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Hungarian born Susanna Karpati was raised into sport; with both her parents basketball players and her mother representing the Selected Hungarian National Basketball Team, it was only a matter time before her own athletic ability was spotted, and at 14 years of age, Susanna started a nine year career playing for Tungsram Basketball Champion Team. As a point guard and shooting guard, touring the basketball circuit encouraged
other athletic interests and a few years later Susanna finished fourth place in the Hungarian Aerobics Championship.

Susanna’s passion for athletics and fitness developed further as she decided to work as a physical trainer, initially specialising in dance choreography and the training of aerobics teams. After winning many international accolades in this area, it was in 2003 that Susanna decided to focus fully on practicing as a personal trainer. With a sensitive nature, good sense of humour, patience and over twenty years involvement in
sports and fitness, it is impossible to imagine her doing anything else.

Now living and working in London, Susanna dedicates her time to helping people reach their fitness goals, and keeps abreast of all new and innovative fitness techniques. With a proven competitive nature running through her Susanna will never give up, so you can rest assured that with her as your trainer, you are in good, experienced hands.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • MA Physical Education
  • Aerobics Coach
  • PE teacher
  • More than 18 years of experience in the field of Health and Fitness and group aerobics at fitness clubs.


  • Fat Loss
  • Toning
  • Marathon Training
  • Hypermobile Joint Training 
  • Pre-natal Training
  • Post-natal Training
  • Junior Training



Susanna has been formidable in all aspects. She has always been consistently motivating, always ready to answer questions and bring a new innovative session each time. Her knowledge is in-depth and thorough and she always seeks to improve every aspect in an individual, taking them as an individual in their own substance rather than a coupled result. Definitely amazing trainer.
Nini Khatiblou
Susanna is simply brilliant; full of knowledge, integrity and honesty. She's someone you can trust to bring you the results you want to achieve - her passion for what she does and the support she gives her clients is like no other. I have trained with various PTs for the last 10 years but thanks to Susanna's tailored training, I really feel she has pushed my fitness to the next level. I have never felt better!
Anneliese simeloff
Zsuzsanna has been my personal trainer for several years during which my fitness has improved dramatically and my posture even more so. Zsuzsanna has a very extensive knowledge of both the body’s muscles and skeleton and knows how things work together ( or not as the case may be at times!) and this knowledge enables her to develop exercises that work for each specific individual. I am 77 and so for me the priority is to stay mobile and be fit. I had a hip injury which caused me to limp and made walking painful and exhausting. Zsuzsanna gave me specific stretching and strength exercises which got rid of this problem. I walk normally now. I would recommend Zsuzsanna very highly to anyone young or old she will listen to what you want to achieve and motivate and encourage you to get there. She is creative and inventive in all her work and her sessions are enjoyable as well as effective.
Bettina Sagi
It all started 6 years ago....... I started to work as a trainee restaurant supervisor at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre. I heard from customers and colleagues about a Hungarian lady who works in the building as a personal trainer and she is super pretty, young looking, full of energy, always smiles and has a huge knowledge in fitness industry. When I met Susanna I was shocked by her age as she looks at least 10-15 years younger and I remember the first thing I said was "I want to look as good as you when I will be over 40." She became my role model. I started to train with her 3 times a week. With her knowledge, motivation and inspiration I went through major life changes. I gave up bad habits for example unhealthy eating, being inactive and I stopped smoking after 10 years. I decided to end my toxic relationship and start a new and happy life. I trained so hard and I could never believe that I can come this far. She is not only a fantastic trainer and a life coach but also a very good friend who is always here to support, push, motivate, help me to grow and get better in every way and all areas of my life. 3 years later I achieved a body shape and fitness level that I could never imagine before. Also I have been in a healthy relationship for over 2 years and recently got engaged. I work as a Health & Fitness Manager and I am in charge of fitness department. I run spinning and dance aerobics classes and currently looking to help others to reach their goals and dreams the way I did. Thank you so much Susanna Karpati for bringing out the best in me. You`ve influenced my life for the better. Bettina Sagi
Ravi Ananc
I have been working with Susanna for a number of years and she has been consistently 100% focussed on my needs. I used to get a lot of back problems which have now disappeared because Susanna’s focus on building my core. She provides a lot of variety to my twice a week 630 am workouts which is tuned to my body’s idiosyncrasies. It is rare to find someone with Susanna’s wide ranging experience and capabilities who is active as a team PT. Contact her today !
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"Susanna has been a fantastic personal trainer for me since the very first time I spoke to her. She has always been realistic but made sure to push my boundaries and set appropriate goals to achieve. She has not only provided encouragement but guided me through the technique of each advanced as well as basic exercise, pointing out the dos and don’ts. Being a woman, her insight into core stability including the development of the pelvic muscle was extremely useful.I have always been sporty having swam competitively for years and ever since keeping fit, with Susanna’s help I’ve perfected my breathing whilst doing any type of exercise including running. She also pointed out the importance of a balanced workout and motivated me along the way. I would highly recommend Susanna as a personal trainer to anyone whatever their goal."

Kinga Bornemisza

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