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Growing up I was always active, you wouldn’t often catch me without a football. But, with age I became more interested in video games; the football became virtual. I started to seriously struggle with my weight, and I grew to lack in self-esteem and confidence.

I realised I wasn’t feeling myself, so I decided to make a change.
I launched myself into research, learning from countless health and fitness articles. I drew up a training program and I got to work in my house and in my neighbour’s garage, using free weights and my own body weight to exercise. I soon saw a difference in my body; my self-esteem and passion for fitness soared. I realised I wanted to help others to experience the sense of happiness and pride a session could bring.

Since moving to the UK, I have been working with young people with special needs and have been promoting their health and wellbeing by engaging them in fun and creative ways of exercising; witnessing their progress has further inspired me to support others to fulfil their fitness goals.

I’m still on my fitness journey and would love to be a part of yours – no matter what your age, no matter what your gender, no matter what your obstacles, no matter what your fears, I am ready! Are you?

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done’
Thomas Jefferson


  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing
  • Emergency First Aid at Work


  • Weight Management
  • Muscle Gain/Body Composition
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 
  • Strength & Conditioning 



Rebecca Barke
After having my second baby my confidence and fitness really suffered. I wanted to get back into shape but just didn’t have the confidence to push myself in the gym. Knowing this my husband spoke to Wojtek and booked me a session. In the few months I have been training with Wojtek I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness and my confidence is growing. Wojtek makes you feel at ease instantly, and is very knowledgable and patient. sessions are challenging but always fun. Whatever your looking for in your fitness journey I highly recommend Wojtek to help you out.
Nadine Maney
After training with this guy for 9 months, he’s not just become my trainer he’s become a mate! He knows your bodies and knows how to push you, when to push you and when not to! With his knowledge of being a PT/health and fitness he builds up all his clients own knowledge enabling them to train themselves too! Every session is different and fun! After 9 months I’m still crazy and loving it!
Ashley Foxhall
Started my PT sessions with Wojtek approximately a year ago. The sessions are as hard as you want them to be. They are varied and importantly enjoyable. He is a great instructor and we have plenty of laughs as well. Would recommend him as an instructor to anyone. Looking forward to our next session
Wojtek is so enthusiastic about his work that he makes every training session enjoyable and fun! With so much energy it certainly makes the hard sessions easier. He has an abundance of knowledge and skills and every PT is different, he listens to what you want to achieve and puts programmes together to reach your goals. Wojtek makes you feel successful, confident and that all goals are achievable, his dedication to his clients makes him one of the best PT I’ve ever known.
An awesome pt. really knows his stuff. Getting much better results in half the time, shame I didn’t meet him earlier.
Justin Dodson
I have been training with Wojtek just over a year and seeing and experiencing results I never thought I would! Nice change up in routines to stop you getting bored and to adapt to where you are in terms to your goals. Great motivation in each session to help you get the most gains out of each one. My fitness and strength has grown but most of all I have a laugh every session and enjoying going to the gym more and more every time I go. I have done 2 months over this year where I train 5 days a week with him and is definitely worth the money if you can catch this offer when it arises. I highly recommend Wojtek.
Karen Oliver
Wojtek is a brilliant personal trainer- he has inspired not only myself but my whole family (who now work with him too) into transforming our outlook towards the gym! He makes every session dynamic, fun and effective, and I have noticed huge improvements since working with him! We really recommend him! Five stars for sure!
Coral Goodyear
Iv been training with Wojtek since November and the changes I’ve seen already are amazing not only have I lost weight iv also toned up and got so much stronger. I finally have some self confidence and feel a lot fitter. I use to hate the idea of the gym and everyone watching you but since Iv been at the gym with my pt my worries have disappeared he makes you feel so comfortable and At ease . Wojtek pushes you to your limits but also makes it fun and you can have a good laugh while training which makes your journey much easier and enjoyable. iv loved each session iv had and look forward to my next ones. iv still got a way to go with my fitness journey and I’m glad I have a pt that really understands your needs. if your looking for someone to help with your fitness/weight loss il definitely recommend Wojtek
Beth Crotty
If you're wanting to have a laugh and be motivated while having a workout, then Wojtek is the personal trainer for you! He's really motivated and enthusiastic, and no two sessions are the same! Since training with Wojtek, I've become happier and more confident with myself! Highly recommend Wojtek!
Mandy Gooding
I started training with Wojtek having been given Mother Day vouchers from my daughters. As a 50yr old starting PT for the first time was quite scary. I need not have worried. He put me at ease straight with his friendly manner. He didnt make me feel silly or uncomfortable. I walked away feeling like I'd accomplished something and really enjoyed it. So much so that a year on and Im still having sessions and also increased them. I feel so much fitter and stronger than I thought I could be and its all down to Wojtek. Hes so encouraging, makes you believe in yourself and always pushes you that little bit harder. I would highly recommend Wojtek hes not only a great PT but a lovely person and theres not many sessions where I havent walked away without having a good laugh.
Sue Cardy
Wojtek is a first class PT, sessions are always varied and fun, lots of laughs whilst getting fitter. I recommend him to all, whether you are already fit or just beginning. Wojtek is understanding patient and extremely knowledgable. I have had issues with a bad neck which has improved so much with my fitness and guidance from Wojtek. Don’t hesitate book sessions and you won’t regret it!!
As someone who finds the gym tedious, I usually would have given up by now! But 6 months in and thanks to Wojtek I'm still motivated as sessions are both challenging and full of laughs! He is dedicated and encouraging and I cant recommend him enough
Sally Piggott
I have had a verity of PT’s over time and tried all different classes but I can honestly say Wojtek is the best PT by far, and I feel as though I have made the greatest progress on my fitness journey since starting to work with him. He always is extremely motivational and encouraging. The sessions are great fun, and a laugh is always guaranteed! I would highly recommend him to anybody considering a personal trainer!
Neil Nineham
I only met Wotjek a few weeks ago. I have been doing his live classes each day and I am also happy to travel from Newmarket for some personal training. Wojtek has a great personality and his enthusiasm to help people both physically and mentally is incredible to see. I really enjoy all his workouts, video or in person and will soon do one of his boot camps. Wojtek is a great professional, doing a wonderful job. It’s a shame I didn’t meet him sooner!
Neil Nineham
I did a brief review about a year ago after knowing Wojtek for just a few weeks. Since then I have done a lot of PT with him, played tennis and he has encouraged me to start running. My fitness has greatly improved, weight reduced! His knowledge is outstanding and his motivation skills incredible. I sometimes have a bad day due to family bereavements in the past 3 years. Wojtek always has time to listen and chat, a great skill. He has kept me positive and is a brilliant PT, thanks and well done! ✅
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"My cousin Chloe was having PT sessions with Wojtek and asked me to come along and try a session with her. I was never a fan of going to the gym to work out as I would always feel like I looked silly, but with a holiday abroad coming up this year and With me being far from bikini ready I thought I should give it a go!
I am only a few sessions in but I am already feeling happier and healthier. Wojtek knows how to put you at ease and is so encouraging, he is a great laugh too! I am doing things I never thought I would be able to do! Would highly recommend him to anyone. I always look forward to the next session, mostly because the three of us laugh so much but also because I can see and feel a real difference already. Thanks Wojtek!"  Abbie Louise Bell

"I have spent a solid month training with this guy. It has been tough, but he has really motivated me to achieve my target. Great personal trainer, loads of variation in the sessions, loads of hard work and a few laughs along the way as well. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get in shape!!"  James Watson 

"First time in gym and Wojtek is so patient and understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed and will be booking again!"  Paul Francis

"Wojtek is amazing! Very professional and positive - I would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs some more sunshine in their life! His page is a great dose of daily motivation and Inspiration. 11/10!"  Kasia Sikorska

"Thank you to Wojtek for an excellent training session; your advice and knowledge is outstanding! I’ll be using what I learnt today when I’m at the gym!"  Tracey Rose

"Well what can I say! I didn’t think I would ever get round to doing this but with the guidance and support from you I have! It’s helping me with my anxiety and making me feel confidence in myself! Massive thank you! Also, I’ve tried for ages to drop down a size in jeans but never could do it! But, with Wojtek’s help I was in a 14 in jeans and I am now a 12, just about fitting into a size 10! Even my partner has noticed a difference!"  Tia Francis


"Throughout my working life exercise was paramount and even following health issues and long term injuries which required surgery, I have always sought to return to a good level of fitness. I considered that at 63 I was fit for a man of my advancing years. I was pleased to see that my wife Trish was enjoying her exercise classes and I had my arm twisted to join in, I was not keen or willing to go but got involved as you do for a peaceful life. Within a few sessions Wojtek had me engaged in improving all aspects of my personal fitness. What I liked about his instruction was that the old adage of ‘no pain no gain’did not apply. Obviously, you only ‘get what you put in’ but he manages to get the best with encouragement and support. I’ve been particularly impressed by the manner in which he recognises all the individual needs of the group and adapts exercises to meet varying abilities which means he keeps everyone challenged. The bonus, which is so often not evident in other circuit based training sessions, is that is it so enjoyable with plenty of banter and laughter. Over the weeks I felt a great deal of improvement in personal stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Those improvements in fitness were reflected when I attended my annual medical reviews. Some of the symptoms of several long term health conditions have significantly improved reflecting that changes in lifestyle and fitness can have a beneficial effect on your health. My weight is down along with my blood pressure levels and as a diabetic, my blood sugar. Who needs ‘an apple a day to keep the doctor away’ when you’ve got Wojtek on your side!"  Steve Hudson


"As a retired lady in my early sixties, who loves various crafts, I was finding my lifestyle increasingly sedentary and knowing I was already overweight I knew I had to do something to help my body before I lost any more of my decreasing mobility, ‘use it or lose it!’ I could hear my inner self saying. During my lifetime I’ve tried just about every form of exercise going but have never really enjoyed any of it and as a consequence haven’t stuck at it – I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d look forward to going to exercise calluses. But that’s exactly what’s happened! I saw a banner outside Belstead Village Hall, advertising weekly Keep Fit classes and I decided to visit. I was warmly welcomed by Wojtek, the instructor, who immediately filled me with confidence and encouraged me to come along! His enthusiasm and positivity is infectious and he has worked out routines that while not causing too much exertion, really seem to be reaching all parts of the body. It has encouraged me to start a new eating regime as well and as a result I now find myself a stone lighter – result! The rest of the group are so friendly and sociable which means we all enjoy an hour of sociable banter and laughter while doing ourselves a world of good! I now really miss it if we can’t have our regular session and I’m even trying to set up a further weekly session! My husband thought he was already quite fit because he walks for miles and referred to me going to ‘get fit!’ classes rather than keep fit! I knew the difference it was making to my own mobility and positivity, so I challenged him to join me. As they say, the rest is history! A much happier and healthier, Trish!"  Trish Hudson

"If you are looking for a trainer who is going to hold you accountable, make you laugh and educate you on what you’re doing – Wojtek is the man. I want to continue our journey as I know after every session, I become stronger, fitter and happier than when I started! It’s always a pleasure training with Wojtek!"  Jake Cardy

"I decided to start my PT journey to lose weight and attempt to better my health and ongoing back pain. I now constantly enjoy going to my PT sessions with Wojtek and fully look forward to them. I was nervous at first but fully believe I have been accepted into the fitness industry. I have lost over a stone and am continuing to lose weight! But not only have I lost weight, I have also bettered my back problems by strengthening my core. I still want to continue my PT journey to lose weight and better my health problems, but also because I believe I have made a friend in my personal trainer!"  Bethany Hanson

"I started to train with Wojtek as I wanted to improve my fitness for when I play netball as well as lose weight. Wojtek is a really motivational PT! He makes the sessions fun whilst working you hard and varies the exercises, so the sessions are always different! As a result, my fitness and stamina on court has definitely improved and I feel that I am stronger with each session! I continue my sessions with Wojtek because they are catered to what I need to focus on. My confidence is growing along with my fitness and this is really important to me!"  Amy Curran 

"This guy is highly recommended by myself! Great laugh, great programs; good, hard sessions!"  James Hellyer

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