Your Personal Training
Aaron McCulloch

Aaron McCulloch

Managing Director

Aaron is the Managing Director at YOUR Personal Training, where he has been active in the health & fitness industry since 2008. After completing his service with the armed forces, Aaron became a Personal Trainer at Fitness First before joining YOUR PT as a self-employed Personal Trainer in Norfolk.

As a testament to the opportunities available at YOUR Personal Training, Aaron has since become the company's Co-Owner and Managing Director, leading the UK's largest and most successful Personal Training brand.



Interesting Fact

Outside of work, Aaron is actively involved in supporting causes close to his heart, including fundraising for children's hospices and cancer charities, as well as providing guidance to friends and family looking to start their own businesses.

Favourite Book / Podcast

For Aaron, a must-read book for business leaders is one that might not be as well known: "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. This book offers practical, evidence-based methods for developing successful new businesses and products.