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Case study: James Swinnerton, CAWS CPD

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23rd April 2021

James Swinnerton is an experienced PT that YOUR Personal Training manage and support. He has a degree in Sports Therapy as well as his Level Three Personal Training qualification and is based at the Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club near Manchester

Funded by YOUR Personal Training, James recently gained his CPD from CAWS UK, an education company created in 2020 to offer short online and prerecorded courses designed to help PT’s and fitness instructors address the needs and rehabilitate people suffering from COVID-19, both in the long and short-term.  James plans to use his training with new and existing clients who are suffering the affects of COVID.

James says: “Programmes like these should instil confidence in appropriately qualified PTs from both medical practitioners and the general population - which ultimately should see policymakers realise the necessity of what we do, why we do it and the long-lasting health benefits gained.

“The CAWS UK CPD is the best I have undertaken in terms of the quality of its content and the clinical expertise of those delivering the course.  I already have a lot of experience in re-habilitation but I particularly enjoyed the conversations with CAWS experts about the clinical expectation and the psychosomatic effects of fatigue brought on by long COVID.” 

He continues: “Whilst there are lots of parallels from other types of rehab, especially cardio rehab, the CAWS training uniquely spent time looking at the neurological and mental health impact from COVID too. Clients are going to be nervous about trying to exercise again; they might be apprehensive about being in a loud environment too.  PT’s can develop a very gentle, structured, low-level programme for their clients, with testing of their endurance and physical ability throughout to plot and chart progress. 

It’s important PTs understand both the physical and mental implications of a long COVID diagnosis and are able to understand and respond to their clients’ own unique circumstances.”
The CPD has three main components, Rebuild™- designed to educate and prepare trainers for when dealing with new or existing members that have been affected by COVID-19. Re-bound™ - provides PT’s accessible, proven strategies, to provide tangible progress and markers of success for individuals looking for results. And finally, Fortitude™ - designed to help fitness professionals master behaviour changes with vulnerable groups.  

Aaron McCulloch, Managing Director, YOUR Personal Training says: “PTs and coaches are uniquely positioned to help return our population back to health. We are committed to professionalising the role of personal trainers, and so naturally wanted to fund CPD training for some of the PT’s we support to help create a North West COVID recovery hub alongside the Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club. This investment ensures PTs can deliver COVID recovery training, guidance and support to clients on a one-to-one basis, either in person or digitally.”