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Celebrating 14 years at YOUR PT & being nominated PT of the Month for January

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27th January 2023

Susanna Karpati is YOUR Personal Training’s PT of the month for January 2023. 

Susanna is a true example of how you can build a lasting career in the fitness industry having operated a successful Personal Training business from Swiss Cottage leisure centre, located in the heart of Camden, London since 2009. 

Susanna said “I have always been passionate about fitness, I played professional basketball in Hungary and my mother was a big influence on me growing up, encouraging sports and exercise” 

“I recall the early days of becoming a fitness professional and running classes with over 130 members attending, they loved my enthusiasm and stuck with the sessions because they felt part of my community’

Susanna has operated at an extremely high level of personal training for over 30 years and suggests that treating clients like family has helped to retain a very loyal client base over the years. 

“It is fantastic to be able to run my PT business from a great facility and benefit from an extremely fair license arrangement, the value on offer to personal Trainers is better than ever before and YOUR PT provides a great structure to help PTs” 

“As a personal trainer your are always in the shop window, act professionally, dress professionally, be authentic and attract the right clients for your business…my top tips are to be unique, be consistent and always focus on your clients needs is most important”. 

Thank you to technogym for supporting YOUR PT’s PT of the month as January’s sponsor. 

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