Zoltan Corwyn

Henley Leisure Centre


Over twenty years  of experience with teaching on gym field : perfect movement coordination, perfect exercise technique, perfect balance, for a clients and for a competitors, to find an unique way to be at your best .. 


  • EQF Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer 


  • Whole Body Workout 
  • Unique Training Systems 


Reviews left before star rating

"I LOVED training with Zoltan, I’ve had a few trainers in my time but He’s by FAR THE BEST !"  Katy Hill, TV & Radio Presenter, London

"professionalism, knowledge and flexibility set him apart from others in his field."  Adrienn Berki, Manager, Henley

"He works with lots of exercise combinations created by himself, His work is clearly his PASSION."  Melinda Nagy-Sinka, Oxford 

"He completely understood just by watching my movements when when my body was tired and tailored the workout to suit both  my energy levels and mental state of mind, this was instinctive - not something we ever needed to discuss."  Naomy Hill, Blackjet films

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Zoltan as a personal trainer, He is a BRILLIANT MOTIVATOR."  Elisa Jones, Observe,the Odgers Brendston Global Magazine, London

"I just cannot recommend him high enough for anyone who wants to have proper change in his life."  Norbert Sinka, Swimming Coordinator, Oxford

"I ADMIRE HIS PASSION in helping people and the way he works, from experience with many other fitness coaches I can say that Zoltan really knows his work and he is perfect at what he does."  Priscilla Aboraah, Oxford

"Zoltan is always motivating and works hard to help me meet my targets. He is very particular with pursuing correct technique and is very clear with instruction."  Mandy Jones, Benson

"I have used other personal trainers previously but Zoltan has helped me ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS and his style of training is UNIQUE."  Helen Close, Lawyer, Schilling ford


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