Victor Bestman
Victor Bestman
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I believe that without strength and fitness you aren’t the best version of yourself. My passion allows me to show individuals how to move well and do right by their bodies. To ensure that they achieve their desired results. I have spent the last few years working alongside professional athletes to improve their sports specific goals. I enjoy making the general public build up their skills to move athletically and flexibly without pain or straining their bodies.

I specialise in strength and conditioning. Injury prevention, strength training, performance development and muscle toning. Applying these I support individuals to perform beyond their expectations during exercise and in their personal lives. Training is good, however training your mind is better. When you can overcome your mind, you can overcome your body to do the necessary things outside of the gym, that will assist you to achieve your goals.

Could you benefit from improved mobility?
Want to learn how to move with strength, stability and power like an athlete?
Want to feel young and energetic in your body?
Want a programme that will explain how you should train?
If you find yourself uncertain about what to do when exercising in the gym, failing to develop a growth mindset or wanting self-development without knowing where to start.
Trained Strength and Conditioning Coach
Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing
Level 3 in Personal Training
FA Level 1 Coaching in Football
FA Level 1 Talent Identification
Strength and Conditioning
Weight Loss
Sport Specific
Nutritional Advice
Functional Training
Core Stability
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I can't recommend Victor enough!

He is super knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. He customised a program specifically for me, considering my goals, fitness level, and any limitations I had. However, he would push me to forget my fears and keep fighting for my ultimate goals.

During our sessions, he not only guided me through the exercises but also made sure I had the right form and technique. Plus, he was always there to motivate and encourage me, pushing me to give my all.
It never gets boring with Victor; he is fun and likes to make you laugh while working out to keep you motivated and make you enjoy the workout.
He also taught me about nutrition and gave me advice on how and what to eat to make the most of our training sessions!

Contact him!! 😊
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Victor was the first person I spoke to when coming back to the gym since years. He made me feel so at ease and so welcomed. I was really stressed and unfamiliar how to navigate my way round the gym however he is always their to lend a helping hand. He genuinely wants to help you reach your goal and he’s super friendly.
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Victor supported me in regaining my strength and fitness level. He gave me the confidence to work on exercises I would have been afraid to do in the past and pushed me to develop new abilities.
Victor is a great personal trainer and I would definitely recommend him to you if you’re interested in pushing your limits and discover new areas of growth.
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What a guy! After one introductory session with Victor I knew he was the PT for me. First and foremost, his people skills are fantastic - warm, friendly, engaging and a great listener. Then when it’s time for business, he knows exactly what he’s doing and talks a lot of sense. Knowledgable, very clear in explaining and demonstrating what you need to do, and he really motivates and pushes you - exactly what I need! I am really looking forward to working with Victor more to achieve my goals!
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Victor was an excellent source of inspiration and expertise. The workout was challenging and designed to support my fitness goals. Can’t recommend Victor highly enough.
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Victor as a wonderful personal trainer, and even a better person. He is extremely knowledgable about nutrition, workout plans, and creative exercises that are tailor made to support the fitness goals of his clients. For me, working with Victor helps building my strength, knowing that I’m on the right track, and attending (compassionately) to areas I want to improve such as flexibility. Moreover, it’s just fun and easy to work with such a nice, thoughtful person. Thanks Victor!
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I haven't exercised for over 27 years due to family and work commitments and not allowed myself any time and lost all my confidence and too embarrassed to go to the gym after putting on an extra 30 kilos. Victor listened to me and the health problems I have and demonstrated the machines that would help strengthen my weak areas. He took the time to show me ways to adapt so I could achieve the best from the machines. He showed me that I have it in me to pull myself together and to find the confidence again. I don't know why I hesitated for so many years. Thank you Victor for all your help. Julie
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I've worked with a couple of personal trainers but Victor has by far been the best! He's shown me how to improve both cardio and strength, giving clear instruction for both. I feel stronger and also empowered to do my own sessions at the gym. Victor has taught me a lot and I'd highly recommend him to anyone! He's also just great to chat to and very motivating. Thanks Victor!
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My husband and I are new to going to the gym. We have been attending weekly sessions with Victor for two months and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made! Even though Victor pushes us hard, he makes every session so fun that we always leave smiling. We’ve both already seen improvements in strength. Best of all, we feel much more confident and comfortable at the gym. We went from not going to the gym at all, to going multiple times per week, and we look forward to each part of our weekly routine.
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I strongly recommend Victor. He has really good knowledge of muscle and bones, a true professional on the field. He will motivate you and help you to achieve your goals. His light approach to life makes it really easy.
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Victor was brilliant in understanding my specific needs and circumstances to help me meet my fitness goals. He outlined a detailed approach not just for exercises but also a nutritional plan. Not only is Victor great at what he does, his friendly approach is hugely motivating! I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Matt Elmer
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Victor was a great motivator and helped me pursue my goals specifically with regards to pushing myself further than I would if I were training on my own. He has a bright future in this industry and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking more structure and accountability around their health and well-being. He brings an extra spice to training so I was never bored and always had a good time.
Mia Schmidt
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Victor was so supportive about my journey. I am vegan, in my 40s and have knee issues, thanks to his knowledge on strength training, his understanding of repairing weak joints, and vegan protein options, I've gained benefit in his training. Thank you Victor!
Shweta Mehta
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Victor was so supportive about my journey. I am vegan, in my 40s and have knee issues, thanks to his knowledge on strength training, his understandingof repairing weak joints, and vegan protein options, I've gained benefit in his training. Thank you Victor!
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Victor’s ability to motivate people to keep exercising is impressive and your lightness and demeanour cannot conceal your expertise. I have had a life full of physical exercise, and I have still learned a lot from you in a very short period of time. Thanks to you, I have tried things I was avoiding most of my life. You made me feel curious and now I am benefiting from that. Credit goes to you for opening these new horizons. I hope I can match that with my persistence and the strength of will to continue…
Dusan Lazarevic
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I would strongly recommend Victor as a trainer. He is committed to achieving my fitness goals and keeps me motivated and focused. In my case, I really hated working out my legs but I have done so now for the past few months under Victor's guidance. Now I experience a lot less knee pain and can run and play tennis again. Victor knows what he is doing. He has the knowledge and experience and most importantly he is fun to train with and is very motivational. He is flexible with moving the time when I cannot make it due to work commitments. He checks in with during the week to determine my progress and we always chat when we run into each other at the gym. Victor can work with your limitations and make any required improvements. So give him a go, he is the best!
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I highly recommend Victor! He's helping me reach my fitness goals and made every session fun and enjoyable with his humour and positive attitude. He can push you over your limits without forcing you too much. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
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I highly recommend Victor! He's helping me reach my fitness goals and made every session fun and enjoyable with his humour and positive attitude. He can push you over your limits without forcing you too much. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
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Victor's enthusiasm would make anyone enjoy gym time!
I've never been a big gym fan, but since I started working with him I noticed I'm more motivated, he brought consistency to my trainings, and definitely seeing more results compared to when I was going gym by myself.
He's very skilled and knows how to tailor specific sessions for his clients based on physical requirements (e.g: I have lumbar disc disease and since I train with him my lower back muscles are stronger, which means less pain for me).
Cherry on top, he's very caring and always manages to put a smile on my face somehow :)
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Victor will motivate you with his light approach to life! He will push you gently until your true energy levels are exploited and your strength and confidence flourish!
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I'm training with Victor for 6 months now.
I can already feel the benefits of our work together. I've improved my fitness levels in a few weeks and could feel a significant improvement in my energy levels. His professionalism gives me more confidence to get over daily challenges. The support victor gives me helps me to reduce my stress and achieve my goals. I would definitely give it a try !
Simon Ballester
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An expert in the field with a solid knowledge of the bone and muscle structure on a deep level, really adaptable to your fitness goals from calisthenics to bodybuilding, there is no one fits all approach in his arsenal.

I see a huge improvement in my fitness, my strength increased and significant increase in my flexibility.

I really appreciate Victors enthusiasm and creativity in combining balance based exercises with some heavy weight lifting exercises, it keeps it interesting for me, as some workout routines can get boring quickly.
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It was a pleasure to have the session and it was very good especially the explanation of all the exercises!!
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Starting to point is always the most terrifying point for some of us, especially with the weight lifting, the anxiety of not getting wrong that might lead to an injury was always at back of my mind. Thanks to Victor a great trainer/motivator for helping me to overcome my fear. "You can do it Grace" as Victor always said.

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