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Feedback from our PTs

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11th September 2019

Chantelle Gray is one of our recent personal trainers based at Haverhill Leisure Centre. We asked her of her experience of working with YOUR Personal Training so far. 


What are the top 3 benefits of working with YOUR Personal Training?

  1. Unconditional Support/Help
  2. Uniform & Promotional items.
  3. Bonuses


How many Personal training clients do you have?  Have you reached your goal for your PT business?

27, I have doubled that and then some. My goal was 10-12 clients within 3-6 month period.


How has YOUR Personal Training provided business mentoring to help you in growing your personal training business? 

The golden tickets at the beginning helped me get the complimentary sessions booked in and helped me get my confidence up with speaking to people I don't know.


What has been the best aspect of training and development support you have received from YOUR Personal Training?

My Regional Director is always available with support and advice when I need it.  I feel very secure knowing I have his support.