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YOUR Personal training supports both PT’s and health clubs/leisure operators to deliver world-class personal training; working hand in hand with its trainers and gym partners to ensure each personal trainer can become the ultimate wellbeing service provider for its community - both face to face and digitally. 

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Why become a YOUR Personal Training PT?
Do you want to be your own boss whilst having the best support team on your side? If you are a level three qualified PT you can apply to become a YOUR Personal Training PT today with the UK’s most successful Personal Training management company.

YOUR Personal Training PT’s are continually up-skilled and mentored to develop career sustainability and advancement.  YOUR Personal Training’s career, business and marketing CPD programmes enable PT’s to onboard with a YOUR Personal Training role immediately. 

The YOUR PT team are with you every step of the way in your PT business:
  • Established in 2008, YOUR Personal Training has defined a proven success strategy for PT’s and boasts the industry’s best length of stay and potential earnings
  • Low Fees – YOUR Personal Training charges significantly less rent/fees than any other Personal Training operator, helping you grow a profitable and sustainable business quickly
  • Capped PT Capacity - YOUR Personal Training monitors the number of personal trainers based at each site to prevent over-saturation, so you are guaranteed more clients than with any other operator
  • Career progression - professional development CPD with proven career progression pathways are available to all our PT’s
  • Unique personal training management app, YOUR Wellbeing, designed for fitness professional by fitness professionals, to support PTs to successfully run and manage their business. 
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Our PT’s are dedicated and ready to help you on your own personal fitness journey. They understand that your wellbeing goals are unique to you; be that working towards a particular fitness challenge, coming back from injury or just starting out. Our experienced and fully qualified PT’s will work with you and for you, delivering the results you desire.

All our personal trainers offer a complimentary PT session – so you can discover if our PT is the right fit for you. 


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What our Trainers Say
The quality and standard of the gyms at YOUR Personal Training are better than any gym I have been in, and my Regional Director is always on hand to help assist with ideas for classes and ways to generate leads
Gena Hollyoake
What our Trainers Say
I get to make my own decisions, but I have the support there when I need it. The starter pack for marketing is great and I get guidance when it comes to the business side of self employment
Laura Lindores
What our Trainers Say
My regional director is always available with support and advice when I need it. He has been a great help and I feel very secure knowing that I have him behind me.
Chantelle Gray, Haverhill Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
You choose your hours, clients and services. It’s an amazing feeling to run your own business. The business cards look professional, and the clothing is good quality and drys quick.
Brandon Jones, Donyngs Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
The benefits of working with YOUR Personal Training are the support and marketing material available, access to local gyms and the exposure through YOUR PT social channels. 
Siri Andersen
What our Trainers Say
The support & mentoring provided by my Regional Personal Training Manager has been absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better person, friendly and knowledgeable when having a catch up, it’s like seeing a friend and if I have any problems he’s there.
Owain Watkins
What our Trainers Say
My Regional Director  is always available, very supportive and just wants me to succeed. All you can ask for really.
Mark Barrett, Horley Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
The main benefit of working with YOUR Personal Training has being the support and freedom to develop my own skills
Tom Webbe, Fulwood Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
I could not ask more of my regional director in terms of support and mentoring. I have received quality advice on how to build my business.
Andy Baldwin, Sleaford Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
YOUR Personal Training have helped me grow my personal training business through daily and weekly interactions, with my regional director. All of the calls and conversations have been valuable, providing me with detailed information and support. I am only in my fourth week in the role and will already be delivering a minimum of 11 sessions. 
Matt Roberts, Skyliner Sports Centre
What our Trainers Say
YOUR PT have a very straight forward business plan for PT’s and if you follow these guidelines then you should be successful, they give you plenty of information to start with and then every week you get the opportunity to book in a mentoring session if you need it.  Any issues I have had have always been answered promptly which is really important to me.  I feel like the support is always just a phone call or email away.
Lisa Mckenzie, Beach Leisure Centre, Aberdeen
What our Trainers Say
Your Personal Training provides me with weekly call sessions. The advice they have given me has helped me to stay on top of my game. You have to be a go getter! Communication has been constant even before I set foot in the gym via calls, text and email and he has been a very key asset to where I am now. Any question I have,  have been answered quickly and steered me in the right direction
Jason Smith, Kendal Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
YOUR Personal Training have provided me with several tools to help spread my business name out to the public domain in the form of business cards, advertising board in my gym and advertising me on their website. On top of this they’ve also allocated a specific mentor who I can reach easily should I want to seek further advice/ideas to help generate more business and who also supplied me with some best practices to help me get off to a good start.
Stephanie Forman, Simply Gym, Cardiff Bay
What our Trainers Say
All the support has really made a difference. The starter pack, the tips on getting clients and keeping them, the one to one meetings and knowing that someone will get back to you if you need something. 
Azhar Herez, Waterside Gym
What our Trainers Say
I have 18 clients weekly; the target I set myself for an initial 3/ 6 months was to be aiming for 15 clients. I’m very proud that I have beaten this in a matter of 7 weeks.
Josh Braddick, The Hive Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
I have gained 24 new clients since joining YOUR PT and I also do group classes for up to 12 people. I have access to over 3500 gym members and YOUR Personal Training have provided the support and business development I need to help me achieve my PT business goals. 
Lee Bagnall
What our Trainers Say
I have made over 20 clients in my first 10 weeks (around 15 returning customer regularly) which is so much more than I expected. 
Josh Head
What our Trainers Say
YOUR Personal Training provides a great start up package ideal for those new to personal training. To start with the finer details such as insurance and CIMPSA membership are set up for you so all areas are covered.
Natasha Wannop, The Sands Leisure Centre, Cumbria
What our Trainers Say
The YOUR PT mentoring offered was hugely beneficial and provided a vital role in helping me grow my PT business. The area managers are always available to offer their knowledge and assist with any queries that arise. Knowing that the support is on offer is enough to keep my mind at ease and enable me to concentrate on taking care of my clients.
Steve Harper, White Oak Leisure Centre, Kent
What our Trainers Say
YOUR PT mentoring has provided an excellent source of ideas in an endeavour to maximize the client potential for the location based. It also provides links to companies and personnel that can further support my needs.
Alan Oak, Chesham Leisure Centre, Buckinghamshire
What our Trainers Say
I now have 34 clients. I haven’t reached my ultimate goal yet as I have only been with Your Personal Training for just under 3 months but I have reached my short-term goal. I didn’t expect to get this many clients in such a short space of time.
Michelle Jayne, Simply Gym Cwmbran, Wales
What our Trainers Say
Having worked with YOUR PT for just 4 months, I have now reached my optimal goal for my PT business and now have 27 regular personal training clients. YOUR Personal Training are always ready, available and eager to provide any help if needed.    
Shane O’Neill, Simply Gym Cwmbran
What our Trainers Say
I have been working at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre for over 4 years now. YOUR PT gives me a steady flow of external leads from their website, which has helped me reach up to 50 clients at my busiest, sometimes more when groups are involved. Whilst I have been with YOUR PT I have had fast and regular contact from Aaron McCulloch my Area Manager, who has given me constant support and advise, such as methods to help regulate my income. YOUR PT has given me the opportunity to go on training courses. I have completed an NLP course, this helped me with sales and client retention.
Anthony Cullen, Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre
What our Trainers Say
After leaving the Army in September 2015 I knew I wanted to pursue a career in helping people change their lives and become happier, slimmer more confident versions of themselves. I came straight on with YOUR Personal Training and quickly realised how much I loved coaching people and climbed rapidly to a senior PT in Bristol. The frame work and support I have had with YOUR PT has helped me grow quicker than I could ever imagine. Every single member of my team sees incredible and sustainable results and the work I do daily does not even seem like work to me!
Jon Collins, Longwell Green Leisure Centre, Bristol
What our Trainers Say
I've been working in Bristol and Yate with 'YOUR Personal Training' and 'Circadian Trust' now for over 5 years and I can honestly say it's been the most productive and best 5 years of my working life! My business which includes FitCamps, small group PT and 121's has grown from 1 session a week to over 40 which it is now. YOUR Personal training have given me a fantastic opportunity to develop and grow my business by offering weekly mentoring sessions and on going training to help keep my knowledge up to date. Having been in the fitness industry for a while, the YOUR PT framework is second to none. 
Lee Fellows, Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol
What our Trainers Say
I have been working with YOUR Personal Training for over 3 years. Within the first 6 months I managed to smash all my financial goals. With the support of the area managers I have got the best opportunity to realise my full earning potential with this company.  
Steve Noble, Yarborough Leisure Centre, Lincoln
What our Trainers Say
Your personal training gives personal trainers the opportunity to work in a gym environment in a very cost effective way. They allow progression and scaling with the trainers business model as well as support. If you're a trainer that is just beginning, wants to progress or simply focus on training people, Your personal training is where you need to be!
Rupert Hambly, Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, London
What our Trainers Say
Working with YOUR Personal Training has been a pleasant and rewarding experience throughout. From the start with the right guidance I was able to choose from a wide choice of locations and facilities. The ongoing support from Joe Oliver and his team is excellent and I have now progressed to managing my own team and the transition to this was made smooth with all the right guidance on contracts, fees, sales and management. I would recommend YOUR Personal Training to anyone wanting to further their career and have stability in Personal Training.
Omatsola Omaghomi, Seymour Leisure Centre, London

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