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Craving the freedom to call the shots and build a personal trainer career that excites you? YOUR Personal Training is your foundation for a thriving personal trainer career. Say goodbye to the constraints of conventional PT roles. As the UK's leading PT management company, we're committed to unlocking your potential and setting you on the path to success.

As a YOUR PT trainer, you'll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of self-employment, while still benefiting from the support of our dedicated team. We're behind you with marketing, administration, and connecting you with clients, so you can dedicate your energy to what you do best: transforming lives through personal training.

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Design your schedule around your life, not the other way around. YOUR PT offers the flexibility to train clients when you want ensuring your work-life balance stays healthy.

Maximise Your Earnings

Start without any setup costs, then enjoy our lower fees and capped PT capacity, ensuring you keep more profit and face less competition for clients.

Boost Your Expertise

Take advantage of our advanced CPD programmes to refine your skills and stay ahead in the industry, so your ready to drive incredible client results.

Clients on tap

Work in top gyms and leisure centres, where you have access to a vast audience of potential clients. Stay continuously active and fully profit from your hard work.

Minimise Your Hassle

We support you with every aspect of your PT business including marketing, administration, and connecting you with clients, so you can focus on you do best: transforming lives through personal training.

Start Strong

Kick off your PT career on the right foot with YPT's launch program. From day one, receive comprehensive support to secure your initial client base, including a visible online profile and in-club marketing assets.

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Your Personal Training
PT Story

The impact you can have on other peoples lives is incredible, I love being a Personal Trainer.

Hattie described those early days as "a total mess," but with a positive attitude and the unwavering support of her PT support manager Ellie, she managed to put on a smile every day and push through the challenges.

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Your Personal Training
PT Story

Being a personal trainer for me is making an ultimate commitment to your own health and to become a grate role model

Francois Pearce's journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, resilience, and passion.

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Your Personal Training
PT Story

I believe that every PT could potentially benefit from understanding and noticing their clients’ visual cues.

For Alex, the allure of personal training lies in its inherent capacity to transform lives.

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Your Personal Training
PT Story

Everyone I work with, I like and value…I feel like I have a very giving nature, helping people by giving health vitality.

Upon entering the personal training arena, Payam's approach was characterised by meticulous planning and strategic execution.

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Your Personal Training
PT Story

Personal training is not only helping me achieve my career dreams but also to build a legacy that will serve so many other individuals.

This month we celebrate Joel Thomas as our PT of the month who currently operates as a master trainer across Clissold and Britannia Leisure Centres in London.

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Liam Worral You never feel like your on your own, as you've got all the support there.
Tafara Omeje YOUR PT has helped me massively with marketing myself.
Camilla Oddie It's fantastic, you are in control of when and where you work.
Serena Chambers I have always been into fitness. After my qualification I got a job with YOUR PT and I haven't looked back since!
Eugene Sobers The support from YOUR PT is really effective especially for personal trainers new to the industry.
Leon Johnson The best thing about being a PT is the freedom to work when you want, fitting it around your clients.

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