her as my personal trainer, she helped boost my confidence around the gym equipment I was unsure off, pushed me and encouraged me while I worked out but understood my limits. There was always a laughing moment between us and it felt like I had a good friend with me while I worked out.. I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to having more sessions with her in the future
Jo Stewart
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Whether one on one or in a class, Paula is a fantastic trainer. I've known Paula for over 2 years, she has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, and certainly knows how to make sure you get the most out of your workout.
If you have any health issues or concerns with training, Paula can recommend what is right for you so you can still take part but not be at risk.
Her positive, friendly and bubbly personality is infectious and, even if its your first time meeting her, she won't feel like a stranger to you.
I'd highly recommend training with her, she's a star 🌟
Danielle Feranec
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I would highly recommend Paula for a personal trainer, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and always makes time to talk things through. I never been confident in the gym or spin classes until recently, both have totally changed my fitness and body and that's all done to the guidance of Paula.

Thank you 😊

Amanda west
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After returning from a recent holiday I was mortified when looking back at pictures about my weight gain. Could also see how uncomfortable I felt so these pictures gave me the kick up the asse i needed, i have blaming covid for far to long. . I wanted to get healthier, look and feel better so i signed myself up to the Gym and to a personal trainer to which I choose Paula. Best decision I made. I signed up initially for 12 sessions to give me that kick Start.
Paula has been absolutely amazing. She has guided, motivated and also pushed me to my limits (true story,even making me physically sisck) checking in on me to provide advice , encourgament, and support.

I am now juat over 12 weeks in with ans the doffeemcw in my lifestyle, fitness ans weigh loss in fantastic so mu h so I have signed up to another 12 sessions.

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions, each one is different focusing on different body areas and also showing me technique for when I go to my extra gym sessions

This is just the beginning for me as . I have achieved my starting goal of changing my eating habits through control and making time for ME by investing in myself.

If you are considering PT then I Highley recommended Paula.
Helen Gillan
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Paula has changed my life, never thought I would be taking part in class or using the gym. Paula is an absolute motivater, encouraging you every step - thank you Paula
Claire crocker
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Absolutely amazing this lady is! Paula is extremely passionate about her job and other people’s fitness goals.
I have been with Paula for the last 3 years and wouldn’t go anywhere without her she has been my inspiration and pt all in one!
She even should up at my wedding I cried as was so lovely to see the support from her. Paula is truly amazing inside and out 🙌💪🏽
Serena Alli
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Quite simply, Paula is amazing. Considerate, caring, motivational and incredibly supportive. She has made me enjoy fitness. I’ve never looked back. Thankfully forever.
You won’t be disappointed.
Simply( pardon pun) the best.
susan thomas
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Paula is the best instructor I have had. I always enjoyed exercise but like many women of a certain age fell out of love with it and lost all of my confidence. Since meeting Paula her support advice and fantastic personality has given me back my love of exercise. She is one inspirational lady
Karen Joseph
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Paula’s classes are brilliant , she explains all the exercises before we start and during the class, they are fun and light hearted but also help us reach our potential. She adapts each exercise to our individual needs as necessary. A great instructor !
Lesley Darvell
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I have been training with Paula for 3 years, and it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made. She is friendly, really knowledgeable and has an amazing positive energy. She makes you feel part of a team.
She is caring and really motivates you to be the best you can be.
Highly recommend!
Julia Davies
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Paula has been and continues to be an inspiration to me. Joining a gym isn’t easy, but the welcome , support and help I had from Paula was paramount in my gym enjoyment.
She motivated me from day one, setting targets which were reachable with obviously some effort, Progress from her was attainable, but was made enjoyable with her enthusiasm and sense of fun especially when I struggled with lunges.
I’ve had some nasty injuries, but Paula had adapted her program to accommodate my needs and difficulties,
She comes with 100% recommendation from myself , and I look forward following surgery to get back on the case.
Got help my initial DOMS.
Give Paula a ho guys.
She is brilliant.
Sue Thomas
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Paula is a truly amazing person, she has been an inspiration for me for the last 3 years.
I love Paula’s classes as she pushes you to the limit which I need, and love a challenge she is so caring always makes sure no one has injuries if so she will help to work to your needs.
A truly wonderful person. 🩷
Serena Alli
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Paula is a very caring person, she is considerate to individual ability and/or any injury or limitations. She readily adapts or modifies the challenges to ensure everyone can participate. Paula makes the activities fun, as well as enabling her class to achieve their respective goals.
elizabeth jones

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