Tom Malin
Tom Malin
St Ives Leisure Centre
St. Ives
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Are you ready to embark on a life-changing fitness journey? Ignite your potential, discover your strength, embrace a new you, create a healthy life balance and make some lasting changes?

The quote goes, one day or day one? Well…

Look no further! Today is day one.

My name is Tom Malin, I’m your friendly neighbourhood Personal Trainer, but I’m not just your ordinary PT. I'm a former Fire Fighter, a passionate ex rugby player, self-proclaimed comic book geek and a creative designer by day.

But let’s be real, I’m not a superhero (yet), I’m just a normal guy who loves food, enjoys a few beers and knows a lot of stuff about useless information that would only help in a pub quiz.

More importantly though, I have first-hand experience with the struggles of carrying extra weight, feeling unhappy, and lacking confidence.

My goal was to go from 20 Stone to 14 Stone. I achieved this with diet, training, patience, determination and, above all else, a good life balance…because you shouldn’t have to give up everything.

To have shed 6 stone, banish the insecurities that once held me back and become the person I am today, I cannot put into words how reaching my goal felt, but I can show you by helping you reach yours.

My background has shaped my approach to fitness in some unique ways. As a former Fire Fighter, adapting, overcoming, functionality and, most importantly, having fun run deep within my workouts. The commitment I brought to saving lives now fuels my determination to help others change theirs and become a better version of themselves. I have made it my mission to give people the same feeling and confidence I gained from achieving my goal by helping them achieve theirs. I want to help others find their happiness, build confidence and strength and feel unstoppable!

Right, I have waffled on like Rachel from Friends… 18 pages…front and back! (told you, useless information).
If you’re ready to become the T2.0 version of yourself, then come with me if you want to live (Arnie voice optional)
So, what are you waiting for? Book in your free, no obligation, consultation today. Let’s have a chat!

Bit of free advice before you go, no matter what your goal is, always keep in mind your why….
Because when motivation doesn’t turn up, like it often does, your WHY will be the guiding hand that pushes you to keep going.

Stay safe, stay you!!!!
Level 3 Personal Training.
Level 2 Gym Instructor.
Emergency First Aid.
Bootcamp, Hiit/Group training CPD.
TRX suspension training instructor.
Fire Service Basic Training.
Weight Loss.
Blue light Service preparation.
Functional training.
Body Composition and Confidence.
Health & Wellbeing.
Working with the over 40s.
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Tom really listens and makes sure the training he offers is exactly right for your needs. I'm a woman in my 50's and hadn't spent any time in the gym for decades. I really wanted to get strong and to understand how to use the weights and machines so that I didn't feel like a muppet and would be able to do gym sessions on my own. I had six sessions with Tom and couldn't believe how much encouragement and confidence he gave me. We also had really interesting conversations and lots of laughing. I'm going to keep going to the gym using the programme Tom has written for me and check in with him every so often so that I can keep on improving. Go for it - you really won't regret it.
Senara Wilson
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“Tom doesn’t just help you reach your goals, he helps you create new habits that will continue throughout your life. He makes exercise fun and engaging, his sessions give me the drive to succeed and his nutritional plans and knowledge make it easy to make sensible swaps to ensure I’m eating better but still enjoying my food. No matter your goal, Tom will tailor a plan to you so you get to where you want to be, honestly I would never train with anyone else!”

Julia Beaumont
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“Tom has been brilliant! Even from the first conversation he’s helped me workout my goals, re-evaluate as time goes on and keeps me on track. Always there to offer guidance but equally is understand of busy life and things not always going as planned. As someone new to the gym I couldn’t ask for more in a trainer. 10/10 recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Claire Mortimer
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“Having known Tom for over 6 years but only recently asking him for a training program, my only regret is not doing it sooner! I feel stronger healthier and leaner. I cannot recommend him more for his knowledge and understanding of health and fitness."
James Badham
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It was great training with Tom, positive encouragement but also an understanding of medical issues which meant certain exercises were not possible. From his expertise and experience he knew what to swap them to for the same effect. Very pleased with the overall outcome, I am now fitter, healthier and happier and maintaining the end result !

Ian Aged 56 Post Cancer treatment 😊
Ian Beaumont
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Not only has Tom been a fantastic PT, he has also been a supportive friend who has genuinely helped me out of dire straights with excellent advice and exercise programs. Even with the challenge of being a remote PT, I've had a wonderful level of support.

Tom has also taken a lower back injury into consideration and tailored my plan to support this. He has also given me some great advice on my dietary requirements, "memories over macros" being our mantra haha!

I hope this review conveys enough how much I can recommend Tom as your PT. Thanks to him, I genuinely feel better about myself which is testimonial enough.
Richard Nash

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