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An interview with PT Camilla Oddie

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27th October 2020


Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became to a PT at the age of 27, after spending a few years trying to work out where and what my career would be, I realised I was happiest when I was playing sport, and pushing my fitness limits. As I grew up, I soon saw that not everyone got the same enjoyment, nor did they have the same motivation to maintain their fitness, I also realised how important it is to keep fit for both your mental and physical well-being. It was at this point, I felt PT was the career for me.


When did you qualify?

I qualified in February 2018 with Premier NASM


What were the benefits of qualifying with Premier NASM?

The benefits of qualifying with Premier NASM were the online support I received and the quality of the course, in terms of the teaching but also the online platforms I had access to. On top of this, they are partnered with some of the leading gyms which open up the best opportunities for me once I qualified. 


How many clients do you currently work with?



What is your best client testimonial?

"Camilla has changed the way I train, not only in my one to one session but also giving me advice on what classes to do for the rest of the week. Camilla knows how to push me & get the best out of me even when I don’t think I can do it! Since training with Camilla I feel the fittest & most motivated I have ever been."

Cat Devy


What have you enjoyed most about being a Personal Trainer with YOUR PT?

I love being a Personal Trainer for numerous reasons, mostly for the positive impact you have on your client’s health as well as their overall lifestyle. YPT are fantastic, as you are able to create your own business, and become your own Personal Trainer with the support of the team around you. Being self-employed can be stressful at times, and when starting up the pressure can be difficult. However, YPT were there to support me and advise me on ways to grow my business. 


What are your top tips for a newly qualified PT?

My top tips for anyone newly qualified would be, create a plan and stick to it. Growing your client base does not happen overnight, and it requires determination, hard work and patience. There were times where I found it incredibly difficult especially when you have people messing you around, however as time went on I realised that this was not anything personal - it just happens! Therefore it’s down to you, to stick with it, create your own style, be you - don’t look to be like anyone else or what you think people may want. It is so important to remain positive and personable, as we are our own marketing when present in the gym. 

Finally, I found it useful at first to put on a number of offers, create leaflets and offer a class of some form to the gym you will be based at, as this will allow members of the gym to see you at work and in turn will be great marketing. 


A word on post-covid-19 reopening of your gym. How did you feel about returning?

Post Covid-19, I was initially slightly nervous about returning to the gym and picking up where I left off, as I was aware a number of my clients were not ready to return, nor had they been in touch over lockdown - despite my best efforts.

On the other hand, I also have a number of fantastic relationships with clients that gave me the confidence things would soon pick up.  I have a handful of clients that are still not back in the gym due to personal circumstances; however, I have also picked up a number of clients who are looking to improve their fitness etc. Therefore, despite an unsettling first month, things are now picking up and I feel confident with time things will return back to ‘normal’. 


To learn more about Camilla, and to book a complimentary PT session, check out her profile