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An interview with PT Owain Watkins

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16th September 2020


Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer because I enjoy helping people achieve their goals, ever since I was younger I enjoyed teaching other children how to play sports, which led me to do a sport coaching and Performance degree where I graduated with a BSc honours degree. One of my friends who I train said I would be a great personal trainer, so I began researching becoming a personal trainer and came across The Training Room.


What were the benefits of qualifying with TTR?

Completing the course through the training room allowed me to do the course online whilst working. The connections the training room has with a number of gyms making finding a job that much easier. The content and support was superb!


When did you qualify?

I qualified from my PT course on the 10th of May and started working as a personal trainer on the 15th May through your Personal Training @ Simply Gym Gorseinon (South Wales).


How many clients do you currently work with?

I'm currently working with 16 clients. This is also taken into account the lockdown closing gyms and having to start from scratch from August 10th. 5 of my previous clients came back to my services and I have signed up 11 clients in 3-weeks, and it's only going up. Inspiring my clients to make lifestyle changes and commit to regular exercise has been a big part of my recent successes.


What is your best client testimonial?

“I've been working with Owain for a few weeks now to learn various types of compound lifting. He's been absolutely fantastic! I always come away from our sessions feeling very accomplished and so much more knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable during our sessions and would highly recommend anyone new to lifting weights and even people that have been lifting for a long time. brilliant trainer, can't wait for our next session! cheers Owain”

Rory Graham


What have you enjoyed most about being a personal trainer with YOUR PT?

Helping people achieve their goals that they have had for years and seeing their faces when they finally achieve that goal. Dictating your own working hours Is always a bonus and important for me!

Your earnings are dictated by how hard you work.


Have you found Your PT coaching and support useful?

The help and guidance that Your PT provides is invaluable when starting out. They are always a message or phone call away if you have any questions. A great help to understand how to apply a business strategy to Personal training and the best way for your business to succeed.


What are your Top Tips for a newly qualified PT?

  • Don't kill yourself trying to please everyone’s schedule
  • Make sure to have days off so that you can relax and refresh.
  • Admit when you don't know something and make sure to research the topic that day.
  • Talk to everyone!!
  • Most of all be patient!! The rewards are sooo worth it!


A word on Post COVID-19 reopening at your gym

How did you feel about returning?

I felt anxious – I had no idea how people would respond and what the environment would be like. I was very cautious but knew I wanted to succeed. We didn’t know if members could book the slots they wanted, if they would come back at all and if they would fee safe.


What was the reality like?

The gym has done a fantastic job of making the gym safe. Members pre-book via an app and it works really well, none of my sessions have been interrupted by this. A large proportion of my client base are returning in September however I have created a lot of new business since the gym reopened. The government are endorsing exercise and I am more than happy to offer the right coaching to help the gym's members!! For me it’s all about re-framing the situation, being positive, and focusing on results!

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