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Sean Cooper

Sean Cooper

Regional PT Manager

After 28.5 successful years in the Military combined with playing sport throughout that time at the highest level, when I did decided to finish my service life I felt the natural thing for me was to continue helping people through a new career in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer (PT).

Marring up my transferable skills and experiences from the military with new ones obtained through various fitness courses, laid the foundations for me over the last 8 years to successfully develop myself further and grow my business aided by the support of YOUR Personal Training UK. 

This provided me the vehicle to progress from PT to Master PT, to Regional Personal Training Manager and recently now Regional Director for the company, giving me the fantastic opportunity to now share my knowledge by recruiting, coaching and mentoring other Personal Trainers as they start their journeys so they experience the same pleasures and satisfaction from helping others change their lives. 

Interesting Fact

Age is just a number and not a handicap. If you stay true to yourself, believe in yourself, the rewards will come. I love the game of cricket and have been playing senior cricket from the age of 11 (dad was captain), but at the age of 50, I was picked for England Over 50’s Cricket in the 1st ever Ashes game verses Australia and won. Since then I‘ve represented my country at 2 World Cups with a 3rd just around the corner.

Favourite Book / Podcast

Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising”