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A dedicated professional, dynamic and versatile with over 28 years of experience in the British Armed Forces. A very experienced, emotionally intelligent instructor, processing well-polished motivational and coaching techniques. Having made the decision to change career paths, I’ve dedicated these last 10 years as a fully qualified CIMSPA Professional, level 3 Advance Personal Trainer, to successfully marry up my previous experience and skills with newly obtain ones to deliver professional, highly motivational, structured, functional, fun but safe personal training to meet and surpass my client’s health and fitness goals.

I challenge myself to be as current as possible, attending many courses, so my training delivery is dynamic, providing variety to maintain enjoyment for my clients whilst pushing them to maximise their potential.

My Passion for fitness and staying healthy, training clients or playing sports at the highest levels possible, has seen me play for England in 2 Over 50’s Cricket World Cups in Australia & South Africa. Proving age is just a number not a handicap, if you have goals, have the right mindset, believe in yourself, work hard, stay as fit as possible, the rewards and sense of achievement and satisfaction is there to be had.

Added to this I am one of the Regional Directors for YOUR Personal Training UK, Recruiting, Coaching and Mentoring other personal trainers passing on my passion, knowledge, and commitment so they too can deliver a high-class service and product to their clients.

If you want that extra push to reach your goals and aspirations or even go beyond what you believe is possible, then please do not hesitate to contact me or just chat to me in the gym.


  • Level 3 Advance Personal Trainer
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Foundation (Level 1)
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Weight Lifting for Sports Performance.
  • Sports Conditioning Instructor.
  • Kettlebell Tri-Planner (3 Dimensional).
  • ViPR.
  • Circuit Training.
  • Suspended Training.
  • Total Pad Work (Boxing).
  • Nutritional Adviser


  • Motivation & Goal setting
  • Conditioning Training & Preparation for Sports.
  • Functional Training.
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
  • Resistance Training.
  • Circuit Training.
  • Weight Management.
  • Program Design/Online Programming & Coaching



Tom Whiteman
Sean was my first PT and I couldn’t speak any higher of my time spent with him. I went to Sean to work on loosing body fat and improving my strength to support with my sporting activities. Over the 5 months I spent with him I became the fittest I have ever been and also the strongest. I was always really pleased with my improving results and performance. The sessions I had each week were always varied, keeping it fresh and I was always being pushed to my limit. He is great at driving you on to achieve more and he certainly over delivered on my expectations. Learning the new skills with Sean and different ways of training was also a great help for me when training on my own. I was able to feel confident completing different circuits and I am now able to create my own training plans for days when I train on my own. This is something that I struggled with before I had Sean as my trainer. Sean is extremely professional and sets the standard when it comes to the PT’s in the gym. He will always get results providing the individual follows his guidance and is willing to put in the hard work whilst also training on their own. I really can’t recommend Sean any higher. If you want results, Sean will get you there.
Tracy Leuty-Deeks
Wow what a difference!!! The 1400 calorie 28 day food programme has changed the way I view my eating habits, I never knew eating healthy could taste so good! When I first looked over the programme I thought there wouldn’t be enough food to fill me up only being 1400 calories a day but some days I struggled to eat all the food as they are very good size portions. After the first 5 days my energy levels had increased and I was never left feeling hungry. All the meals are simple to prepare following the method. I notice weight loss in the first few days but only weighed myself once a week. My starting weight was 95.2 kg and by the end of the 28 days my weight went down to 89.1kg losing just over 6 kg!! I was so happy with the programme that I have decided to stick to it well most of the time and I am still losing weight. Thank you Sean.
Debbie Bailey.
I’ve found Sean an exceptional Personal Trainer. He instils confidence and encouragement that has made me work harder, seeing results in weight loss and toning that I never thought I would achieve. He suggests exercise routines in-between sessions that are individual and challenging. He makes each workout creative and most importantly, fun! The combination of both Strength training and Cardio is always very diverse. It motivates and drives me to develop my strength and abilities. After a session I have incredible energy. His pleasant and positive attitude is inspiring, and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their overall fitness and wellbeing.
I’ve been training with Sean and still do since March 2014, averaging two, one-hour sessions a week. In this time, I have become stronger, fitter, leaner, and lighter gaining a new confidence in what my body can achieve. Sean is professional but fun in his approach and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wishes to improve their general fitness and health.
Pete Newson
I have trained with Sean for the last 3 years. I started because I needed to get re-motivated in my gym workouts. From the start Sean showed a very positive attitude to me and always made me feel that I had done well even when I wasn't feeling it myself. This has continued in every session without fail. Having tried other trainers in the past I know that this is not often the case elsewhere. Despite the fact that by the end of each session I was totally used up, I look forward to seeing him each time, although sometimes with some trepidation due to he fact that I knew he will work me as hard as I can go. Sean is a really likable person too. As an active sportsman himself we always have plenty to talk about and it is clear that he has high expectations of himself and drives his own training accordingly. I thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer who will push you hard to achieve your training goals.
Daniel Boughton
Sean Cooper has been my PT for around 8 months, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Apart from all of the more obvious body composition results that come with working with a first class PT a couple of times a week for many months…basically, if you stick with and follow Sean’s advice and programs you will have less body fat, more muscle mass, greater strength and improved cardio performance, I believe the biggest transformation that Sean has helped me to achieve is the development of my mental strength. He has done this through being an amazing motivator and by constantly pushing me to and beyond what I thought I was physically capable of. What he has made me realise is that by really believing in yourself unlocks your physical fitness potential, and I have taken this newfound mental resilience forward in many other areas of my life. I also started running around the same time as starting my PT sessions with Sean, and even though Sean has not been directly involved with my running training – I do attribute the self-belief and determination that he has instilled in me, as going a long way towards me developing as a runner who was not able to run a distance of 3km without taking a breather, to now running a half-marathon in less than 2 hours.

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