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10 Habits Fit People live by

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5th November 2015


The first thing on their mind when they wake up is hydration. A glass of water or a mug of hot water with lemon is the best way to wake up your system. Being dehydrated severely reduces your ability to function optimally.
Take away point: Drink at least 2 litres of water a day and switch your morning coffee for a hot water and lemon

2. Breakfast

They wake up hungry and have a decent breakfast everyday! No special K or a boring round of toast…They have a well rounded meal to give their body the energy it needs. Whether it be carb based with Porridge  with fruit and a handful of nuts or protein based with eggs and spinach and a little avacado or an veggie omelette  and my personal favourite Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts – all of which are great combination giving  your body what it needs.

Take away point: Eat a breakfast within an hour of waking – no cereal or toast!

3 Make TIME not EXCUSES!

Everybody has things going on whether it be stress from your job, family, money worries etc.

Things happen last minute, things go wrong – that’s life! Fit people do not use that as an excuse to skip training, these use the aggression to get them through a tough workout.

There will ALWAYS be excuses not to train but they RARELY outweigh the positive of completing your session.

Take away point: Dont let life get in the way – is your boss being a douche really a worthy reason to go home put on your PJs and eat crisps and chocolate?!

4.Plans & Goals

If you don’t make plans or goals what are you working towards? This doesnt have to be fitness related. If you are just wishing on a star wanting your dreams to come true they will not! It’s a very nice idea to want lose weight, sculpt some abs, run a marathon, get a promotion, get a new car, upgrade your house… but wishing will not make it happen. Great things happen as a result of planning, goal setting and hard work.

Take away point: Make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans – then figure out how you will achieve them

5. Sacrifice or Choice?

Fit people make sacrifies, they don’t see it as a sacrifice it’s their choice. So you’re at a social gathering and someone called Dave is drinking water. How many times do you think he will be asked. “Why aren’t you drinking?!” How many remarks like “Go on have a beer, you know you want to?!” or my favourite “One drink won’t hurt…!” It’s the same when people go on diets everyone starts commenting on what you eat all the time.

Dave is quite happy to drink water, he does not want or need to drink alcohol. He has made a choice and he is not weak like everyone would like him to be.  It’s sad when a person that wants to look after themselves gets singled out!

Take away point: Make decisions for you and no one else. Be strong and believe in yourself

6. Training is part of life

Fit people see their training as part of their life. Just like you see brushing your teeth, having a shower and getting dressed is part of your daily routine.

Their training is planned in each day and does not get rescheduled easily, it is a habit for life. The will not cancel because you want to go to a movie or go shopping, thier training would come first.

Take away point: Have a routine which works for you and your family – dont make others a priority

7. They eat a lot!

They definately do not skip meals – EVER!

Each meal is chosen to fuel their body optimally so that they can train and have enough energy throughout the day. I am not saying they eat perfectly all the time but enutrition is very important to them. It’s not all chicken, rice and broccoli. Fit Pros have become proficient at cooking and experiementing with flavours to make healthy tasty food to eat every day.

They do not get exited about a plate full of beige food! Follow any Fit Pro and you can see that their cheat meals are epic!

Take away point: Eat food that you and your body love – cook real food

8. Empty calories are a no no!

Drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks or even worse meal replacement shakes; are a waste of their time and calories! I am not saying that they never have a beer but they definately don’t have a six pack to themselves every night.

They may have protien shakes to boost their intake and it is convenient but its’s more or of snack and it would not replace a meal in any shape or form.

Take away point: Dont drink your calories eat them!

9. Cost of food

Eating healthyy isn’t an expense that they scrimp on.

Eating healthy is in no way shape or form seen as a deprivation. Their body is their temple and they eat food which they deem worthy and worth every penny.

If they had to cut back to save money they would start by:

Going out less
Cut back on magazines, coffees etc.
Walk or cycle to save fuel

They are not impressed with Icelands two burgers for £1 or a McDonalds meal for under £5.

Take away point: You get what you pay for, eat crap equals feel crap

10. Free time

Their free time is not spent sat in front of the T.V watching soaps or FRIENDS re-runs. They have a thirst for knowledge and want to find ways to better themselves, save time and learn more. They read, they watch you tube videos, they research and they spend time with people that they care about.

Article source: Top Local Trainer